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Controversial History of Hadeeth (by Br. Hafeez Kazi) PART 3

June 08, 2018, 08:49:28 pm Heba E. Husseyn: Leilatul Qadr 1439 (2018) on June 8. To learn about this great Night, read our posts on Leilatul Qadr @ this thread.
May 16, 2018, 04:03:41 am Ruhi_Rose: Ramadan Mubarak to u too brother and to everyone.  May Allah accept our efforts.  Ameen.
May 16, 2018, 04:01:41 am N. Truth Seeker: Ramadan 2018 Mubarak to all.  Just finished sahoor, getting ready for Fajr.  Alhumdulilah.
November 09, 2017, 04:26:36 am Heba E. Husseyn: Please pray for Rohingya children. As genocide in Buddhist Burma continues, many Rohingya children arriving in Bangladesh camps don't know where their parents are. May the Burmese murderer-terrorist Su Kyi rot in Hell.
June 21, 2017, 07:42:01 am Zeynab: Shukran sis Heba.  Allah Bless. Ameen.
June 21, 2017, 07:39:56 am Heba E. Husseyn: Leialtul Qadr Mubarak.  For details on Leilatul Qadr please read MV post Leila-tul-Qadr
May 04, 2017, 05:35:01 am N. Truth Seeker: Alhumdulilah, Alhumdulilah.  Still 22 days left.  InshAllah we can thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to experience another of this blessed month for the betterment of our souls.  Thanks for mentioning Sister.
May 04, 2017, 05:20:37 am Ruhi_Rose: I can hardly keep track with the speed at which time flies.  Ramadan 2017 only 22 days away!
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Author Topic: Controversial History of Hadeeth (by Br. Hafeez Kazi) PART 3  (Read 1521 times)
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« on: December 13, 2006, 03:17:04 am »

Please note:

Br. Hafeez Kazi who holds the Glorious Quraan and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in great esteem and respect, expresses his views on the writers of Hadeeth literature, who have apparently written many unworthy and false narrations about the Prophet (pbuh) that sound very inappropriate.  Br. Hafeez Kazi has presented clarifications of such narrations, defending the Noble Quraan and the most beloved Prophet (pbuh).


"Satanic Hadith"  by brother Hafeez Kazi

Those who do not believe in Hadith and follow Quran alone are disbelievers.

To believe in Hadith is a part of faith and whosever does not believe in Hadith, is not following Sunnah and hence not obeying the prophet and finally not obeying Allah. Allah has repeatedly mentioned in the Quran "obey Allah and the prophet" and "follow the messenger" and this repeated verses has made the Muslims (who have neither read the Quran nor the Hadith with care) think, that all Muslims are commanded by Allah to obey and follow the Hadith, and if any, do not agree to their assumption and belief, then his faith is at a stake.

I have been researching Quran and Hadith (alleged traditions of the Prophet Muhammad) for a long time now and using my own common sense I have decided to discard all man made Hadith from my practice of Islam. Majority of the people will not agree with my decision but that is ok, it is mine and personal, I don't impose my views on other people. I came to this conclusion after discovering some very disgusting, vulgar, insulting, useless Hadith that defy logic were considered authentic by the scholars and the Muslim community at large, and when I compared them with what was in Quran it just didn't fit, and after historical research as well it dawned on me that these supposed "Traditions of the Prophet" were nothing more than fabricated lies and stories written by medieval helpers of the ruling regimes to prop up and legitimize corrupt and un-Islamic policies that were supporting these regimes. I am sure there are vast majority of the Hadith contradictory to the Quran and thus contradictory to Allah.

Muslims have fallen victim to inventions against, the word of Allah, the Quran. These inventions have distorted the way that Allah sent down via all the prophets. It is very difficult to change the mindset of the Muslims who have accepted Hadith as the second Quran. One may visit any mosque or any other place of congregation; he will, for sure, find Hadith being preached to the audience. Traditional Muslims tirelessly defend the alleged importance of this body of literature, with most claiming that no person is a Muslim unless he or she believes in it. But the reality is that these passages quite obviously contradict the Quran, logic, and each other. One look at them is enough to dissuade the half-rational mind. It is not difficult to see that the unfortunate plight of the Islamic world today has to do with their blindly accepting and defending this medieval and barbaric body of literature. Those who follow the Quran are following the Prophet Muhammad; those who are following the alleged Hadith and Sunna are not following the Prophet but following those who wrote these books.

