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Title: Copy of my intro from Zeinab's Lounge
Post by: Khadija_H on April 10, 2018, 03:15:02 am
Salam Aleikum.

I originally posted my intro at Zeinab's Lounge, because I couldn't post it on the guestbook board prior to registering.
Since sister Zainab told me my registration is approved I assume it is ok that I post a copy of it here:

Salam Aleikum (Introduction from Khadija_H)

I am a 29 years old female Muslim from Denmark. My parents reverted to islam when I was 11, and I decided to do so as well one year later. I'll tell where I stand regarding The Quran by telling about an episode I experienced this week.

A few days ago I was attending an evening class in a Masjid I like and the topic was islamic law with focus on hygiene.

At some point the teacher says to us that it's sunnah to do ghusl during a drought. I raise my hand and asks her. "Sorry I'm asking this but to me it sounds unwise to tell people to bathe during a drought". The teacher tells me that since it is sunnah it's the right thing to do. I try to ask again, "Why would the prophet tell people to waste water during a drought?". She tells me that it doesn't matter why because the prophet has said so and that it is his sunnah. I decided not to continue because with those words people close the topic.

I felt downspirited and told my father, as I have done before, that it annoys me that people always seem to weight hadith so high because they're manwritten and everything manwritten should be able to be questioned and critizised. Since we both agree on this fact I can talk to him about these things. I asked him if no others than us believe that the Quran is what we need to seek answers from since it's Allah's words, and that hadith tends to complicate what Allah made easy. He told me that we're not alone but that people rarely speak up because they're afraid to do so and because the majority of people are pretty impossible to dicus this topic with. When I then asked him where to find people who share our views he recomended me to visit Muslim Villa.

I hope my introduction is saticfying and detailed enough, that I did everything right and posted at the right place.

Title: Re: Copy of my intro from Zeinab's Lounge
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on April 10, 2018, 07:17:09 pm

As-salam Alaikum and very welcomed to Muslim Villa, Sister Khadija.    And thank you for posting a copy of your intro from Zainab's Lounge to the relevant board at Muslim Villa.  Very thoughtful of you.  That lessens our work. 

Hope you find MV beneficial, InshAllah.  Similarly we too look forward to benefit from the knowledge you share.   Allah bless.

Title: Re: Copy of my intro from Zeinab's Lounge
Post by: Khadija_H on April 11, 2018, 06:29:30 am
Thank you very much for your kind welcome sister. I am still looking through the different boards, reading the different content, before I decide what I can contribute with. So far I find MV very beneficial. it's very refreshing, enlightning, and different from the views I'm used to be around.