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Author Topic: QURAN QUIZ (BATCH 5)  (Read 445 times)
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(401)   What is the reward for martyrs?
As per the words of the Noble Quran, the reward for martyrs is as follows: 

"Those who fled their homes for the cause of Allah and then were slain or died, Allah verily will provide for them a good provision. Lo! Allah, He verily is Best of all who make provision.

Assuredly He will cause them to enter by an entry that they will love. Lo! Allah verily is Knower, Indulgent.

That (is so). And whoso hath retaliated with the like of that which he was made to suffer and then hath (again) been wronged, Allah will succour him. Lo! Allah verily is Mild, Forgiving."  (Al-Hajj - 22:58-60)

(402)   Does the Noble Quran mention that martyrs will get "72 virgins" in Paradise?
NO, NEVER.   That is a lie from the man-written Hadith literature.

(403)   Does the Noble Quran allow retaliation by those who have been hurt?
Yes, it does.  Although forgiveness is better but retaliation is definitely allowed by someone who has been wronged and hurt unjustly.

(404)   Does the Noble Quran confirm that there is no hardship in Allah's religion?
Yes, it does.  (V.22:78).

(405)   Does the Noble Quran confirm that the believers of old were also called "Muslims" (that is, to surrender to Allah only)?
Yes, it does.  (V.22:78).

(406)   Which Prophet was sent to the generation that came after the one on Noah's Arc?
The name of that Prophet is not mentioned but a Prophet did come for this next generation of people who turned into disbelievers and thus Allah punished them.  Several such generations came, one after another, all of whom suffered destruction because of their ill deeds.  Apparently several messengers of Allah came between Noah and Abraham but the Noble Quran does not mention their names.  (Refer V.23:31-44).

(407)   Where did Allah grant refuge to Essa (son of Virgin Maryam) and his mother?
Allah granted them refuge on "a height, a place to flocks and water-springs."

(408)   Does the Noble Quran condemn sectarianism?
Yes, absolutely.  (V.23:52-54) (21:92-94) (6:159) (3:103).

(409)   Is male circumcision in accordance with Quranic principles?
From the medical/surgical view point, male circumcision definitely helps to promote better physical hygiene.  And the Noble Quran emphasizes on physical cleanliness.  Therefore, male circumcision is compatible with Quranic principles of cleanliness.  Female circumcision is totally un-Quranic.

(410)  Does the Noble Quran mention about male or female circumcision?
No, it does not.

(411)   Who were commanded to board Noah's Arc?
The household of Prophet Noah (except his son who was a disbeliever) and the male and female of every species.  

(412)   Does the Noble Quran tell us to avoid useless and unnecessary conversation?
Yes, ti does.  (V.23:3).

(413)   Does the Noble Quran specify to maintain humility in prayers?
Yes, of course it does.  (V.23:2).

(414)   Does the Noble Quran specify the importance of charity and guarding one's modesty?
Yes, it does.  (V.23:5-6).

(415)   Does the Noble Quran specify the importance of keeping one's pledge?
Yes, it does.  (V.23:8).

(416)   Does the Noble Quran specify the importance of being mindful of our prayers and not offering them heedlessly as a ritual?
Yes, of course it does.  (V.23:9)  (107:4-7).

(417)   Does the Noble Quran describe in detail the development of the fetus in the womb?
Yes, it surely does.   (V.23:12-14 and in several other verses as well).

(418)   Does the Noble Quran mention about the seven layers of the atmosphere?
Yes, it does.   (V.23:17).  

(419)   Does the Noble Quran contain the mention of Mount Sinai?
Yes, it does.  (V.23:20)  V.95:2).

(420)    Does the Noble Quran grant the permission of consuming cattle as food?
Yes, it does.  (V.23:21).

(421)   Does the Noble Quran mention that passing wind nullifies wudu or ablution?
NO, it does not.  

