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September 21, 2019, 11:04:10 am
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May 30, 2019, 06:15:49 am Zeynab: Alhudulilah, yes sister Ruhi.  Time flies in this fleeting world.  May Allah The Almighty accept our hard work in the permanent world.  That's the real success.
May 30, 2019, 03:43:58 am Ruhi_Rose: Jumaa-tul-widaa (farewell to Ramadan) tomorrow Friday 31.  How time flies!  Ya Allah, keep us close to Your mercy.
March 16, 2019, 02:21:19 am N. Truth Seeker: We at MV express our deepest sympathy for our sisters & brothers who became victims of terror attacks while offering their Jumma prayers in the Masjids in NZ.
Our post in this regard @ Zainab's Lounge.
October 09, 2018, 09:50:31 pm Ruhi_Rose: Salam brother.  Very easy. First click on the board title you wish to post in.  You'll find main board topics below and sub-boards (default label "child boards") above.  If you wish to post in main board click "new topic" button on top left.  If you wish to post in any of the sub-boards, click on that sub board title and then click "new topic" button on above left side.  You'll get the format for typing your post, then click "post" button below.
October 06, 2018, 12:46:27 pm momin: how can i post things here if i have something to post. Smiley
September 14, 2018, 12:33:22 am Ruhi_Rose: Yes br. TS, that's a very important article to read.
September 14, 2018, 12:08:22 am N. Truth Seeker: Thank u.  Allah bless u for remembering, sister.   Also reminding our guests to read: The traditional declaration of fasting on the 10th of Muharram .... the real story behind it. Same article in the blog too.
September 13, 2018, 11:09:22 pm Zeynab: Muharram 1440 A.H.
Please read why our Islamic new year is full of tragic memories.
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 on: Yesterday at 03:26:14 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Zeynab

Excellent idea Sister Ruhi.

 on: Yesterday at 03:24:59 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

heehe heeee hee!  Grin Grin     Sounds spot on sister Heba.  I will jot down the points and InshAllah, really show her.   The discussion went on for 15 minutes in our last half session and had to be finished cause it was time to go home.  But I did wrap up saying she was wrong which I can prove.    Many thanks sister Heba. 

 on: Yesterday at 03:18:07 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Zeynab

lol ...... "wicked farts."    rofl. 

Very well explained Sis Heba.  Br. TS is right.  Tell that stupid lady.

 on: Yesterday at 03:09:39 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by N. Truth Seeker

100% correct Sister Heba.    Sister Ruhi, print this piece and mention it to that lady when you see her next time, InshAllah.


 on: Yesterday at 03:01:55 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

LaaughingAway    LMFAO!   You should have really asked her.  Many people actually do that ..... fart soon after the wudu and pretend it wasn't a fart, probably a burp from the mouth attributed to the ass or probably the "scent" Abu Huraira talked about. 

These idiots just don't wanna think rationally, that's the only problem and a big one.   Smelly farts have NOTHING to do with physical hygiene nor environmental pollution.   Professionally I'm a former dietician, not a doctor.  But I would know so much at least that bad smell in flatulence is typically because of food intolerance, usually  lactose and gluten intolerance.  In such a condition the body's inability to break down lactose or gluten causes build up of foul smelling gas which of course has be to released through the ass .... where else?   O yes, it can also be released through the mouth in the form of a burp which often leaves a bad taste on the tongue for a while, but Hadithists have proven incapable of thinking like civilized human beings.   

Then again, if one is eating too much high fiber foods like lentils, chickpeas, cabbage, broccoli, garlic etc. ........ your farts aren't gonna smell like rose petals but they're gonna be benign and won't interfere with your wudu.     Also, folks who are constipated fart smelly stuff .... probably because the exiting fart gets affected by the unmoved bowels.  For that reason, many people experience real wicked farts before shitting, and farts released after the poop are odorless.  But either way, there's no contamination to ever create a hygiene issue.    .....   excuse meo for crude language  Lips Sealed

 on: Yesterday at 02:40:12 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

Okay ...... so now an elderly sister at our community centre claims the frequent bad odor of farts makes it unclean enough to invalidate wudu   Grin    I wanted to ask her how many times she and her husband have farted after a wudu and pretended they didn't know it was a fart to justify performing an unnecessary second wudu.

 on: Yesterday at 02:32:27 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

Ameen, ameen, ameen Ya Allah. 

The Day of Judgement will the DAY when these friends of Satan will learn the lesson they never imagined was kept waiting for them.  InshAllah.

 on: Yesterday at 02:28:56 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Zeynab

Many thanks for the feedback Sister Ruhi.   I couldn't agree more.    Allah Almighty guides those who seek His guidance with a contrite heart, not fierce killers like these who boast on the spread of فتنة and the killing of their own brethren as something "pious" and falsely attribute these lies on the teachings of the Noble Quran and the Final Messenger.    May the curse of Allah Almighty be on such folks.   On the Day of the Tryst, may The Almighty NEVER grant them forgiveness, never ever.  Ameen. 

 on: Yesterday at 02:10:49 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

cryin   A scenario that leaves one just with tears, plenty of tears, and lost for words.   

23K killed since 1963 looks to be a very conservative estimate.   I'm pretty sure it's higher.  And it started much after 1963.  Until the 60s things were not at all alarming.  In times when our grandparents were young and our parents were kids, they led a wonderful life.  Your next door neighbor could be a Shiia and you a Sunni, it didn't matter a fig.  You met, socialized, shared the happy and sad moments of life with them because all of you are Muslims.   Export of radicalism from KSA was nil or very low.  Pakistanis in the 1960s were more educated, more humane, totally balanced and much more focused on constructive works than destructive schemes.

Hideous killer jackals and bats like Ahmed Ludhianvi and Aurangzeb Farooqi who are today getting away with cold blooded murder were species unknown back in the 1960s.     These pernicious ferals are the new faces of that old curse called Sipah-e-Sahaba, renaming that accursed organization as Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat.   The interpretation of Pakistani authorities is also no less mind boggling.  They consider this ASWJ of Barelvi group to be moderate compared to the radical groups of Deobandi group.  But in truth, they are all takfiri killers and as far away from Islam as Mercury is from Pluto. 

You described the overall issue very accurately sister Zeynab.   This entire sectarian story and the proliferating culture of politicized takfiri militancy, many of them supported by the powerful and the influential to kill the innocent civilians of their own countries, has brought unprecedented shame to our pan-Islamic bloc.  It's lamentable beyond words that Pakistan is one of these leading misguided lands.   As if the scourge of feudalism isn't detrimental and decadent enough,  Satan has also proven successful in luring the takfiri monsters to embrace the evil of sectarianism wholeheartedly. 

I could just vomit, and vomit and vomit ........

 on: September 18, 2019, 12:22:19 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

Insh'Allah, I certainly will sister.

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