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August 15, 2020, 10:17:46 am
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Registered first gahh

July 07, 2020, 11:23:26 am N. Truth Seeker: InshAllah, vaccine will come but might take a bit of time.
July 07, 2020, 11:22:43 am Heba E. Husseyn: Exactly ... !
July 07, 2020, 11:22:10 am Zeynab: World stuck in a pandemic desperately needs a vaccine.
July 07, 2020, 11:21:18 am N. Truth Seeker: lol true.
July 07, 2020, 11:20:59 am N. Truth Seeker: Very soon it will be neck deep.
July 07, 2020, 11:20:23 am Heba E. Husseyn: Dr. Fauci in US says country is knee-deep in pandemic.
May 30, 2019, 06:15:49 am Zeynab: Alhudulilah, yes sister Ruhi.  Time flies in this fleeting world.  May Allah The Almighty accept our hard work in the permanent world.  That's the real success.
May 30, 2019, 03:43:58 am Ruhi_Rose: Jumaa-tul-widaa (farewell to Ramadan) tomorrow Friday 31.  How time flies!  Ya Allah, keep us close to Your mercy.
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Author Topic: Registered first gahh  (Read 856 times)
Heba E. Husseyn
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« on: August 13, 2012, 01:58:08 am »

Walaikum Salam and peace, sister Selma.   Ramadan Kareem to you too. 

Thank you very much for using our guestbook and mentioning all the issues of your life concerning Faith.  You seem to be a very intelligently perceptive person following the right path as Allah has ordained for all His slaves.

I have approved your registration.  Welcome to MV.

I will quote and comment on some of the contents of your intro with the view to help you further.

  the belief in al-Mahdi, 2nd coming of Jesus, al-Israa wil Miraj.

While belief in return of Mahdi and second coming of Essa must be taken as false as they are not given nor referred in the Quran, the event of Isra and Meraj is very true and contained in the Noble Quran.  Of course the Hadith traditionalists have added many bits of imaginary stories into this event  that are completely unwarranted in the Noble Quran.   Those bits need to be discarded.  We have put up a post about Isra and Meraj with only the information contained within the Noble Quran concerning it.   This is of course totally authentic and needs to be remembered.  You will find it in the following link:

No hardship in religion / Description of Meraj

"One day I decided to tell my mom that I don't believe in Hadith, because I thought naturally she should know. Wellll, big mistake. At first she asked which ones (lol), but then it dawned on her that I meant entire damned thing, and she literally went ahead and called me a Kaafira and continued on rampage on how she wishes she never raised me in America and that the internet is corrupting my mind and all sorts of lovely things ...."

LOL ,, it's nothing unusual.  Fortunately we here at MV come from Quran alone families so we're fine at home.  But we aren't fine when we talk to our mainstream brethren outside our homes.    I've also been told a lot of similar stuff while discussing/debating with them either online or at our community center.  Once a lady seriously thought I was under some spell of "black magic."    Of course I've gotten used to ignoring them.  No compromises when it comes to the Quran.   The Quran must be followed by keeping it pure and not mixing it up with Hadith or any man-written laws not contained within the Quran.

"Sunni Muslims rarely practice what they preach, and they'll justify what is difficult for them to give up (i.e Music). I reckon since its easy not to own a dog, that's why they're called impure and najis"

Agree with you 100% sister Selma  Smiley

Al-Maghrib institute, they organize 2-day weekend workshops all around the USA. A cumulative number of attendances can earn a degree.

This one about the workshop at al-Maghrib inst. and choosing the right sort of beard was indeed absurd and crazy but not surprising.  I've heard lectures of these bizarre imams going to the extent of saying that wearing a 'sunnah' beard can annul one's ill deeds and make them worthy of Paradise or those men not wearing a 'sunnah' beard condemned to go to Hell.   I've now reached a point when I just ignore these idiots.  It's really pointless talking to them.    Their deviation and their complacency over it have gone too far.   After all, each one of us will have to answer to Allah Almighty for our own deeds only.  Therefore, as long as we don't follow them and remain focused only on the Quran, we have nothing to worry. 