(422)  On the Day of Judgment when Allah will ask the disbeliever for how long they lived on earth, what will be their response?
They will say they lived on earth for a day or part of a day.  That's how insignificant earthly life will seem.  (V.23:112-114).

(423)   How many witnesses are necessary to testify for a case of adultery?
Four witnesses.

(424)   If a husband accuses his wife of adultery but does not have four witnesses to support his allegation, what must be the legal procedure.
The legal procedure in such a case is mentioned in V.24:6-9 which are self-explanatory and quoted below:
"As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves; let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies, (swearing) by Allah that he is of those who speak the truth; And yet a fifth, invoking the curse of Allah on him if he is of those who lie. And it shall avert the punishment from her if she bear witness before Allah four times that the thing he saith is indeed false, And a fifth (time) that the wrath of Allah be upon her if he speaketh truth."  

(425)   What is the punishment for proven adultery in the case of men and women?
100 lashes for both men and women.

(426)   What is the punishment for those who falsely accuse decent women of immoral behavior and also don't have without 4 witnesses?
80 lashes and their testimony should never be accepted in future, unless they seriously repent.

(427)   Prophet Moses had accidently killed a man in Egypt when he struck him with his fist.  Did Allah forgive Prophet Moses?
Yes, Allah forgave him.  (V.27:11).

(428)   To which disbelieving ruler did Prophet Solomon send a letter starting in the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful inviting to surrender unto Allah?
Prophet Solomon sent this letter to the queen of Sheba.  (V.27:28-31).

(429)   What was the response of the queen of Sheba to Prophet Solomon's letter?
She tried to distract him by sending him a gift through her envoy.  (V.27:35).

(430)   What was Prophet Solomon's response to the envoy of the queen of Sheba who came to him with the gift?
Prophet Solomon rejected the gift and said they must surrender to Allah.  (V.27:36-37).

(431)   What was the fate of the 9 people who made mischief and plotted to attack the household of Prophet Salih of Samood?
Allah destroyed and finished them before they could attack Prophet Salih.  (V.27:48-51).

(432)   How many were the complete number of tokens with which Allah sent Prophet Moses to show them to Pharaoh?
The total number of tokens to be shown to Pharaoh were nine.  (V.27:12).

(433)   Which were the first two tokens Allah mentions in the Quran entrusted upon Prophet Moses to show to Pharaoh?
Allah ordered Prophet Moses to throw down his staff and it turned into a serpent.
Allah ordered Prophet Moses to put his hand inside the bosom of his robe and it came out white with brightness. (V.27:10 and 27:12).

(434)   Who was the heir of Prophet David?
David's heir was Solomon.  (V.27:16).

(435)   Which Prophet understood the language of the birds and ants by the will of Allah?
Prophet Solomon.  (V.27:16 and 27:18-19).

(436)   How did Prophet Solomon invite the queen of Sheba to embrace the Monotheistic Faith (Tawheed)?
Allah helped Prophet Solomon with knowledge and with expertize of construction.  Prophet Solomon invited the queen of Sheba, and those who worked for Prophet Solomon made a throne for the queen which was identical to her own throne.  They also constructed a hall made of smooth glass.  It was made so perfectly that when the queen saw it, she thought it was a pool of water.  The queen was moved and she immediately realized that such perfection of work can only come with the help of Allah, and she embraced Tawheed.  (V.27:41-44).

(437)   Does the Noble Quran clarify the differences that arose between the Jews?
Yes it does.  And all believers in the world must follow the Quran.  (27:76-77).

(438)   Does the Noble Quran tell believing women to cover their faces?
Yes, it does.  Refer V.24:31 "draw their veils over their bosoms" refers to head-cover plus face-cover.  The piece of face-cover when up-turned falls at the back of the head.  it covers the face and bosom when lifted from the back and drawn across the face.

(439)   Does th noble Quran disallow women to stamp their feet noisily while walking in public?
Yes it does.  Walking noisily in public attracts attention from strangers.  (Refer V.24:32).