Or have they taken (other) aliha (gods) besides Him? Say: "Bring your proof:" This (the Qur'an) is the Reminder for those with me and the Reminder for those before me. But most of them know not the Truth, so they are averse.

And We shall take out from every nation a witness, and We shall say: "Bring your proof." Then they shall know that the truth is with Allah (Alone), and the lies (false gods) which they invented will disappear from them. 28:75

Following anybody but Allah's commandments in the Quran is idol-worship. Idol-worship is the only unforgivable sin, if maintained till death. Good intentions do not help, many idol-worshipers will face Allah on the Day of Judgment not realizing what they were doing, and their intentions will not help them.

One day shall We gather them all together: We shall say to those who ascribed partners (to Us): "Where are the partners whom ye (invented and) talked about?" There will then be (left) no Fitnah (excuses or statements or arguments) for them but to say: " Then will they have no contention save that they will say: By Allah, our Lord, we never were idolaters. "Look! How they lie against themselves! But the (lie) which they invented will disappear from them. 6:22/23/24

Hadith is today accepted as a short cut to Quran, a book wherein everything is mentioned for ready reference as sayings of the prophet and almost all subjects are covered within it.

Shall We then treat the People of Faith like the People of Sin? What is the matter with you? How judge ye? Or have ye a Book through which ye learn that ye shall have through it whatever ye choose? 68:34/35/36/37/38

There is no other book except Quran for guidance, belief, obeying, learning, laws and rituals and whoever turns to other books is an idol worshipper.

The mass Muslims who follow Hadith blindly have repeatedly failed to produce one verse from the Quran, which supports their assumption and belief that Allah has commanded to follow Hadith book. They are quoting verses out of context to substantiate their claim. They interpret "wisdom" as Sunnah and "follow prophet" as following Hadith and whenever their attention is drawn towards a Hadith, which is contradicting the verses of the Quran, they like an illiterate, defend Hadith rather than Quran.

Christians had one Paul to destroy Christianity, but Muslims have six nonsense sahih's to destroy Islam and to make matter worse two new nonsense "Tablighul Nisaab" and "Fazail Aamaal" mushroomed to entwine the threads of Islam. The scholars have forced the masses to accept, through their inferior reading of the Quran, that Quran is difficult to understand and Hadith is a guide to understand the Quran, which is believed to be the sayings of prophet.

Thus Allah makes clear His Verses to you, in order that you may understand. 2:242

Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran in order that you may understand. 12:2

Allah has sent this Quran, but to read and understand its message and act accordingly and the above verses negate the claims made by the false scholars that Quran is indeed difficult to understand. Had it been so, then the purpose of sending the Quran is to be deemed as lost, but how can a plan of Allah fail?

Fain would they extinguish Allah's light with their mouths but Allah will not allow but that His light should be perfected even though the unbelievers may detest (it). 9:32

And (then unbelievers) plotted and planned and Allah too planned and the best of planners is Allah. 3:54

So Allah is the best of planners and he executed his plan and was accomplished successfully, but there entered the Satan the rejected, the evil and the disgraced after 200 years of the demise of our beloved prophet, and took control of the situation slowly and gradually. Satan inspired (Bukhari and associates) men to write the actions and narrations of the prophet and inspired liars to narrate sayings in the name of prophet. Satan's plan was to make people forget Allah's Quran and to that extent he is successful and replace Quran with his own book to astray the people from the right path of Allah. Historically, those in the position of power and the clerics have found justification for their oppressive imposition over the masses through the books of the Hadith and Sunna. Indeed, these innovated fabrications have been major contributors to the downfall of the Islamic civilization. Almighty Allah, the Knower of all secrets and declarations, knew that the accursed Satan would try to deceive people by the mean of the fabricated Hadiths. Therefore, the Most Gracious warned the believers ahead of time that they should only accept One True Hadith, the Glorious Quran. Did Allah know such things would happen?

