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Title: Hey
Post by: Yasin Bhatti on October 03, 2017, 04:15:43 pm
Salamun alaikum and peace be with you.

I came across your site and read a well constructed synopsis of the journey of Moses and his companion who taught that all may not be what it seems. Really nice, it made me smile and gave a good aha moment.

I no longer identify as a Muslim simply because I know few who think like I do.

My friends would say I'm a Muslim by behaviour and knowledge, but I'll let God decide that. My label isn't important.

I reject hadith as a canonical source for Islam, in fact for any knowledge. I don't the view the Quran as infallible either, nor as the direct word of God. More like an inspired form of the Message delivered to Mohammed via the agency of Jibreel.

I am interested in learning other viewpoints and your article was thought provoking enough to warrant a deeper investigation into the story. Thank you for this.

I will look forward to my approval and hopefully participating in discussions. I dislike people who denigrate followers of any faith, it's everyone's choice ultimately... That is if they are able to choose. No one is my responsibility except myself. I hope people refrain from proselytising on this forum.

Thank you in advance.

Title: Re: Hey
Post by: Zeynab on October 03, 2017, 07:08:25 pm
Walaikum Salaam, peace.   Muslim Villa is a completely Quran-based site that views the Noble Quran as infallible, as the Sole Criterion and most definitely the Word of The Almighty, The One and Only.  We have made this aspect ample clear in our Intro ( as well as Forum Rules. (  We do not approve the registration of guests who perceive the Quran differently.   Our readers and guests need to know that all Hadith rejecters don't fit here either.  This is NOT a multi-faith kind of venue.  That would be a profound misunderstanding.   Muslim Villa is grounded in the Monotheistic ideology of submission to Allah Almighty only, as elucidated in the Quran.  Alhumdulilah.

Nonetheless, thank you for dropping by with a message. We're glad you liked the post on Prophet Moses' (pbuh) journey.  The post is based on direct and comprehensive information from the Noble Quran.  As we do not borrow contents from outside the Quran, the event of Prophet Moses' journey is all-inclusive as far as confirmed data is concerned.  We have no "deeper investigation" to get into for we do not amalgamate Quranic facts with speculation.  There are various Quranic narrations, the explanation of which can only be asserted by HIM.  Also, there are various Quranic events that are stated only up to the point deemed necessary by HIM to convey a message or lesson He intends to deliver.  Thus, in all such subjects, we at Muslim Villa simply adhere to leaving matters to the point the Quran takes them.   Any further queries, if one so desires to bring up, are adjudged as mere opinion or superfluous material.
Feel welcomed to continue reading our posts that interest you.  This is primarily a read-only forum.