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Title: Follow NOT that of which you have no knowledge (Surah Bani Israel)
Post by: Zeynab on April 26, 2007, 04:05:39 am


Reflections on the Noble Quraan

All innovations introduced by mankind in the name of religion and followed blindly will be questioned by the Almighty Allah.

There are numerous invented rules that have evolved from the various Hadith collections for which Allah has given NO warrant.  E.g. Prohibition of gold and silk for men, prohibition of perfume for women, declaring dogs to be unclean, declaring suicide to be a sin, return of Jesus son of Mary, return of Imam Mahdi etc.etc.  Whoever is responsible for introducing such notions will be questioned by the Divine Power.  Therefore, one needs to be very conscientious and honest.  Read the following CAREFULLY!

(O man), follow not that whereof you have no knowledge. Lo! the hearing and the sight and the heart - of each of these it will be asked. (Glorious Quraan 17:36)