And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies - Shayatin (devils) among mankind and jinns, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications. 6:112

To such (deceit) let the hearts of those incline who have no faith in the Hereafter: let them delight in it and let them earn from it what they may. 6: 113

Now some Muslims have started realizing that all Hadith are not true and there are many false Hadith narrated in the name of prophet, but still they hold that we should discard such Hadith or not accept such Hadith, which contradicts the verses of Quran. Is there saying acceptable to Allah, Who descended the Quran for our mercy, for our guidance, for our instruction, to lead us out of the depths of darkness into light, to save us from hell, it is this question they should ask themselves. Allah has not commanded us to believe and follow the Hadith but only Quran.

O you who believe! Believe in Allah, and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and the Book (the Quran) that He has sent down to His Messenger, and the Scripture, which He sent down to those before (him), and whosoever disbelieves in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Last Day, then indeed he has strayed far away. 4:136

Do you find in the above verse 'Hadith". Do you find Sunnah of the prophet? Anyone crossing the limits of Allah is an idol worshipper.

Faith is the most important part of DEN and we cannot install our faith on the crumbling foundations of Hadith. We have faith in the Quran because it is revealed by the All Powerful, All Knowing and Wise Allah, but what guarantee is there that all Hadith mentioned in the sahihs are the sayings of the prophet. On what basis do we trust that they are authentic sayings of the prophet? The Hadith is a hand written book by Bukhari and associates and contains no divine materials. It is forged to divert the believers from the right path

Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say: "This is from Allah" to traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write and for the gain they make thereby. 2:79

Many of the Muslims in general talk about the Hadiths collection with a respect that matches and sometimes exceeds that of the Quran. While the Quran does not leave any doubt as to where Allah wants us to look for the guidance and perfect happiness, those who do not believe Allah in His own words usually find in the Hadiths and Sunna a refuge that has been condemned by the Quran repeatedly. Allah already informed us in the Quran that His Book is the BEST HADITH 39:23,and that we should only seek His Hadiths (Quran) 7:185, and wonders why the people are not satisfied with His words, 45:6!!

Imam Al-Bukhari, is just one of several scholars who decided to collect the Hadiths and Sunna despite the clear prohibition by the Prophet Muhammad himself and all the Khalifas who followed him of collecting and writing anything but the Quran. Many of the Muslims today look at Bukhari with a respect he did not deserve or earn. His elevation to the level of a Saint by the Muslims and Scholars who came after him made of his books of Hadiths and Sunna a second Quran.

Being born 200 years after the prophet's death (peace be upon him), Bukhari went to perform a task that none of the native Arabs had dared to do...He collected the Hadiths under the guise of 'complementing' the Quran, when in reality his true mission was to undermine and destroy its message with those of his masters! Just like Paul (not Jesus) is the father of today's Christianity, so it is that Bukhari (and not the prophet) is the true head of what we call 'Islam' in its present form!

While modern Christianity is the product of Paul's corruption and hallucination, traditional Sunni Islam as practiced today, is the product of corruption of the true DEN of Islam by people like Bukhari. As soon as the Muslims deserted the Quran in favor of the Hadiths and Sunna books, their true DEN was corrupted beyond belief and their practice of DEN today is but a reflection of the DEN of the Scholars like Bukhari, Muslim Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi, Abu-Dawood...etc. and not a reflection of the Islam (Submission) presented to us by the Prophet Muhammad.

