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Title: Why are we so particular about holding to the Quran alone?
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on April 15, 2017, 08:02:55 am


This is a reminder no sincere believer can afford to forget

The Christians and Jews aforetime changed the Divine Scriptures sent to them by Allah, The Almighty.   Prior to that, Allah also sent His Messages to Prophets Noah and Abraham but the people of later times altered them, mixing them with human messages.  Eventually, Allah decided not to trust anyone and took the responsibility of taking care of His Final Message Himself.  Thus as Allah mentions about the Noble Quran, it is in a "guarded tablet" or Lawh-e-Mahfooz.  It will be a stumbling block for disbelievers on the Day of Judgment, preventing them from tendering excuses to Allah that they were not aware of His orders, rules and laws.  The Noble Quran is not just a Message for the Arabs or any specific community.  It's a Message for entire humanity.  It's not just a religion, it's a complete code of life.  As the saying goes, "Indeed life comes with a Manual. It is the Noble Quran."   It's right there in the midst of humanity, original and pure.  Whether or not they turn towards it to discover its Light and Beauty is up to them.  Those who do so will only be benefiting their own souls. 

Even though the Quran is preserved perfectly, intact and original, the Muslims have turned away from it, repeating history.  They are powerless to change the Laws of Allah elucidated in the Quran.  Hence, they have discovered other channels to deviate from the Words of Allah namely ahadith, fatwas, jurist discussions and other such schemes and ploys which can be perceived as the counterparts of the altered versions of the Old and New Testaments.

Muslims say that when a "scholar or jurist or imam" gives a fatwa or edict, it cannot be changed or retracted by anyone else except that person himself.  Yet, they have no qualms changing the Laws of Allah.  How much lower can the human mind sink?   Some Muslim jurists are allowing their followers to drink water in Ramadan.  Some are suggesting to shorten the long hours of fasting in summer to a fixed 12 hours.  They are retaining the hadith institution, 99% of which is fake and brazenly slanders our beloved Prophet (pbuh) claiming that he drank barley water before sunset while fasting ( and many more falsehoods.  Such malicious lies cannot make themselves look true by claiming that "every hadith has a backdrop."  Similarly there are many other Quranic Laws altered by Muslim jurists who have given themselves the title of "Ijtahad" and have established their own laws concerning aspects already asserted in the Quran.  Hence, it's no surprise that the man-written Shariah consists of not more than 4% of Quranic Laws.  The rest are all extra-Quranic.  All such nonsense provide fodder to the Islamophobe nuisances to carry out their wily propaganda.

Beware of the variety of misguidance floating around this planet.  They all start with lies constructed with selfish motives.  The hadith / fatwa culture is a spectacular example of that which has had the most far-reaching negative consequences on our pan-Islamic community.  You cannot reform the community nor is that required of you.  But you can watch your own steps and reform yourself.  Stay away from all obnoxious interpolations introduced by our mind-screwed clerics and jurists and ignore their followers - some who are too naive, some outright idiotic, some glued to traditionalism and some firebrand mugs.   All negative interpolations and forgeries are introduced in the name of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to provide leverage to the whims and desires of the clerics and are called "traditions of the Prophet" or "sunnah."  These are NOT the our Prophet's (pbuh) traditions who took his traditions ONLY from the Quran.  These "traditions" are the desires of the misguided clerics and jurists.

Therefore, take care to hold on to guidance which can only be acquired if you hold on to the Most Noble Quran.

Title: Re: Why are we so particular about holding to the Quran alone?
Post by: Zeynab on April 15, 2017, 08:05:54 am
Appreciate this immensely.  Thanks a million Sister. 

Allah bless.