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Title: A seemingly paranormal experience of my late beloved father
Post by: Zeynab on January 19, 2007, 03:00:30 am

I recall I had promised to mention about the paranormal citings and sounds experienced by my dearest father and grandfather. 

I'll take up my grandfather's story later which is more lengthy, here's what my father saw.

It happened many years ago when he was still a young man and a bachelor.  He had just joined the government service and was visiting his sister and her husband in another town.  My father's brother-in-law was also a government official, living in a well protected official bungalow.  My father's sister and her husband had been married only for a few years and had a little daughter, a few months old. 

One evening, on a weekend after dinner, they all sat in the living room chatting and talking.  At around midnight, my father felt a bit tired and took his leave to go to bed.  His sister (my aunt) and her husband also went to their room.  My father was occupying the guest room in the house.  It was a nice looking room with a stretch of long french windows in front overlooking the garden.  My father usually drew the curtains soon after dark.  That evening he had forgotten to draw them.  He came into the guest room and switched on the lights.  Seeing the curtains still not drawn, he went to draw them.  As soon as he began drawing the curtains, he saw a tiny woman (almost a dwarf), with long dishevelled hair, bulging eyes and a very eerie personality standing just outside the window and grinning in an uncanny manner.  My father got the shock of his life!  He screamed and called out for help.  My father's brother-in-law (my uncle) got so alarmed, he ran and came to my dad's room with a stick in his hand.  My aunt came running too.  My dad told them what he saw.  They called the house guard and servants, and asked them if they had seen someone around.  They said they saw no one.  All compound lights were switched on.  The servants searched every inch of the compound which wasn't too large.  No intruder was found.  The compound also had very high walls and a single high gate that was always kept locked.  It was opened only when someone came in or went out, constantly under the supervision of the house guard on duty.  So, there was really no possibility of anyone sneaking in and disappearing so quickly without being seen by anyone outside.  Uptil this day there's been no explanation for it.  Only Allah knows what that citing was.  Everyone of the household were darn sure it was a jinn.

Title: Re: A seemingly paranormal experience of my late beloved father
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on January 19, 2007, 03:17:00 am
 :o :o    .. interesting one sis, and really uncanny.   It has jinn written all over it  ;D   So nobody recognized her or found her anywhere in the premises of the house?  Very strange.  Obviously she couldn't have scaled the walls so fast .. unless she was something different which is what it seems.  Thanks for sharing sis. I repeat, i found this piece most interesting   :)

And only Allah knows best.

Title: Re: A seemingly paranormal experience of my late beloved father
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on January 20, 2007, 02:34:26 am

awesome experience.  many such experiences can be a turning point in one's life.  thanks for sharing sister Zeynab.