While those who defend Bukhari praise him for his methodology of collecting the Hadiths for his book known as "Sahih Al-Bukhari." They only reflect ignorance with what Bukhari actually collected in his book. Not only did Bukhari broke the rules that he claimed he used to ensure the authenticity of the Hadiths but his own personal feelings, political alliance and hatred to people like Ali Ibn Abu Talib affected his choice of what Hadiths to list in his book and what Hadiths to refuse. He cared less about the content of the Hadiths itself. He listed many Hadiths that contradict the Quran, contradict other Hadiths, contradict common sense, insult Allah, insult the Prophet Muhammad, insult the Prophet's wives and his family. The position that Bukhari took regarding Ali Ibn-Abu Talib Vs his position towards Mu'aawyiah is but a reflection of the political corruption of Bukhari and his bias in listing the Hadiths that put down Ali while making of his ardent enemy Mu'aawyiah, a pure and righteous man despite his known corruption and defiance of the simple Islamic laws. Bukhari narrated Many Hadiths in his book that the people call "Sahih" (Authentic) for people who were considered liars, corrupted and untrustworthy. Muslim Scholars who came after him were afraid to expose the truth and the shortcoming of Bukhari and other scholars of Hadiths and Sunna like him. The corruption of Islam by Hadiths and Sunna started right during the Prophet's life and soon after his death. The collections of the so-called Hadiths and Sunna were condemned by Allah, the Prophet, and the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet). This act reached its peak by the end of the second Hijra century when the famous six books (references) of Hadiths were written.

Allah Almighty predicted this corruption and told us in 6:112-113 why He permitted this corruption to happen and also told us ahead of time that the messenger will complain to Him on the day of Judgment of the Muslims taking the Quran as an OBSOLTE (replacing Quran the outdated with the new and latest version Hadith)

Then the Apostle will say: "O my Lord! Truly my people took this Quran as an OBSOLETE. 25:30

It is time for Muslims to WAKE-UP and realize that their DEN has been hijacked for the last 1,200 years by the enemies of the prophet, and that tyrannical and brutal regimes are a model image of what Bukhari and his colleagues had intended for Islam...They could not destroy the Quran, but they found another way to distort Allah's great message to mankind.

The basis of the Islamic social order is the conviction that the code of life we received through prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and which was meant to channelise the human activities in the right direction, is from Allah and Allah alone. A slight deviation from this belief razes the whole structure of the Islamic social order to ground. We Muslims, also believe that revelation came to Moses and Jesus Christ, the messengers of Allah, which basically brought the same message as is given in the Quran; On the other hand, we believe that the Quran remains absolutely unaltered. From beginning to end, it is exactly the same as it was revealed to the prophet. If any-body has the slightest doubt about it, it no more remains the basis of DEN (the Islamic social order) with him. Thus the conspiracy to create doubts about the Quranic words and their sequence was most pernicious. Non-Arab nations, who in spite of their overwhelming material superiority could not stand against the Arabian Muslims in the battlefield, decided to change their strategy. They apparently came into the fold of Islam but in fact they used their conversion as a means to shake Muslim conviction in the Quranic truth. Thus they succeeded in introducing a belief that DEN (Islamic social order) is contained not only inside the Quran but also outside it. So it became easy to change the entire concept of the basic teachings of the Quran. They took advantage of the Muslim's love and devotion to their Rasool and introduced the idea that the Ahadis attributed to him are at par with the Quran. Having done that, they based the information regarding the sequence and the mode of assemblage of the Quranic verses on Ahadis. This paved the way to forge statements about the Quranic words and their sequence, although Allah took upon Himself the safety of the Quran.

Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption). 15:9

The message that Allah has been sending down has been the same all throughout history, same in every way

Legitimated for you OF / FROM THE SYSTEM
Whatever was ordered with it to Noah
And that which We inspired to you
We ordered with it to Ibrahim and Moosa and Essa
To setup the SYSTEM
And not to make racial / ethnic segregation in it (SYSTEM)

Even though the Quran says in well over 15 places, that it is explained in detail, Tafseel

Say: "Shall I seek for judge other than Allah? when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book explained in detail." They know full well to whom We have given the Book that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt. 6:114

And contains a full explanation of whatever is needed by a believer

One day We shall raise from all peoples a witness against them from amongst themselves: and We shall bring thee as a witness against these (thy people): and We have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things a guide a Mercy and glad tidings to Muslims. 16:89

