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August 05, 2020, 06:10:24 pm
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Some mouth-watering vermicelli recipes for sweet tooths

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Author Topic: Some mouth-watering vermicelli recipes for sweet tooths  (Read 1795 times)
Heba E. Husseyn
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« on: September 20, 2009, 09:28:27 pm »


Here are some excellent vermicelli desserts that are considered the speciality of Eid -al-Fitr in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and perhaps also in Iran.

For those of you who don't know what vermicelli means, it's something very simple.  Vermicelli is basically pasta in long, thin strands, thinner than spaghetti .. like a thin wire.  And like spaghetti, you need to break it up into 2-inch (or so) bits before cooking it.  In Urdu, vermicelli is called 'sewai.'  LOL .. hope I pronounced it right.  Learning from sisters .. me the typical Arab  Grin

Before you start reading these recipes, beware, these aren't health foods but are really high in calories.  So, if you're a weight watcher, forget about this post and move ahead  Grin

Fun Cooking


1 kg milk
3-4 tbsp vermicelli
½ cup sugar
½ tsp cardamom powder or few cardamom wholes
2 tbsp pistachio/almond sliced
Kewra (saffron) essence
4 tbsp condensed milk

Boil milk. Add vermicelli and keep on simmer till the milk evaporates a little and the mixture thickens slightly.  Then add cardamom, pistachio/almond and rose essence/extract.

Transfer to a deep serving bowl and garnish with silver foil (warq). Serve cold.


1 kg milk
1 tbsp corn or canola oil
½ cup vermicelli
3 green cardamoms
4 dry dates
3 tbsp sliced pistachio,
3 tbsp sliced almond
½ tsp saffron
¾ cup sugar, levelled
1 tbsp milk wholemilk powder or you can also use 2 or 3 barfi sweets, cut into pieces

Heat oil in a deep cooking container and add cardamom. When it crackles, add vermicelli and fry till brown. Make sure the flame is not very high as the vermicelli can easily get burnt. Add milk with sliced dry dates and cook on simmer till the dates are tender and the mixture looks thick & creamy. Add sugar and when the sugar dissolves add saffron, almonds and pistachio. Chill and serve in small dessert bowls.


1 kg milk
½ cup sugar, heaped
½ cup vermicelli
¼ cup almonds, blanched, fried and ground
¼ cup pistachios, fried and ground
½ tsp saffron, crushed
1 tsp cardamom powder, levelled
1 tsp cooking oil, heaped

Cook milk and sugar in a deep pot and when it gets to boiling point add the vermicelli and cook for till a little thick, for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Then add in all the rest of the ingredients and cook for a little longer till the mixture looks thicker.  Serve either hot or cold.


250g vermicelli
½kg sugar made into syrup with 1½ cup water
1 cup cooking oil
1kg fresh milk
8 small cardamoms, crushed or ground
1/8 tsp yellow food colour
1 tbsp kewra essence (same as saffron essence)
Sliced almond/pistachio

Fry the vermicelli in oil till it is dark golden, quickly add milk and cook on medium high flame for 3-4 minutes (maybe a bit longer) till the milk dries. Now add the prepared syrup with colour, saffron and cardamom. When the sugar syrup dries up remove from heat. To serve garnish with sliced almonds/pistachios.


250g or 4 oz vermicelli
200g or 1 cup sugar
250g or 1 cup milk
½ cup cooking oil, levelled
3 white cardamoms
¼ cup instant wholemilk powder or barfi, broken into pieces
Yellow/orange food colour

Heat oil in a pot and brown the vermicelli then quickly add the milk. When the milk dries up, add sugar and when the sugar dissolves add powder milk or barfi, cardamom, food colour, almond, pistachio and leave on very low heat for about 10 minutes till the vermicelli is soft and well-cooked.

* Please note:  In actual traditional style preparation of these recipes, either butter or hydrogenated oil (ghee in Urdu) is used.  But that would make it just too detrimental for health.  So I have mentioned the use of corn or canola oil instead.  
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TEAM MV Founder
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« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2009, 09:39:24 pm »

Great stuff Sister Heba.  really love these vermicelli variations.  have tried the regular sheer qorma many times.  InshAllah will try out the others too.

Btw, mistakenly you've posted this in the humor board.  I'm sure you meant to put it up at the food court.  I'll move it there.
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Heba E. Husseyn
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« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2009, 02:32:02 pm »

Btw, mistakenly you've posted this in the humor board.  I'm sure you meant to put it up at the food court.  I'll move it there.

lol .... did i really?  why the heck did I do that?   Cheesy   anyhow, thanks for moving it to the right board Smiley
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