The Difference Between "Qur'an" and "Mushaf"


I am sure you will enjoy this useful article by Brother Louay Fatoohi on the difference between "Quran" and "Mushaf."   Briefly, quoting Br. Fatoohi highlighting the difference, " “Qur’an” refers to the specific “revelation that was read to Prophet Muhammad” whereas the term “mushaf” denotes the “written form” of that revelation." 

Br. Fatoohi also pointed out another difference considered by many 'scholars' which like us, he too does not agree with.  Please check the following passage.  This, as Br. Fatoohi rightly says, is an incorrect concept which does not exist, therefore it has nothing to do with any difference between Quran and Mushaf.

Many scholars also believe that Prophet Muhammad received Qur’anic verses that were later “withdrawn” by God. Those verses are considered by the scholars who accept this concept as part of the Qur’an. But these verses are not found in the mushaf, so they are considered as another difference between the Qur’an and mushaf. I do not share this view. I think the concept of withdrawn verses is based mainly on highly contradictory and completely unreliable extra-Qur’anic reports that were made up for a number of different reasons. As a result of accepting such reports as authentic, a couple of Qur'anic verses are then misinterpreted to try and show that they support this concept. As I do not think any verse of the Qur'an was ever withdrawn by God, I do not consider this a difference between the Qur’an and mushaf.

Brother Fatoohi's reference in the above paragraph regarding verses that were "withdrawn" refers to that old trick of abrogation of verses which many ulemas uphold to justify the reports of Hadith narrations.

Please check the complete and brief article by visiting the link below. 

The Difference Between "Qur'an" and "Mushaf"

Very good article.  and yeah, he too rejects the "abrogation" myth constructed by Bukhari & co. fans.


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