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Title: As-Salaam Alaikum
Post by: Ismail Salaam on May 05, 2013, 06:51:59 am
As-Salaam Alaikum.

How did I get here? Well, I searched for 'hadith rubbish', which led to Zainab's Lounge, and the rest is history.

Although I generally avoid forums like the plague, I would like to join the conversations here at Muslim Villa, and share a story or two, or more. I also have many questions to ask.

I have encountered Islam and Muslims throughout most of my life, and have learned much about it, enough to occasionally surprise Muslim friends and colleagues, who have often asked me why I am not Muslim when I know so much about Islam.

Sometimes a door opens that seemingly cannot ever be shut again. I know this from T'ai Ch'i Chu'an - I haven't practiced the actual form/style for years, but my body naturally abides by the principles of movement and balance found in that art.

Sometime during my childhood, I encountered Islam, or rather the hospitality of Muslim people, which I believe opened an uncloseable door. How so? Feeling very much unloved by my own parents and siblings, and very much alone in life, I encountered a genuine, tender, unconditional love that made me feel welcome and wanted, that I did matter.

Later, I learned about Islam in my quest for knowledge of all things religious or mystical, and I usually found that Muslims were happy to discuss such things, and rarely coercive (as Christians often are) or arrogant (as western Buddhists tend to be). And even if the Muslims were somewhat baffled my my apparent agnosticism, many of them called me brother, and would defend me against the rare Muslim who criticised me for being a '50%er'. My resistance has always been to sectarianism, and Allah (SWT) was always enough, and I had never met Muslims for whom al-Qur'an was enough, so I kept my Islam inside, even though Muslims would often give me that quizzical, knowing look.

I have long adopted certain Muslim practices as part of my life, such as personal hygiene, and reflecting upon and remembering Allah (SWT) (and may Allah (SWT) give Peace and Blessings to the darwish sister who showed me this path). Believe me, one is never alone in this world, when one remembers Allah (SWT). And I continued to read about Islam, and defend it against those who would slander or mock it, and defend the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) against those who would slander or mock him.

But something has changed recently, dramatically. Be it 'hearing the calling' or whatever it may be called, I feel that I have been put to a hard test recently, to a point of decision. My response to this has been simply to remember Allah (SWT), and I have felt a massive burden of stress, anger and doubt lifted from me, replaced by intense peace, happiness and certainty. A friend recently remarked that he had never seen me more relaxed, ever before.

So now, I feel that I can make the commitment to Allah, and I believe that Islam is the only way that this commitment can be made.

It's a beautiful spring day, and I have some spring-cleaning to do.


Title: Re: As-Salaam Alaikum
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on May 05, 2013, 10:07:09 pm
Walaikum Salam brother.  I recall seeing you at Sister Zainab's blog.  Thank you for this introduction.

I understand your approach of avoiding forums like "plague."  Considering the bizarre direction in which the erratic minds of most "Muslims" are moving in the 21st century, a genuine Muslim cannot learn much nor find much compatibility with the contents and the atmosphere of most forums, be they traditionalists or modernists.  That's precisely the reason we stopped visiting them and instead made one of our own.  The blog is basically an extension of this board, but the quantum of writings here are more. 

You are welcomed to join Muslim Villa, if you like. However, prior to that please read our rules as we are very particular about not promoting any other spiritual views except the rules of the Final Message.  Today, it's only the Quran that has the stamp of authenticity from Allah.  All others have been changed.  So, why hanker even after the good rules of conduct by quoting other faiths when those same good rules and much more are already available in the Quran? 

If you decide to join, Kindly register and let us know of the display name you intend to use, so we will let through your registration.  Normally, this is a read-only forum after our very negative experiences of cultist Salafists, hardcore secularists and other non-Muslims gatecrashing and abusing our boards.  Hence, this is a quiet forum.  For those looking for a lot of hullabaloo, would even find it boring.  That doesn't bother us.  Our purpose is only to promote knowledge we perceive as truthful by firmly holding on to the Quran alone.  So, we aren't pushed by the absence of that cheerleadership spirit. 

Thank you again. 

Title: Re: As-Salaam Alaikum
Post by: Zeynab on May 10, 2013, 02:25:38 am
Walaikum Salaam.   Thank you for this very interesting read, brother Ismail.  Alhumdulilah.