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History of Hadith and evidence of it being a violation

July 20, 2021, 11:41:46 am Ruhi_Rose: Wa'Salam and Eid al Adha mubarak dear Sis 🙂
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July 15, 2021, 09:46:44 am N. Truth Seeker: What are the months for Hajj, and what does "Ten Nights" in Surah Al-Fajr refer to?  Visit the following link to study this very significant information.
4 months of Hajj, and Surah Al-Fajr.
July 12, 2021, 05:44:36 am Heba E. Husseyn: As we enter the month of Dhul Hijjah 1442, please read what the Great Quran says about Hajj.  Also visit the related links at the end of the same post to learn more.
July 10, 2021, 11:40:41 am Zainab_M: They're folks with zero conscience.
July 10, 2021, 11:39:02 am N. Truth Seeker: I see ....  if they had only given a fraction of the money for rebuilding Gaza ..
July 10, 2021, 11:37:24 am Heba E. Husseyn: I think another slimeball is elon musk ..
July 10, 2021, 11:34:58 am N. Truth Seeker: so true sister.  Btw, are bezos and branson the only ones, anyone else as well trying to please their lowly ego?
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Author Topic: History of Hadith and evidence of it being a violation  (Read 3308 times)
Heba E. Husseyn
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« on: February 26, 2010, 03:06:36 am »

BY Mohammed Khafi

Just a little history about Hadith.  If this is what you want to follow, go ahead.

Out of the books that the majority of Muslims believe as being authentic, Sahih Bukhari is presented as being the MOST authentic. However an analysis of the history of these books shows that they are anything but authentic.

Imam Bokhari, the collector of the narration, lived in a period over 230 years after the death of the Prophet (SAAW). Out of the 600,000 Hadith narrations he collected, which were initially attributed to the Prophet, he threw out as fabrication 592,700 of them and kept only 7,300 as being genuine. They further reduce to 2,762 Hadith after repetition.
The margin of error in these numbers is so great, that any rational inquirer can see that accepting the book of Bukhari as containing all authentic Hadith or even a majority of authentic Hadith is stupidity. Yet the majority of Muslims unquestionably accept it as “gospel” truth!

Errors, contradictions and rudeness of Hadith that violate the Quran, the Prophet and common sense
There are many scientific and logical errors and contradictions in the Book of Bukhari, as well as the other Hadith books.

Some examples:

-   The Prophet, according to Bukhari, in one of the narrations tells his companion Abu- Dharr Ghafari that the sun goes around the earth in the apparent description that he gives (Hadith 421, pg. 283, vol. 4 of M.Muhsin Khan’s translation of Sahih Bukhari).

This erroneous view was very popular at the time Bukhari compiled his collection. However  we know today that this is wrong.  The earth rotates around the sun, proven by scientific evidence. Al Quran not only corrected this erroneous notion but also gave an accurate description of a round earth centuries before scientists discovered it.

Al Quran describes accurately, the shape of the earth as being rounded (Quran 39:5), and the cause of night and day as being the rotation of the earth. The Hadith and similar writings however contain mythological concepts, which are then by hook or by crook attributed to the Prophet. The most famous commentary of Al Quran, that by Ibn Kathir (2/29 and 50/1) makes extensive use of the Hadith as explaining Al Quran. In that spirit, Ibn Kathir suggests that the earth is “carried on a giant bull.” When the bull shakes its head, an earthquake results. As stated earlier, Bukhari’s book of Hadith states that the sun revolves around the earth.

-   According to Hadith no disease is contagious [Adwa]. This as we all know is inaccurate. What about the common cold and viruses like Ebola etc. [Hadith 649, page 435, volume7]

-  Books of Hadith contain many home-remedies, according to ideas prevalent at that time which are scientifically absurd. The Hadith mentions that there is a cure for every ailment in black cumin seed [Hadith 591, pg.400, vol 7]. This is evidently not true.  Can it cure cancer or a blocked heart artery etc., not to mention even the common cold? 

