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July 07, 2020, 11:20:59 am N. Truth Seeker: Very soon it will be neck deep.
July 07, 2020, 11:20:23 am Heba E. Husseyn: Dr. Fauci in US says country is knee-deep in pandemic.
May 30, 2019, 06:15:49 am Zeynab: Alhudulilah, yes sister Ruhi.  Time flies in this fleeting world.  May Allah The Almighty accept our hard work in the permanent world.  That's the real success.
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Author Topic: salams  (Read 252 times)
Ali Sayed

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« on: October 04, 2011, 08:17:31 am »

Salams to all,

My wife and i are very interested in this point of view. We read  the Quran in Ramadan this year for the 1st time alhamdulillah, we mentioned to each other that if you wanted to look for authority, where more than the word of Allah (swt) himself. I personally think that the writings of these so called authorties is what has split the ummah.

i hope that you will accept my registration as i look forward to discussions in the future.

Ali Sayed

Fyi on the "fart" topic. science is also a good place to look for some answers (wikipedia), i have underlined an important point for you guys to consider and in my humble opinion, i think washing and wudu is appropriate as a precaution.
Composition of flatus

Nitrogen, the main constituent of air, is the primary gas released during flatulence, along with carbon dioxide. The lesser component gases methane and hydrogen are flammable, and so flatus containing adequate amounts of these can be ignited. However, not all humans produce flatus that contains methane. For example, in one study of the feces of nine adults, only five of the samples contained archaea capable of producing methane.[1] Similar results are found in samples of gas obtained from within the rectum.
The gas released during a flatus event frequently has an unpleasant odor. For many years, this was thought to be due to skatole and indole, which are byproducts of the digestion of meat. However, gas chromatography testing in 1984 revealed that sulfur-containing compounds, such as methanethiol, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and dimethyl sulfide, were also[2] responsible for the smell.[3]
The incidence of odoriferous compounds in flatulence emissions increases from herbivores, such as cattle, through omnivores to carnivorous species[citation needed]. Such odor can also be caused by the presence of large numbers of microflora bacteria and/or the presence of feces in the rectum.
The major components of the flatus, which are odorless, by percentage are:[4]
Nitrogen: 2090%
Hydrogen: 050%
Carbon dioxide: 1030%
Oxygen: 010%
Methane: 010%
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Heba E. Husseyn
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2011, 03:58:50 am »

Walaikum Salam, Ali Sayed.  Many thanks for your interest in our forum and your kind message. 

We are very happy to learn that you and your wife have turned towards the Noble Quran.  Indeed it is the only source of guidance for a believer firmly focused on Monotheism (Tawheed).  And the source of Islam can only be the Quran, not the traditions of the imams by falsely attributing them to our beloved Prophet (SAAW).

Regarding the fart issue, thanks again for the detailed scientific breakup.  That was very informative.  Our basic purpose for putting up that topic was that intestinal gas isn't something perceptible by touch.  It's totally abstract and harmlessly mingles with the atmosphere in a few minutes and therefor cannot be categorized as tangible dirt or filth which can make people unclean or invalidate their wudu.   Though I haven't studied the chemical composition of fart in such detail and I'm sure your findings are correct, in my humble opinion these chemical contents cannot be associated with dirt nor dangerous pollution.  So far, in the history of mankind I've never heard of anyone dying or even getting sick by inhaling the smell of fart .. whether it be their own or someone else's.  Nor have I ever heard of the concept of human combustion being ignited by a 'flammable fart.'   

I suppose, flatus being emitted through the rectum which is the same 'area' from where the bowels descend is what brings the idea in the minds of many unthinking folks (including the Hadith narrators and writers) that it's unclean, without being realistic by considering its abstract and non-polluting nature.

Of course, all this doesn't mean we must forget our etiquette and go about tooting in public.  That would be crude and offensive but it cannot be ruled as physically dirty.  I also absolutely understand that a bad smelling fart though harmless, is no fun to smell.  Therefore it's essential that we stick to our good manners.  Yet, it would be practically and scientifically incorrect to determine flatus as a cause by itself to invalidate the wudu.  This bit sounds pretty senseless to me, and this is what we meant by putting up that post.

You and your wife are welcomed to come on board.  Let us know the display names you choose so we will activate your a/c as we receive your registration. 

Thanks again for your interest.  Allah bless.
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N. Truth Seeker
Quiet guy technology nerd | TEAM MUSLIM VILLA
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« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2011, 02:28:49 am »

Good and informative pieces by sister Heba and brother Ali Seyed.

The flatus discussion is very truthful .. and I appreciate the slight humor it brings with it  Grin

Such odor can also be caused by the presence of large numbers of microflora bacteria and/or the presence of feces in the rectum.
The major components of the flatus, which are odorless, by percentage are:
Nitrogen: 2090%
Hydrogen: 050%
Carbon dioxide: 1030%
Oxygen: 010%
Methane: 010%

Now this is further informative.  Right, the odor is usually due to the possible existence of feces.  Yet, flatus remains gaseous matter without the capacity to stain or soil the body or clothes.  Also, many times flatus is odorless.  But odor or no ordor, it's tabooed in both cases, in that, our jurists claim that it renders the body "unclean" with which I humbly disagree.

Furthermore, if we compare the composition of flatus as stated above with the composition of the air we breath, you will find that the gases composed in flatus include primarily the same ones that already exist in the air we breath.  After flatus is released, it moves freely around in the air and blends / intermixes with the atmosphere.  So, considering the large population of humans and animals, one can imagine how much flatus must be  intermixing with the air daily .. the same air we breath in and out daily.  But surely this intermixing of the gases isn't harmful nor dirty otherwise by now it would have ravaged human and animal lives in this planet. 

Hence, the Noble Quran does not mention of this aspect as a polluting factor.  The Quran is never wrong.

I also agree that farting is traditionally considered foul because it emits from the rear.  Compare it with burping.  It's exactly the same process with the same gaseous contents, the only difference being that the former exits from the rear while the latter from the mouth.  While burping in public is also considered uncouth, it does not make one as much a social outcast as passing gas from the rear and neither does burping nullify the wudu according to the jurists.  The reason for this is only because it has a different exit.
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