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February 22, 2018, 08:19:39 pm
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November 09, 2017, 04:26:36 am Heba E. Husseyn: Please pray for Rohingya children. As genocide in Buddhist Burma continues, many Rohingya children arriving in Bangladesh camps don't know where their parents are. May the Burmese murderer-terrorist Su Kyi rot in Hell.
June 21, 2017, 07:42:01 am Zeynab: Shukran sis Heba.  Allah Bless. Ameen.
June 21, 2017, 07:39:56 am Heba E. Husseyn: Leialtul Qadr Mubarak.  For details on Leilatul Qadr please read MV post Leila-tul-Qadr
May 04, 2017, 05:35:01 am N. Truth Seeker: Alhumdulilah, Alhumdulilah.  Still 22 days left.  InshAllah we can thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to experience another of this blessed month for the betterment of our souls.  Thanks for mentioning Sister.
May 04, 2017, 05:20:37 am Ruhi_Rose: I can hardly keep track with the speed at which time flies.  Ramadan 2017 only 22 days away!
September 12, 2016, 03:17:09 am N. Truth Seeker: Wa salam sisters. So kind of u to remember. Alhumdulilah that Allah gave us another chance to live thru the blessed month of Zil Hajj.  Was a busy time for all of my family.
September 11, 2016, 08:26:43 am Zeynab: Wa'salaam my dear Sis Heba Smiley  Yes, Alhumdulilah, the 10 days of this blessed month went well by the Grace & Mercy of Allah. I wish the same for all.
September 11, 2016, 02:20:02 am Heba E. Husseyn: Salam my dear MV team and other sis and bros.  I pray the first 10 days of the bless month of Zil Hajj has passed well for all.  Hajj culminates in about 2 days. InshAllah.
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 on: February 02, 2018, 03:49:21 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

Big welcome dear Sis!  Cheesy


 on: February 02, 2018, 03:47:28 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

Big thankx me Sis Heba for helping me out with Verse 25:20.  Makes perfect sense.  SubhanAllah.  All praise to HIM alone. 

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:45:13 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

You're so correct on that brother.  It sure is getting into a "trendy" ignorant fashion.  I come across such critters almost every month at our Muslim community center.  Some come only to fight.

Ahahahaa   ..... unfortunately I'm also forced to watch this ugly fashion show more frequently than it should happen.

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:39:36 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

Salam folks.  That's informative.  It brings to my mind another Verse 25:20 quote, "And We have made some of you  a trial for others" 
How should one perceive this .... as a test from Allah or interaction between people?

Wa'Salam Sis.  This Verse 25:20 alludes to the fact that when a person or community suffers because of the tyranny of another person or community, in the Sight of Allah and by definition it is a trial for the ones at the receiving end at the hands of their aggressors.  They either endure or fight back.  Both are acceptable / justified depending on the situation of the persecuted.  Their test is their reaction, the level of prudence and sense of justice with which they manage the ordeal.  The suffering from persecution of the unfortunate comes from the behavior of other person or persons, not from Allah.  So, one may ask, can Allah prevent this persecution?   Yes, of course He can.   He is the All-Powerful.   If Allah chooses He can prevent it and many a times he does.  But according to His Standard Law for earthly life, he may generally choose not to.  The reason being, this world is a place for interaction between His human slaves for which all will be answerable in the next world.  Thus He has bestowed on them the ability to choose their path of conduct and make decisions.  If they need help to make decisions, the Quran is there as the Sole Criterion and Guide.  To what extent each person or community goes right or deviates during such interactions is their test.

It goes without saying that in every event of persecution, the test is for both, the persecuted as well as the persecutor, in their own different ways.  Allah may grant power to someone to test them, to watch how they use their power so they can be a witness against themselves on the Day of Judgement, if they misused their authority.  This aspect has been elucidated in Verses 7:182-183 and certain other Verses.

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:33:07 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

The approach of the thoughtless folks who blame Allah for "injustice" is becoming a fashion among the younger Muslims in particular.  ......

You're so correct on that brother.  It sure is getting into a "trendy" ignorant fashion.  I come across such critters almost every month at our Muslim community center.  Some come only to fight.

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:30:30 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Ruhi_Rose

Salam folks.  That's informative.  It brings to my mind another Verse 25:20 quote, "And We have made some of you  a trial for others" 
How should one perceive this .... as a test from Allah or interaction between people?

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:25:21 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Heba E. Husseyn

Alhumdulilah.  None perceives more accurately than Allah Almighty.  Verses 29:10 and 21:37 portray the attitude of the modern world even more closely than the medieval era. 

Indeed great post ...... and some right brief points br. TS

 on: February 02, 2018, 03:19:05 am 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by N. Truth Seeker

The approach of the thoughtless folks who blame Allah for "injustice" is becoming a fashion among the younger Muslims in particular.  The attitude initially started through their ignorance and it's now a trend ... which makes the approach a mix of ignorance and arrogance.  Maududi's view that the hypocritical ones who fear persecution from the disbelievers switch sides thinking that the punishment of Hellfire will be no greater than the persecution by disbelievers misses out the issue that such hypocrites in modern times don't believe in Hellfire in the first place.  They simply switch sides as skeptics which makes them even worse than what Maududi presumes. 

Many thanks Sister Zeynab.  Very interesting and useful post.

 on: January 30, 2018, 02:55:12 pm 
Started by Zeynab - Last post by Zeynab

"Of mankind is he who says: We believe in Allah, but, if he be made to suffer for the sake of Allah, he mistakens the persecution of mankind for Allah's punishment; and then, if victory comes from your Rab, will say:  Indeed!  we were with you (all the while). Is not Allah Best Aware of what is in the bosoms of (His) creatures ?"   (29:10)  Surah Al-Ankabut or The Spider.

