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Title: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on April 16, 2018, 03:16:26 am

After a useful read on magic, separating the Haram from the Halal (;topicseen#msg17258), what about hypnosis?  Would it be Haram as it seriously (not jokingly) alters one's state of mind by making one lose power of one's voluntary actions, leaving the person capable of only following the instructions and suggestions of others?

Title: Re: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on April 16, 2018, 06:44:53 pm

Salams everyone, and yeah, I read the post analyzing the subject of magic.  Thanks brother TS.  It's a topic many don't know about and InshAllah, I hope your explanations help to convey the appropriate clarifications.

And yes sister Ruhi, hypnosisis another aspect that needs to be discussed as that too requires clarification.   Again, hypnosis can also be separated into two categories - Haram and Halal - depending on intent (niyah) and the severity of the method with which its applied on a person.  The two categories would be:

1)  Hypnosis induced through magic of illusion (the Haram form of magic), sorcery and occult.  It can be triggered through all such malignant institutions in its severest form to bring about a more or less vegetative state of mind in an individual with the intention of violating the person and deriving illicit advantage in some way or another.  Needless to say, this is absolutely HARAM.  This sort of hypnosis is also often done by communicating with the jinn.  The culture is most prevalent in traditional communities where focus on the Noble Quran is little or not at all.

2) The other type is medicinal hypnosis which is very dissimilar from the aspect explained above.  Medicinal hypnotherapy conducted by recognized mental-health professionals is an altogether different field which is specifically intended to alleviate emotional stress and suffering.  It's a type of psychiatric treatment in which the mind is relaxed through safe techniques in a trance-like state similar to being completely engrossed as in an interesting book, movie, music or one's own innermost thoughts with an upfront, one-on-one conversation, between the psychiatrist and the patient.   Thus, in medicinal hypnosis, guiding someone into a trance-like state is called "hypnosis" and then the interaction between the patient and therapist is "hypnotherapy."   Though this psychiatrist treatment does not have a very high rate of success, it's aimed at helping the therapist with a variety of problems concerning the patient, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress or finding the causes of anxiety by understanding the workings of a person's subconscious.  In other words, medicinal hypnosis is similar to a frank discussion on tough issues of life with a reliable friend in which the anxious friend may feel better after sharing their problems and the trusted confidant may have some helpful advise to share.  

Needless to say, if one is a sincere follower of the Quran with an increasingly clear understanding, they will never require such treatments.   Though there is absolutely nothing wrong in sharing life's problems with trusted friends to lighten the emotional burden, the Noble Quran is enough as a Help in all such circumstances for a true believer.  However, unfortunately, most people (even among Muslims) are strangers to the Quran.  Such folks may decide they require psychiatric or psychological therapy, if they are constantly under stress for some reason.   While this treatment is not Haram, one must be careful to seek medicinal hypnotherapy only from recognized professional sources, not from strangers, quacks or little-known acquaintances indulging in Haram hypnosis to predate on the vulnerable ones.

According to the observation of various professional medicinal hypnotists, the common concept that a hypnotist can take over the minds of their subjects and control their actions is not true.  They say that while in a state of trance, you are still in control of your actions, you can hear and understand everything around you and it's impossible to force you to do something against your will.   This is true only about medicinal hypnosis because it's a professional, medicinal therapy designed to lessen a person's anxiety and thus the therapy goes only up to a certain point, allowing the patient to retain control of themselves.  This is a vital point which makes medicinal hypnotherapy different from Haram hypnosis handled by sorcerers and occultists working with the jinn which does make people lose control of their actions, and yes, I repeat, this is surely Haram in which the victim's daze and stupor is so deep that they do lose control of themselves and left entirely at the command of the medium.


Title: Re: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on April 16, 2018, 07:25:37 pm

Walaykum Salam dear sis Heba.  Extremely educational for me.  I get it.  Just wondering, many people fall prey to Haram hypnotists.  How do they eventually gain control of themselves?  Is it only the hypnotist who can reverse their condition to break through the deep trance?

Title: Re: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Zeynab on April 16, 2018, 08:08:52 pm

Walaikum Salaam dear all.

Very articulate and well organized piece, Sister Heba.  JazekAllah khair, many thanks for the useful information.   Unfortunately rogues performing Haram hypnosis are also present in so-called Muslim societies.

..  Just wondering, many people fall prey to Haram hypnotists.  How do they eventually gain control of themselves?  Is it only the hypnotist who can reverse their condition to break through the deep trance?

No sister Ruhi.  Such victims are not necessarily dependent on the Haram hypnotists for coming out of the stupor.   From what I know, what's required is simply a loud interruption from an outside source or person that will rattle the victim, causing an emotional jolt, bringing down-to-earth affects and the person should regain self-control.   To rescue such a victim, they need to be taken away from the evil circle back to their homes by family or close friends, reprimanding and warning the rogues.  Sometimes, if outsiders catch a rogue  trying to play evil tricks on some unsuspecting victim, they must raise a loud hue and cry.  That will bring the victim back to consciousness and the rogue hypnotist might take off or get caught.

Several years ago something very similar happened to the mom of a friend of mine.  The poor lady became victim of a rogue and Haram hypnotist.   The mom had gone shopping wearing some costly trinkets when she casually came across an unknown woman who also pretended to be shopping.  This woman actually had her eyes on the lady's trinkets which she intended to steal.  She started a simple conversation on household issues, as women often do.    As the conversation proceeded, the poor mom was hypnotized into a lethargic daze or a state of inertia with suggestions to remove her jewelry and give them to the rogue hypnotist.  Then, someone in the market caught the mischief of the hypnotist, raised an alarm and the woman ran away .. disappeared in a few minutes.  But she had already obtained the telephone contact of my friend's mom.  Fortunately the mom was helped out of the stupor (don't know the details but was fortunately assisted by some decent people around) and arrived home well and safe, and the rogue hypnotist didn't have enough time to steal the lady's valuables.  But the rogue kept pestering the mom on phone for a couple of days, pretending to be a friend and trying to persuade her to meet and talk .... until my friend's husband and brother threatened to inform the law enforcers.  After that the thief stopped calling and was never seen again.

Title: Re: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on April 16, 2018, 08:56:31 pm

Very interesting story indeed Sister Zeynab, and a warning to people for exercising extreme caution to avoid getting duped by monsters and nasty scammers using the evil trick of Haram hypnosis for robbing the unsuspecting.  You're right sis, such incidents aren't a rarity also in so-called Muslim communities.

Title: Re: Hypnosis: Is it Haram or Halal?
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on April 16, 2018, 09:02:15 pm

Thanks Sisters Heba and Zeynab.  Very illuminating points.  Poor mom of the friend.  But she was fortunate to have been saved from the clutches of a predator.  Occurrences like these are definitely not uncommon and many end up losing money, valuables and confidential information, only to realize when it's too late.