(440)   What is the Quranic injunction in the form of Divine advise for unmarried people?
They must preserve their chastity until married.  (V.24:33).

(441)   If a slave capable of living independently requests his master to set him free, what should the master do?
In such a case the master should set him free with a writtn document of emancipation and should also provide the slave with some money.  (V.24:33).

(442)   Is a master allowed to force his slave girl to sex?
NO, he must not impose such a duty on her.  (V.24:33).

(443)   Do the birds praise Allah when they fly?
Yes they do, only we do not understand it.  But Allah understands the worship and the praise of all His creations.  (V.23:41).

(444)   What are the etiquettes mentioned in the Noble Quran when you enter the houses of others?
Before the homes of others, first announce your presence and then invoke peace (salam) on the folk of that household.  (V.24:27).

(445)   If you go to someone's house and you can sense from outside there is no one in that house, should you then enter the home?
NO, you are not to enter if there is no one there.  (V.24:28).

(446)   If you visit someone's house and they don't want to see you and tell you to go away, what must you do?
In such a case you must go away, as told.

(447)   What are the three times of the day when household members who visit each others' chambers need to announce their presence before coming in?
-  Before Fajr prayers.
-  In the afternoon when many household members are resting, putting aside their outer clothing.
-  After Isha prayers.
(Refer V.24:58).

(448)   Does the Noble Quran permit us to eat our meals at the homes of our relatives or friends?
Yes, it does.  (Refer V.24:61).

(449)   Does the Noble Quran allow us to eat our meals alone without joining the rest of the family?
Yes, it does.  (Refer V.24:61).

(450)   What was the Prophet's (sw) responsibility towards the people?
The Prophet (sw) had no other responsibility except conveying the Message of Allah plainly.  (Refer V.24:54).

(451)   Is it necessary for elderly believing women to wear the loose outer garment over their clothes?
No, it's not necessary but if they discard the outer garment they must be careful that the regular clothes they wear are modest without showing their bodies.  (V.24:60).

(452)  What is the necessary etiquette mentioned in the Noble Quran to be followed when we enter someone's home?
We must greet them "with a greeting from Allah, blessed and sweet."  (V.24:61).

(453)   In accordance with Allah's commandment, what is the Sole Criterion (Furqan) of right and wrong?
It is the Noble Quran.  (V.25:1).

(454)   What will the final Messenger, Muhammed bin Abdullah (sw) say to Allah about his followers on the Day of Judgment?
The final Messenger will tell Allah that his people ignored the Noble Quran.  (V.25:30).

(455)   What does the "two seas" in the Noble Quran refer to?
It refers to the drinkable water of the river and the saltish bitter water of the sea.  (V.25:53).

(456)   When Allah says that He created the heavens and the earth in "six Days" does it literally mean 6 days according to earthly calculation?
Only Allah knows best but most likely it does not literally mean 6 days according to earthly duration.  We cannot confirm the exact period it refers to by guessing.  Only Allah knows exactly what length of time it means.

(457)   What is the correct approach for spending?
One should neither be extravagant nor grudging but follow the middle path.  (V.25:67).

(458)   Did Prophet Moses find it difficult to express himself in words while talking?
Yes, there is a reference that perhaps Prophet Moses wasn't very articulate in speech as some people aren't.  (Refer V.26:13).

(459)   Whom did Allah appoint to accompany Prophet Moses to help him?
Allah appointed Prophet Aaron, Prophet Moses' brother to accompany him.  (V.26:13).

(460)   What was the reaction of the wizards when Prophet Moses threw his staff?
Prophet Moses' staff swallowed the false show of the wizards adn the wizards were then flung prostrate embracing the Monotheistic Faith (Tawheed).  (V.26:45-47).

(461)   What was Pharaoh's punishment to the wizards who embraced Islam?
He ordered to cut off their hands and feet alternately.  (V.26:49).

(462)   At what time did Pharaoh's army come close to Moses and his followers, soon after which Prophet Moses parted the sea with the will of Allah?
At sunrise.  (V.26:60-63).