Hadith suggests that we drink “camel-urine” to recuperate after an illness [Hadith 590, pg.399, vol.7]. This is disgusting, naturally speaking. Urine is toxic stuff. Al Quran places extreme importance on cleanliness and clean eating (tayyab).

The Hadith mentions that “fever” is from the “heat of hell” [Hadith 621,622, page 417, vol 7]. Atrocious!

The famous Hadith about the fly: “If a fly falls into the vessel of any of you, let him dip all of it (in the vessel) and then throw it away [and use the material in the vessel], for in one of its wings there is a disease and in the other there is a healing [Bukhari, Hadith 673, pg. 452, vol 7].  Ridiculous and dangerous nonsense.  Following such a Hadith can make us sick.

-   The Hadith books insult the Prophet by giving him a contradictory personality. In one instance it mentions that the Prophet ate with a leper and in another it mentions that he refused to meet with a leper who had come to take allegiance at his hand and accept Islam.

According to Hanbel 6/136, 192,213, the Prophet “Never urinated in a standing position.” However Bukhari in his “authentic” book of Hadith says that the Prophet indeed urinated in a standing position. (Bukhari 4/60-64).  Apart from the contradiction, putting up such unnecessary things itself display the bad intent of narrators and Hadith collectors.  Wasn't the Prophet entitled to any privacy in his life?

According to Bukhari 56/152 and Hanbel 3/107, 163; the Prophet recommended that people drink "camel urine" to recuperate after an illness.  Later, when the same people killed the Prophet’s shepherd, he commanded that they be seized, their eyes taken out and their hands and feet cut and left them thirsty in the desert. This does NOT fit in with the personality of the Prophet presented in Al Quran. Al Quran says that the Prophet was compassionate, loving and gentle.   And, how could the Prophet recommend the drinking of camel’s urine, considering the importance that the Quran gives to hygiene?

Al Quran commands believers not to make any distinction between any of God’s messengers (Quran 2:285 and many other verses), yet according to Bukhari’s book of Hadith (Bukhari 97/36), the Prophet contradicted the Quran saying that he was the “most honorable” among all the messengers.  Not only this, the book of Bukhari makes the Prophet even contradict himself by saying in a different Hadith (Bukhari 65/4,6 and Hanbel 1/205,242,440) that we should not   Could the Prophet have contradicted Al Quran?  Could the Prophet of Allah have contradicted himself?  The books of Hadith in fact insult the Prophet by attributing to him things he never said or did.

Al Quran states of itself as being the only Message that God intended the Prophet to convey (Quran 42:52, 14:52;69:44;6:19 etc.). The Hadith of Sahih al-Muslim quotes the Prophet as saying (Muslim, Zuhd 72, Hanbel 3/12,21,39) that no one should write anything from him other than Al Quran. This particular Hadith is in harmony with Al Quran, but then another Hadith contradicts not only Al Quran but this Hadith as well. The Prophet is quoted telling, in Hanbel 2/162, Amr bin As, his companion to write everything he spoke.

-   According to the books of Hadith, a woman is compared to a black dog or a monkey (Bukhari 8/102 and Hanbel 4/86). Al Quran on the other hand honours women and lifts up their status contrary to what is contained in the Hadith.

A woman is called bad luck in the hadith (Bukhari 76/53). Also, according to the collection of al-Muslim (Sahih al-Muslim), most of the people in hell were of the feminine gender!

According to Bukhari, “Women are naturally, morally and religiously defective.”  Total contradiction of the Quran.

-   According to Bukhari (Book of Jihad, 146) and Abu Dawd 113, the Prophet gave permission to warriors to kill women and children in war. Indeed these people are attributing tyranny to a Prophet held in honor by Allah and described as having mercy for the people. Al Quran says, even about the people that attack us first, that we should quit fighting if they offer peace, leave alone killing women and children. According to the standard of Al Quran, the Prophet could NEVER have asked his warriors to kill women and children.