And should be enough, Kaafi, for them

Is it not enough for them that We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur'an) which is recited to them? Verily, herein is mercy and a reminder (or an admonition) for a people who believe.29:51

And contains the complete law (Shariah) of Allah


Thereafter We provided to you the charter of the commands: so follow them and follow not the desires of those who know not. 45:18

As against man-made law or Shariah


Or the partners to them legitimated for them from the system that which Allah has not permitted for it. And had it not been for a decisive Word (gone forth already), the matter would have been judged between them. And verily, for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers), there is a painful torment. 42:21

"Muslims" insist that the Quran needs supplements to be understood, and lacks details. This amount to disbelieving what Allah himself says in unequivocal terms in the Quran.

The Quran states explicitly that the messenger's duty was only to convey (Balagh) the message contained in the Quran

"And if you deny, then nations before you have denied (their Messengers). And the duty of the Messenger is only to convey (the Message) plainly." 29:

And that the Quran was the only Wahi (revelation) given to the prophet to be conveyed to people by testimony of Allah Himself

Say: "What thing is most weighty in evidence?" Say: "Allah is Witness between me and you: this Qur'an hath been revealed to me by inspiration that I may warn you and all whom it reaches. Can ye possibly bear witness that besides Allah there is another Allah?" Say: "Nay! I cannot bear witness!" Say: "But in truth He is the One Allah and I truly am innocent of (your blasphemy of) joining others with Him. 6:19

Therefore to follow the words of Allah in the Quran would be to follow the messenger. Thus following Allah is the same as following the messenger, who only conveyed the Quran

He who obeys the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) has indeed obeyed Allah, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you (O Muhammad SAW) as a watcher over them. 4:80

The inventions against the true words of Allah, revealed to the messengers, which is called their true Speech

That this is verily the word of an honored messenger. 69:40

Are the so-called "Hadith" (stories about the sayings and doings of the prophets) as narrated by the writers of the Old Testament, the Gospels of Jesus (i.e. the "Hadith" about Jesus), and the various Hadith about the prophet Muhammad contained in the many "extra-Quranic" books believed in by the Sunni and Shia schools of thought. People have attributed these things throughout history to the messengers, whereas the messengers could never have said them given the history of the documents and the Criterion (Furqaan) of the Quran 2:185

"Do they not consider the Quran with care, if it had been from anyone other than Allah, it would contain many discrepancies 4:82

Any document that claims to be from Allah, but in actuality is not would contain some form of error according to the Quran. What we see on analysis is that the Hadith attributed to the prophet and the Gospels attributed to Jesus fail this test of authenticity. What we also see is the subjectivity of the various Muslims groups. They reject the Gospels of Jesus based on the same test as being corrupt, whereas similar defects found in the books of Hadith are overlooked by them and they accept them as being authentic sayings of Muhammad. Let us have a look at the books of Hadith:

Hadith are the various traditions contained in specific books, believed in by the majority of Muslims to be the sayings of the prophet Muhammad. These in the major part are extra-Quranic, i.e. from outside the Quran. They either contradict or add to the Quran. Muslims sometimes present them as an explanation of the Quran or as an integral part of Islamic law, even though the Quran does not confirm them.

A minority among the Muslims does not accept the various books of Hadith as being an accurate representation of what the prophet Muhammad said. They take the Quran as Criterion (Furqaan in Arabic), according to the Quran's own claim

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)2:185

Accepting only those Hadith [tradition or narration attributed to the prophet], which the Quran confirms and attests in totality. I represent that view in my research. Opposition to the Hadith, and the whole body of extra-Quranic literature on Islam as doctrine has existed from the earliest days of Islam. This is well documented by Shafi (died 204AH/ 819AD).

The Quran historically predates any written Hadith and there is no mention of Hadith or the Sunna of the Prophet in what we possess as writings before the third century after the prophet. Quran and rationality based on its principles formed the basis of DEN for first century Muslims. Thus contrary to being an innovation, following the Quran alone is historically the original Islam and Hadith and other extra-Quranic literature is an innovation, introduced in its written form in the 3rd century after the prophet.