(463)   Did Prophet Abraham ask Allah for forgiveness for his father who was a disbeliever?
Yes he did.  Normally believers are not allowed to as forgiveness of Allah for disbelievers.  But Prophet Abraham's case was a special one by the will of Allah.  (V.26:86).

(464)   What was the token of Allah sent to the tribe of Samood, the folk of Sahih?
The token was a she-camel.

(465)   How did the people of Samood react when they saw the she-camel?
They killed her.

(466)   What sort of disobedience did the folk of Lot indulge in?
They were sinful folk who indulged in same gender relationships.  (V.26:165-166).

(467)   Does the Noble Quran mention that Allah sent His revelations to the Prophet through angel Gabriel?
The term "True Spirit" in this regard most likely refers to angel Gabriel.  And Allah knows best.  (V.26:193).

(468)   Does the Noble Quran mention the Prophet's as "Ahmed?"
Yes it does in V.61:6, quote: "And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a messenger who cometh after me, whose name is the Praised One. Yet when he hath come unto them with clear proofs, they say: This is mere magic."

(469)   Whose story does Surah Al-Qasas primarily consist of?
Surah Al-Qasas mainly consists of the story of Prophet Moses.

(470)   Which idolater ruler in the time of Prophet Moses establish the caste system in the society similar to the kufar of India today?
Pharaoh, during the time of Prophet Moses, divided the society into castes - same as India does today.

(471)   Which idolater ruler of Egypt implemented the law of killing the sons and sparing the women of those who were considered of low caste?
Pharaoh implemented this law against the Hebrews whom he made of low caste.  (V.28:4).

(472)   When Prophet Moses was born, what did Allah command his mother to do to save his life?
Allah commanded Prophet Moses' mother to cast him into the river and not to grieve nor fear and that Allah would bring him back to his mother and make him a messenger.  (V.28:7).

(473)   After being cast into the river, how did Moses (as a child) get united with his mother again?
After being cast into the river, the basket that contained him drifted to the river bank close to where Pharaoh lived.  Pharaoh's folks picked him up. Pharaoh's wife had compassion for him
and decided to adopt him.  Moses's sister watched as the little container carrying Moses drifted and came close to the banks.  Thus, Moses's sister came forth and suggested to Pharaoh's folks of someone who could nurse this baby (Moses).  And the person she suggested as a nurse was her mother and Moses' mother.  She kept the family relationship a secret.

(474)   After Prophet Moses accidentally killed a man in Egypt, where did he escape to avoid persecution?
He escaped in Midian.  (V.28:22).

(475)   Did Allah forgive Moses after he accidentally killed a man?
Yes, Allah forgave Moses.  (V.28:16).

(476)   "And when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a beast of the earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in Our revelations." (27:82).
What does the above Verse refer to?
Most humans have very weak Faith or no Faith at all and neither do they accept the revelations of Allah.  Therefore on the Day of Judgment, an animal will be called to speak to them to testify to their misguidance and disbelief.

(477)   In which place did Prophet Moses get married?
Prophet Moses got married in Midian.

(478)   What was the condition set for Prophet Moses by his future father-in-law for his marriage?
The condition was that Prophet Moses must work for him for at least 8 years (or 8 pilgrimages).  (V.28:27).

(479)   How many daughters did Prophet Moses's father-in-law have?
He had two daughters and Prophet Moses got married to one of them.  (V.28:27).

(480)   According to the altered Biblical stories, Shuaib of Midian was the father-in-law of Prophet Moses.  Does the Noble Quran confirm this?
No, the Noble Quran does not confirm this at all.  There is no reason to presume that Shuaib was Moses's father-in-law.

(481)   Who was the Prophet with whom Allah spoke directly?
It was Prophet Moses.  (V.28:30).

(482)   Who was Haman?
In the Quran, Haman (هامان) was a worker of Pharaoh at the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh).  At the command of Allah Almighty, Moses invited both Pharaoh and Haman to Monotheism (Tawheed) which they rejected.