Moreover, Allah grants guidance and forgiveness on the basis of our intentions, sincerity and the extent of our efforts to reach out to Him alone.  Allah does not consider how many diplomas and certificates we've gathered and hung on the walls from 'prestigious' institutions or Islamic universities.  Without the right perception and intention, these certificates & diplomas are useless.

On a more serious note, some Hadith I've found to be downright insulting to the Rasul.
Like this one ..............

And yeah sister, that Hadith you quoted is one of the most foul ones I've ever read.  But it's only the tip of the iceberg.  The entire accursed Hadith literature is peppered with such nonsensical lies that slander the exemplary character of our great and beloved Prophet (pbuh).   We have already put up that Hadith you quoted for discussion at  Who is a greater liar - Bukhari or Abu Huraira?   On this link you can also scroll down and find the link to sister Zeynab's blog to read many more comments.

Sister Zeynab also consulted someone claiming to be a "scholar" from Al-Azha university about this Hadith.  He said he would check and come back with an explanation the following day but he never did.  That's another tactic of theirs, to slip out of the back door when they don't have an answer.  Then, there was another imam who said the same as that guy told your mom, that the purpose of this Hadith is to emphasize on Fajr and Isha prayers.  But that's a lame & lousy excuse for justifying this false & offensive narration.  The Prophet (pbuh) was known for his infinite kindness and politeness, he was known for his humility and honesty, and he never exaggerated any aspect of our lives.   The Noble Quran itself tells not to exaggerate in religion.  The Prophet (pbuh) would surely NEVER even dream of exaggerating a law to the extent of giving permission to commit arson for the purpose of making people obey.  That is IMPOSSIBLE!  The Noble Quran praises the Prophet's character by stating that the Prophet has a "tremendous" character.  Would Allah speak so highly of a person who gives order to burn the homes of others who don't turn up in the masjid for Fajr and Isha ??   The answer is NO.  The Quran mentions that Allah chose and sent the Prophet as a mercy for humanity.  And indeed, the beloved Prophet was a mercy for humankind .. one of the most wonderful examples of kindness and understanding.  This Hadith is a shameless LIE.  Anyone who believes such explanations given by our imams against the Prophet (pbuh) for the purpose of defending Bukhari & co. are just as complicit in the crime of Hadith as the narrators, compilers and the imams themselves.    The Prophet (pbuh) only conveyed to the people to offer Fajr and Isha prayers at the given times.   Anyone who doesn't offer will have to answer for themselves to Allah.   The decision rests with Allah alone.  That's it.

All such Ahadith are a set of false, stinking junk and those responsible for slandering our Prophet (pbuh) with such wicked humbug will have to pay dearly on the Day of Judgment.  Never for a minute doubt the Prophet's character.  He was a great man and if he came back to earth just for day to see how much the Muslims have deviated and how many forgeries they have invented in his name, his gentle and humble soul would collapse with shock!

"I've contemplated joining the free-minds forum but after browsing I'm not so sure.......Kassem Ahmed and Ahmed Subhi Mansour but they both seem to be the "anti-jihad" type.   .I don't want the Qur'an-alone stance to be seen as one that is the product of Western influence."

Sister Zeynab and I spent almost 6 months at Free Minds.  That's not the right place either, they're just as obnoxius as the Hadithists .. they're both on two different extremes.  Free Minds is simply using the term "Quran" or "Quranist" to given leverage to their far-fetched 'modernist' ideas based on their selfish motives that have nothing to do with the Quran.  Excuse me, I don't mean to be judgmental but unless I'm not truthful, I won't be of any help either.  Furthermore, free minds also consists of many supporters of the Rashid khalifa group, a real terrible lot one needs to beware of.   