-   According to Hanbel 4/85, 5/54, the Prophet ordered that all black dogs be killed because they were devils. Inspired by that Hadith so called “Muslims” kill hundreds of dogs all over the world and consider them unclean.

Al Quran, on the other hand talks about the sleepers in the cave (Sura 18) as having a dog, inside their dwelling place, and allows meat killed by hunting dogs. There is nothing in Al Quran, which even remotely suggests that dogs are unclean as pets.

-   Al Quran states that,” Vision cannot comprehend God, who comprehends all vision,” yet the Hadith of Bukhari 97/24 and 10/129 says that to prove his identity to Muhammed, God showed the prophet his thigh.

-   Al Quran mentions with absolutely no ambiguity that the punishment of adultery or fornication is 100 lashes (Quran 24:1-3); which is half in the case of slave girls (50 lashes) and double in the case of the wives of the Prophet (200 lashes) if they were to become guilty. The Hadith, contrary to this mention “stoning to death,” as being the punishment of adultery in the case of married couples. This is completely against the commandment of Allah in Al Quran, which makes no distinction between married or unmarried in the case of adultery.

This Hadith is definitely borrowed from a similar ruling in the Old Testament. It contradicts Al Quran. Could the Prophet have issued a ruling contrary to the ruling of Allah in Al Quran?
That's impossible.  There is no verse on stoning adulterers in Al Quran. Hadith forgers knew about this so they inserted another Hadith which claims that a verse on stoning existed in Al Quran but it was eaten by a goat and so vanished from the earth (Ibn Maja 36/144; Ibn Hanbal 3/61;5/131, 132, 183;6/269).

The Hadith also tells of a “planet of the apes” type story in which the prophet helped stone a monkey guilty of adultery whom the other monkeys had caught in order to bring it to justice.

Why do they attribute such fairy tales to the Prophet?   And could not God protect his Book from a goat?  Al Quran suggests halving or doubling the punishment for adultery, how can you kill someone (stone to death) half or double?

-   Al Quran states that God is the Protector of true believers, yet the Hadith states that the
Prophet was bewitched by a Jew and for many days he didn’t know what he was doing (Bukhari 59/11, 76/47; Hanbel 6/57 and 4/367). This Hadith goes completely against Al Quran.  And this Hadith is similar to the claims of the disbelievers of Makkah, who, in their ignorance would claim that the Prophet was bewitched.  Such behaviour of the disbelievers is mentioned in the Quran.  The behaviour of the Hadith is identical to those idolaters.

-   Al Quran states that those who forbid or ban things that have been allowed by God, are committing a great sin. Yet the followers of Hadith have forbidden (haraam) the use of silk and gold by men, even though Allah never forbade these in Al Quran.  Contrary to that Allah specifically allows them (Quran 7:30-32, 42:21;22:23; 35:33). The Hadith, in keeping with its reputation of contradictions, even contradicts this forbidding law by stating that the Prophet allowed a “gold ring” to be worn by one of his companions and forbade the others! Could the Prophet have invented laws not in Al Quran?  Could he then have been partial in implementing those laws?   Of course not.

Al Quran only prohibits the meat of one animal, the pig.  Certain sects in Islam however, based on the authority of the Hadith forbid shrimp and crab. Why are they attributing against God a lie if they are believers?

-   According to Al Quran, division into sects is the work of evil, and is the result of following man-made ideas like the Hadith (Quran 23:52-56 and 6:159).  Division into sects can never be a mercy as claimed by some schools of thought.
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TEAM MV Founder
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2010, 03:54:41 am »

Good one.  It's similar to the one written by Muhammad Asadi - THE HADITH CONSPIRACY & The Distortion of Islam.  These articles bring out well to what extent our brothers and sisters love to be naive only for the purpose of being in favor of their imams and ulemas.
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