(483)   Who was Korah?
The Arabic of Korah is Qarun (قَارُونَ) .   He is called "Korah" in the altered Bibles and Talmud.  According to the Bible (Exodus), Korah is said to be the first cousin of Prophet Moses.  It says that the fathers of the Prophet Moses and Korah were real brothers.  But we cannot confirm these details because the Noble Quran does not.  As we can read in Verse 28:76, Allah only mentions that "Korah was of Moses' folk" which is a very broad expression.  It could mean that Korah was Moses's cousin or some relative or simply a Hebrew or Israelite like Moses.  Only Allah knows best.  From the contents of the Noble Quran we can also confirm that Korah was a very wealthy man, proud and haughty who lived during the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh).  The ordinary people were charmed by his riches as expressed in Verse 28:79

(484)   In which place was Prophet Moses when the Divine Revelations were sent to him from Allah?
Prophet Moses (pbuh) was on the western side of the Mount.  Most likely the reference is to Mount Sinai.  And Allah knows best.  (V.28:44).  

(485)   Did Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) have the power to guide people?
No he did not.  No one has the power to guide others except Allah (V.28:56).  We can only help others by informing them of the Truth but guidance comes from Allah only, depending upon whether or not Allah considers a person worthy of His guidance.  

(486)   What will be the measure of Salvation and Retribution with Allah?
The measure will that those who do good deeds will be rewarded better than that, while those who do ill-deeds will be awarded only what they did.  (V.28:84).

(486)   When the Prophet was leaving Makkah for Medinah, what was the prophecy which Allah revealed to him at that time?
Allah mentioned to the Prophet at that time that He (Allah) would again bring the Prophet back home in the future - a great Quranic prophecy which came to be one hundred percent correct.  (v.28:85).

(487)   Why does Allah test humankind in earthly life?
Allah tests humankind to prove to them who is sincere and who isn't.  (V.29:2-3, 29:10).

(489)   The Noble Quran emphasizes greatly on loving, respecting and obeying our parents forever.  What is that one single condition on which Allah has allowed us to disobey our parents?
We are allowed to disobey them only if they tell us to join partners with Allah.  (V.29:8)
In that case we must say 'NO' to them politely.

(490)   How long did Prophet Noah stay with his community?
For 950 years.  (V.29:14).

(491)   When Prophet Abraham told his people to worship Allah only, how did they react?
They wanted to kill him (or burn him) but Allah saved Abraham.  (V.29:24).

(492)   What good news did the messengers (or angels) sent by Allah bring for Abraham?
The good news was that Abraham was to have a son.

(493)   Which person in the family of Lot was not rescued by Allah?
Lot's wife.  She was of the disobedient.  (V.29:33).

(494)   In Surah Al-Ankabut (Chapter 29), what does Allah compare disbelief with?
Allah compares disbelief with a spider's web for fraility.  (V.29:41).

(495)   Does Allah confirm that Prophet Muhammed had not read any of the previous Scriptures?
Yes, Allah confirms that in the Noble Quran.  (V.29:48).

(496)   What miracle did Allah send down on Prophet Muhammed?
The revelation of the Noble Quran was itself a miracle sent to the Prophet (sw).  V.29:51.

(497)   Does the Noble Quran forbid sectarianism?
Yes it does in many Verses.  Refer to 21:92-94, 6:159, 23:52-54, 3:103, 2:92 & 93.

(498)   On the Day of Resurrection, how long will the disbeliever feel that they were probably asleep?
They will feel that they tarried for about an hour.  (V.30:55).

(499)   Who was Luqman?
Luqman was a wise man who believed in Monotheism (Tawheed).  Most likely he belonged to the Arab world.  His name is contained in the title of Surah 31.

(500)   Does praying to Allah in the middle of the night by sacrificing our sleep and stepping out of bed carry lots of blessings?
Yes, absolutely.  It carries lots of blessings from Allah.  (V.32:16).

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