As Salaam Alaikum folks.  This Verse may specifically refer to the hypocrites or those with weak Faith who pretended to be the helpers of the Prophet (pbuh).  But it's a common problem with humanity at all times even in the course of their daily lives.  You will find numerous people who may offer salat and fast as a ritual.  Some may have even perform Hajj or Umrah as a ritual.  But because of their shallow ritualistic mindset and approach, they have never been able to understand the ideology of the Monotheistic Faith. 

Allah never said that as soon as you say "I believe" you will be free of all the tests and trials of this world.  That kind of blissful existence is only reserved at Jannat for those who make themselves worthy of it in this world by proving their worth and handling the tests and challenges of the temporary earthly life with wisdom.  But as the Noble Quran also states  "Man is made of haste. I shall show you My portents, but ask Me not to hasten."  (21:37).   Many among mankind who are supposedly Muslims often overlook the aspect or possibility of confronting the ups and downs of earthly life, assuming that as "Muslims" their earthly lives should be a cakewalk.   As soon as the road gets rocky for a considerable stretch of time, they give up.  What's important to remember here is that much of the trials and tribulations we face in this world is either because of the unjust rules of this world or the unjust behavior or policies of others.  But humankind often confuses this, wrongly presuming Allah to be "unjust."  This is a common attitude in the daily lives of many unthinking folks. 

The other attitude includes the strategy of a pure opportunist which is synonymous with hypocrisy.  A Muslim may quit the company of sincere believers or submitters to Allah alone and become a champion or a partner of another community, force or individual which is more powerful, more influential or more wealthy, only for the sake of greater materialistic gain in the form of riches, power, fame, earthly popularity, comfort or convenience.  At the same time their cunning prompts them not to alienate themselves completely from true believers, not because of any love or respect for the sincere believers or any commitment of unity with their brethren, but only to have them as a standby in case they ever require any help from them in future.  Such folks are fast friends of the opponents of believers, and at the same time they pry for opportunities to pose as allies of believers as well.  This is the true personality of a traitor, a hypocrite and a time server who can never be trusted.  They will have no qualms showing their backs to you when you are facing difficult times.  If they see no self-benefit in assisting you, they will fervently support your enemy.   Sometimes they may even pretend to be neutral which too is a deceit and as a strategy it's far more helpful for your enemy than you. 

The commentary of Verse 29:10 has been stated very comprehensively by Abu Ala Maududi  which I would like to quote as well.

Though the speaker is a single person, he uses the plural pronoun and says, "We have believed," Imam Razi has pointed out a subtle point in it. He says that the hypocrite always tries to be counted among the believers and mentions his faith as though he is also a true believer like others. His case is like that of a cowardly soldier who accompanies an army to the battlefield where the soldiers have fought well and put the enemy to rout. This cowardly person might have made no contribution at all, but when he returns home, he will say, "We put up a good fight and routed the enemy", as if he was one of the heroes of the battlefield.

That is, just as one should desist from disbelief and sin due to fear of Allah's punishment, so did this man desist from faith and goodness due to fear of persecution by the people. When after belief he was confronted with threats and imprisonment and harsh treatment from the disbelievers, he thought that Allah's punishment in Hell which he will have to suffer after death in consequence of his disbelief, will be no more severe than the earthly punishment of disbelievers. Therefore, he decided that he would suffer the torment of the Next World at its own time, but should give up faith and rejoin the disbelievers so that he might save himself from the torment of this world and pass an easy life.

That is, today he has joined the disbelievers in order to save his skin and has abandoned the believers for he is not prepared even to suffer a thorn prick in the cause of promoting Allah's religion, but when Allah will favor with access and victory those who are struggling in His cause with their lives and properties, this person will come forward to have his share of the fruits of the victory and will tell the Muslims, "Our hearts were with you: we used to pray for your success: we thought very highly of your devotion to duty and your sacrifices." 

Here, one should understand that in case of an unbearable persecution and loss and extreme fear, one is permitted to disown Islam outwardly to save one's life, provided one remains firm in one's faith with a sincere heart. But there is a big difference between the sincere Muslim who disowns Islam under compulsion in order to save his life and the time-server who ideologically believes in Islam as a true religion but joins the disbelievers when he sees the dangers and risks involved in the life of Faith.  In appearance, they do not seem to be much different from each other, but the thing which sets them poles apart is this: The sincere Muslim who utters disbelief under compulsion not only remains attached to Islam ideologically, but practically also his sympathies remain with Islam and the Muslims; he feels happy over their successes and unhappy at their defeat. Even under compulsion he tries to avail himself of every opportunity to cooperate with the Muslims, and remains on the look-out for a chance to join his brethren-in-faith as soon as the grip of the enemies loosens a little. Contrary to this, when the time-server finds that the way of the Faith is difficult to follow and calculates carefully that the disadvantages of siding with Islam outweigh the advantages of re-joining the disbelievers, he turns away from Islam and the Muslims for the sake of personal safety and worldly gains, establishes friendship with the disbelievers and is prepared to carry out for his own interests any service for them, which may be utterly opposed to the Faith and harmful to the Muslims. But at the same time, he does not close his eyes to the possibility that Islam also might prosper some time in the future. Therefore, whenever he gets an opportunity to talk to the Muslims, he acknowledges their ideology and admits his faith and pays homage to their sacrifices most generously, so that his verbal admissions might be helpful as and when required.

 on: January 22, 2018, 03:46:51 pm 
Started by Ruhi_Rose - Last post by N. Truth Seeker

Yes, I was thinking of the same comparison.  Just as obnoxious as that.   Majority of them out there are hadithists .. unfortunately.

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