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Title: Pet strollers
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on January 03, 2011, 02:48:12 am
BismAllah ..

Salaams and hi folks.  Times have changed, haven't they?  There was a time when we would take our very young kids out in prams and strollers.  Now there are strollers for small pets as well - dogs, cats and rabbits.  Strollers are most commonly being purchased for small dogs.  But for cats and rabbits too, there are special strollers.  Pet lovers need these strollers particularly in the cold weather when small pets find it stressful to walk long distances on foot.  They are often made to wear their pet sweaters, sometimes huddled inside a small pet blanket and put into the stroller and then taken for a long ride along the sidewalks or across the park etc. 

Check the cute pics.  

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Great one.  If your pet has had enough of sunlight, it can get inside the shady part of the stroller.    Pinterest (

Lovely!  Cat stroller.  Can also be used for rabbits.  It has two compartments, covered and uncovered.  You can easily take two pets in it.  But either two cats or two rabbits.  NOT cat and a rabbit together.  You never know how they may react.  And of course, NEVER EVER put a rabbit and dog in the same stroller together.  For rabbits, have a separate stroller and don't put any other pets in it.  Rabbits can sniff the scent of other pets which may frighten or unnerve them.    Pinterest ( 

And here's a bunny stroller, gorgeous!  ... like when you're taking your bun out on a rainy day.    Delight n inspire - rabbit stroller (

Title: Re: Pet strollers
Post by: Zeynab on January 03, 2011, 03:36:16 am
Wow! these are so, so cute!!  Love it.  Particularly the bunny stroller is super great! 

The other day I saw 2 ladies come with their small dogs in their strollers when I went to the store.  One dog was wearing a pink doggy sweater and the other was wrapped in small blanket.  They really looked cosy.  But these strollers aren't too cheap.  Usually between 200 and 300 dollars.  Very cheap ones could cost around $100 or a bit more. 

You're absolutely right about rabbits.  Their stroller should not be used by other pets.

Thanks for this lovely post, sis.