Most Muslims who have taken on themselves the responsibility of teaching Islam to others have themselves abandoned the Quran by upholding Hadith. They say without hesitation: "The majority of Shariah (Law) in Islam is contained outside the Quran in books of Hadith and fiqh." Such a saying is a direct attack on the validity of the Quran, which claims to contain the complete Islamic law from Allah. We need to ask ourselves, what kind of submission (Islam) is this when you are rejecting Allah's words to follow your traditions.

And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the Kafirun .5:44

And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun 5:45

And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed (then) such are the Fasiqun 5:47

Those Muslims, who claim to believe in the Hadith as being totally true, need to be objective and not subjective. They should, as concern for truth demands not changed standards while evaluating phenomena. If they reject the Gospels as being true based on reasons that are valid, i.e. contradictions, history etc (and they almost all do), then they should also reject the Hadith on the same criteria. Hadith have the same problems of authenticity as the gospels do. Hadith do not represent the words of the prophet just like the gospels don't represent the words of Jesus in total.

Hadith believing Muslims make big claims on the so-called scientific compilation of Hadith. Let it be clear however, that no matter how scientific you are in your compilation of what is "false" to start with, the compilation cannot make it true. Even the criteria that is presented are un-objective, i.e. the truthfulness of a particular narrator with a story of how truthful he was. To repeat, falsehood is not converted to truth by its scientific compilation.

There are many things that do not appear in the Quran and it has become the subject of discussion and argument. Ignorant people and learned scholars and Imams and Mullas are defending the Hadith whereas they should have held the Quran up, in defence. Many things have been banned in the Hadith in the name of prophet e.g. gold and silk for men and not found in Quran, when confronted with the Hadithers they claim Hadith to be true on the basis that we are commanded by Allah to follow and obey the prophet and whatever he forbids, abstain from it and if in the Hadith it is banned then we have to accept it.

Earlier I mentioned that Hadith have become a second Quran for Muslims, and here is a proof for that, whatever not found in Quran but found in Hadith is accepted as a saying of the prophet or an indirect saying of Allah and whoever disobeys it, disobeys Allah.
I don't understand the logic behind this banning the use of gold and silk and more important is that prophet was assigned a duty by Allah to convey His message (Quran) to the mankind and nothing more.

What Allah has bestowed on His Apostle (and taken away) from the people of the townships belongs to Allah to His Apostle and to kindred and orphans the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it may not (Merely) make a circuit between the wealth among you. So take what the Apostle assigns to you and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in Punishment. 59:7

The Hadithers are using this verse out of context to support their claim that whatever prophet forbids we Muslims should abstain from it. The verse 59:7 is speaking of the property being abandoned by the Jews of the tribes of Banu Nadhir without war. Allah wanted to distribute this booty to everyone to avoid being used as a fortune by the rich and so He commanded the prophet for distribution among the poor, orphans wayfarer and commanded the believers to accept whatever he gives them and deny whatever he withholds from them.

And I have come confirming that which was before me of the Taurat (Torah), and to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden to you, and I have come to you with a proof from your Lord. So fear Allah and obey me.3: 50

Say thou: I am not an (BID AN) innovator among the apostles, nor I know whatsoever shall be done with me or with you; I only follow that which is revealed Unto me, and am but a warner manifest. 46:9

The prophet came to make lawful, which was forbidden in the Torah by the command of Allah, with a proof and not the other way to ban something without the approval of Allah. The word (BID AN) innovator will be an eye opener for Hadithers because it EXPOSES their hollowness in understanding and reading the Quran. Had they read this verse they would have paused before accepting any Hadith blindly.

But when Our Clear Signs are rehearsed unto them those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us say: "Bring us a Reading other than this or change this." Say: "It is not for me of my own accord to change it: I follow naught but what is revealed unto me: if I were to disobey my Lord I should myself fear the Penalty of a Great Day (to come)."10:15

The prophet would neither command anything of his own except what is revealed to him, nor he is an innovator, then from which source the following Hadith is quoted.

