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Title: what i know is ...........
Post by: hafeez ahmed on October 13, 2013, 07:11:26 am
 sister heba thanks for your reply, i am trying get some information from your forum which i haven't get till now from anybody, i agree with your ideology rejecting and accepting Qur'an it's true what you people are thinking ,since i started reading your answers about hadith about bukhari really i am very much happy with that ,me too i never ever believe in miracle ,magic ,about isaa & mehdi even not in jinn or shaytan that is the reason today i am here with your forum , i know the answers why i am rejecting but regarding jinn i don't know how to understood who they are ? like few things still i haven't understood i hope i will get answers from you inshallah .
jazakallahu khairan

Title: Re: what i know is ...........
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on October 13, 2013, 06:51:31 pm
Walaikum Salam brother Hafeez Ahmed. 

According to the information given in the various verses of the Noble Quran, the jinn do exist which are apparently elemental spirits. Like humans, jinn can be obedient or disobedient.  And like humans, they will also face accountability in the Hereafter.  Beyond this, the Quran confirms no other information about the jinn. 

From our personal experiences, we can also say that jinn are, by and large, invisible to humans.  However, some of us have experienced the inexplicable which might be taken as an explanation that sometimes, for brief moments, jinn can be visible to the human eyes.   

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Feel welcomed to clarify any questions you may have. 

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