Free minds still keep sending us chat invitations to participate in their weekend group discussions online.  But we never go there.  It's pointless.  They are not our type. 

As for Kassem Ahmed, his research on the root causes that led to the formation of the Hadith culture are informative & useful, some of which we have put up here.  But not beyond that.  As for Subhi Mansour, we really don't know much about him.  He once spoke to Sister Zeynab requesting her to write for his website but she declined for she already has enough to take care of here.

You're absolutely right.  The most accurate Quran alone stance is one that's focused on the Quran independently with an unmotivated intent and without the influence of any human ideologies, be it traditional or modern. 

When someone calls themselves a "Quran alone follower" don't take it for granted that they are genuine, because many of them simply use the title of the Quran to promote their selfish ideas by misinterpreting the English translations of the Quran.  Thus, one really needs to be careful and do one's research of every source before trusting them.  The best way to go about with one's research to investigate the authenticity of a source is to use the Glorious Quran as our Sole Criterion and Standard of Judgment.  Anything that tallies with the direct commandments or principles or the ideology as elucidated in the Quran is right, otherwise not.  As simple as that.

"There is no one in my life presently who can give me guidance I'm looking for or even exchange information with me.   Sometimes at night I've laid on my bed talking to Allah, and I ask Him if I'm doing it all wrong. What if I'm wrong and the majority is right?"

Don't worry sister.  Trust me, you are not alone in feeling this way.  Quran alone followers always face isolation and loneliness.  It's much the same with us though we've been following the Quran alone by dumping the Hadith for more than 10 years now.  But the moment we step out of our homes and mix with the mainstream Muslims, we often feel deeply incompatible.  We have found very few who can genuinely be called followers of the Quran alone without any ulterior motives. 

And no, you are not doing it wrong at all.  You are absolutely on the right path as shown by Allah in His Final Message.  Be assured about that.  Allah judges us by the sincerity of our hearts and to what extent we uphold the path of guidance shown by Him alone.  And the only path of guidance shown by Him is the Noble Quran and nothing else.  Thus, Allah says in the Quran that we must not choose any other path of guidance lest we get separated from His path.

Also, 'majority' following a certain system is no guarantee of the correctness of that system.  Majority might be a show of strength and support because of their large numbers but that's no proof of righteousness.  In fact you will invariably find majority following their own whims and lusts away from truth & righteousness.  Those who follow the truth and the right path as shown by Allah are always much less in number, explaining why they feel isolated and alone.  In the pre-Islamic era, everyone followed polytheism after their ancestors.  But they were all wrong.   Our Prophet (pbuh) faced a lot of isolation and discrimination because his views were different from the majority but he remained steadfast.  Alhumdulilah.  Among the Christians of all denominations for example, majority believe in the very wrong & sinful concept of trinity.  Only a few Christians might believe in pure Monotheism (Tawheed) who are in the minority.  But the minority is right, the majority is wrong. 

"If you obeyed most of those on earth they would mislead you far from Allah's way." [Noble Quran 6:116]  

"So far, Muslimvilla is the only resource I'm getting my Islamic knowledge from.  I use the Pickthall translation."

Thank you sister Selma.  We also use Pickthall translation.   As mentioned, I have approved your registration.    Thanks again for taking the time to explain everything.  Make yourself comfortable here, browse through our boards and I'm sure you will find plenty to read that will answer many of your queries.   Also feel free to put up your questions, posts or to respond to any of our many existing posts.  InshAllah, we will do our best to clarify any confusion that still bothers you.  And you are right, it's better not to discuss this issue with your mother or any other Hadith follower.  There's no point constantly arguing about it.  It's a waste of time and can be very upsetting.  Let them keep their views personal to themselves and you keep yours personal to yourself.  InshAllah, if Allah wills, maybe some day your mom will be able to see the Truth and support you.  Ameen. ameen. 
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