Sahih Bukhari: 2:331 Al Bara Bin Azib
Allah's Apostle ordered us to do seven things and forbade us to do other seven. He ordered us:
To follow the funeral procession, to visit the sick, to accept invitations, to help the oppressed, to fulfill the oaths, to return the greeting and to reply to the sneezer (saying, "May Allah be merciful on you," provided the sneezer says, "All the praises are for Allah,"). He forbade us to use silver utensils and dishes and to wear golden rings, silk (clothes), Dibaj (pure silk cloth), Qissi and Istabraq (two kinds of silk cloths).

Say: "See ye what things Allah hath sent down to you for sustenance? Yet ye hold forbidden some things thereof and (some things) lawful." Say: "Hath Allah indeed permitted you or do ye invent (things) to attribute to Allah?"10:59

But say not for any false thing that your tongues may put forth "This is lawful and this is forbidden" so as to ascribe false things to Allah. For those who ascribe false things to Allah will never prosper.16: 116

O Prophet! Why holdest thou to be forbidden that which Allah has made lawful to thee? Thou seekest to please thy consorts. But Allah is Oft- Forgiving Most Merciful.66: 1

I need not write on the above verses, as it are self-explanatory but a few words:
Prophet is reprimanded for making the lawful thing of Allah unlawful for himself to please his consorts, then how could he without the authority of Allah forbid gold and silk for men? Whatever forbidden in the Quran is forbidden and whatever is not forbidden or mentioned is lawful. If anything is not mentioned in the Quran as forbidden and mentioned in the Hadith then it means that Allah has forgotten to forbid. Do you agree with this?

He replied: "The knowledge of that is with my Lord duly recorded: my Lord never errs nor forgets 20:52

Allah has not forgotten to forbid gold and silk and prophet himself cannot disobey Allah and forbid on his own because he only follows what is revealed to him by inspiration, then who is the one who has said in the name of prophet that gold and silk is forbidden for men. He is Satan's friend who has strayed millions of Muslims from the path of Allah by his ambiguous narration and unfortunately Muslims have accepted this straying false Hadith blindly to such an extent that any who speaks against such Hadith, is called faithless or trying to create a new sect. Why Muslims reject the verses of Allah and believe in the false narration of Satan's friend?

Finally I am coming to the most important verse of the Quran and I am sure that after reading this particular verse they will rethink on the Hadith and their acceptance. Had the Muslims pondered over the Quran then they would have been on the right path.

Have they not pondered over the Word (of Allah, i.e. what is sent down to the Prophet SAW), or has there come to them what had not come to their fathers of old? 23:68

Is it this (HADITH) discourse that ye hold lightly? 56:81

Of camels a pair and of oxen a pair; say hath He forbidden the two males or the two females or the (the young) which the wombs of the two females enclose? Were ye present when Allah ordered you such a thing? But who doth more wrong than one who invents a lie against Allah to lead astray men without knowledge? For Allah guideth not people who do wrong. 6:144

Say: "I find not in the Message received by me by inspiration any (meat) forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it unless it be dead meat or blood poured forth or the flesh of swine for it is an abomination or what is impious (meat) on which a name has been invoked other than Allah's." But (even so) if a person is forced by necessity without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits thy Lord is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful. 6:155

Prophet did not find in the message (Quran) any such commands forbidding food as in verse 6:144. It is a confirmation of the truth that anything not mentioned in the Quran is fake, false, and fabricated and should not be accepted. Anything that is forbidden has to be in the Quran, is the message of this verse. I think this verse is enough to awaken the dead faith of Hadithers and letting them know the truth of Hadith.

Another defense used by the pro Hadithers to follow the Hadith blindly is the sunnah of the prophet, without knowing the meaning of sunnah. Had they opened their eyes and read the Quran they would have found that the Sunnah is only of Allah and not prophet and there is not a single verse in the Quran saying Muslims should follow the Sunnah of prophet and what is to be followed is this:

Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah. 33:21

Our Prophet is a living legend, a role model for every human being and a treasure of beautiful conduct, modesty, and honesty and in truth every Muslims should follow in the footsteps of prophet rather than following the man written HADITH.

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