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May 30, 2019, 06:15:49 am Zeynab: Alhudulilah, yes sister Ruhi.  Time flies in this fleeting world.  May Allah The Almighty accept our hard work in the permanent world.  That's the real success.
May 30, 2019, 03:43:58 am Ruhi_Rose: Jumaa-tul-widaa (farewell to Ramadan) tomorrow Friday 31.  How time flies!  Ya Allah, keep us close to Your mercy.
March 16, 2019, 02:21:19 am N. Truth Seeker: We at MV express our deepest sympathy for our sisters & brothers who became victims of terror attacks while offering their Jumma prayers in the Masjids in NZ.
Our post in this regard @ Zainab's Lounge.
October 09, 2018, 09:50:31 pm Ruhi_Rose: Salam brother.  Very easy. First click on the board title you wish to post in.  You'll find main board topics below and sub-boards (default label "child boards") above.  If you wish to post in main board click "new topic" button on top left.  If you wish to post in any of the sub-boards, click on that sub board title and then click "new topic" button on above left side.  You'll get the format for typing your post, then click "post" button below.
October 06, 2018, 12:46:27 pm momin: how can i post things here if i have something to post. Smiley
September 14, 2018, 12:33:22 am Ruhi_Rose: Yes br. TS, that's a very important article to read.
September 14, 2018, 12:08:22 am N. Truth Seeker: Thank u.  Allah bless u for remembering, sister.   Also reminding our guests to read: The traditional declaration of fasting on the 10th of Muharram .... the real story behind it. Same article in the blog too.
September 13, 2018, 11:09:22 pm Zeynab: Muharram 1440 A.H.
Please read why our Islamic new year is full of tragic memories.
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Author Topic: QURAN QUIZ (BATCH 6)  (Read 670 times)
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(501)   What rule does the Noble Quran mention about adoption?
The rule on adoption in the Noble Quran is to disclose the real parentage to the adopted children.  If you don't know who their parents are, tell them that they are adopted and look upon them as your brethren in Faith.  (33:5).

(502)   In the ordinance of Allah, who is closer - kinship by blood or friendship?
Kinship by blood is closer and Allah commands us to be kind to friends.  (V.33:6).

(503)   Were there any contemporaries (or sahabas) of the Prophet (sw) in Medinah who did not have good intentions?
Yes there were quite a few who have been referred to in Surah At-Taubah and Surah Al-Ahzab.

(504)   What marked the modification in the Truce of Hudaybiyah as a commandment from the Divine Power?
The modification ordered by Allah in the Truce of Hudaybiyah was the woman's oath of allegiance as referred in Surah 59:10-12.

(505)   How easy is it for Allah to create and raise from the dead the entire community of humankind from start to the end?
It is as simple for Allah as the creation and raising of a single soul.  (V.31:28).

(506)   What is the Quranic punishment in case wives of the Prophet (sw) committed lewdness?
Their punishment was double that of any other person.   (V.33:30).

(507)   When the Prophet (sw) first learned that Zeyd's marriage with his wife was failing, what did he tell Zeyd?
The Prophet (sw) urged Zeyd to keep the marriage and to keep his wife.  (V.33:37).

(508)   Does the Quran confirm Prophet Muhammed (sw) as the final Prophet and Messenger?
Yes it does.  (V.33:40).   A Prophet can only be called a Messenger after his selection as a Prophet by the Divine Power  -which in the case of Prophet Muhammed (sw) includes the period and process of inspiration and the days he spent in Cave Hira in seclusion, thinking and reflecting.  Only after the inspiration is the Message of Allah bestowed upon that Prophet to convey to the rest of humankind - a mission which makes that Prophet a "Messenger" by definition.  Therefore "Seal of the Prophets" automatically confirms seal of messengers as well.

(509)   Does the Noble Quran command the Prophet (sw) to pay dowry to his wives?
Yes it does.  (V.33:50).

(510)   Does the Noble Quran forbid other men from marrying the wives of the Prophet (sw) after him?
Yes it does.  (V.33:53).

(511)   Does Allah Almighty command us to ask for blessings on the Prophet (sw)?
Yes, Allah Almighty does command us that.  (V.33:56).

(512)   Does the Noble Quran command believing women to cover their head and faces while going out?
Yes it does.  (V.33:59).  In Verse 33:59 drawing their cloaks round the bosom automatically means covering the head and face as well.  The cloak was an extension of the cloth that covered the head and pulling it farther down would cover the face and also cover the bosom.

(513)   Did the Prophet know when the Day of Judgment will come?
No, he did not know that.  (V.33:63).

(514)   Does the Noble Quran command us to speak straight to the point?
Yes it does.  (V.33:70).

(515)   Has humankind proven its wisdom as a species?
No it has not.  Although Allah granted a higher mind to humans compared to other species yet humans proved themselves to be tyrannical.  (V.33:72).

(516)   Which community did Allah Almighty punish by sending on them the flood of Iram for their ingratitude?
The community of Saba.  (V.34:15-16).

(517)   Do the angels have wings?
Yes they do have wings.  (V.35:1).

(518)   Does Allah record all our deeds in a Book?
Yes, this is right.  (V.35:11).

(519)   Science has discovered in modern times that the moon moves in its orbit.  Does the Noble Quran mention this?
Yes it does.  (V.36:40). 

(520)   Scientific observation has fairly recently discovered that the sun moves in an orbit (along with the entire solar system).  Does the Noble Quran mention this?
Yes the Noble Quran mentions that the sun floats in an orbit.  The fact that the sun is not static wasn't known until recently .. something stated in the Noble Quran in the 7th century.  All praise be to Allah, The Almighty!  (V.36:40).

(521)   Does the Noble Quran mention about Fajr congregation prayers?
Yes, it does.  (V.62:9).

(522)   Are there any creations of Allah which are not known to humankind?
Yes some are not known.  (V.36:36).  It's possible that the reference is either to unknown species of plants or combination of synthetic chemicals that produce new elements.   But Allah knows best. 

(523)   How does the Noble Quran mention about fire being kindled?
Fire is kindled from the green tree (V.36:80).  Similar to the aspect of forest fire. 

(524)   What kind of refreshing and delicious drink is provided in Paradise?
The pure and delicious drink of Paradise has NO negative reaction on one's mind (V.37:46-47).

(525)   Will any of the dwellers of Paradise be able to see any of those in Hellfire?
Some will see those in Hellfire (V.37:50-57).

(526)   What is the name of the tree that springs in the rear of Hell?
The tree of Zaqqum.  ( It is mentioned in verses 17:60 (as the "cursed tree"), 37:62-68, 44:43, and 56:52, of the Quran.).

(527)   Are there sects among the Jinn?
Yes, Jinn are also divided in sects as confirmed in the Noble Quran but we don't know any further details.  (V.72:11).

(528)   Does the Noble Quran forbid us to show favor seeking worldly gain?
Yes it does.  (V.74:6).

(529)   What does Allah refer to as His portent already shown to humankind from Him?
Allah refers to the Noble Quran itself as one of the greatest portents from Him to all humanity and a warning.  (V.74:32-36).

(530)   Does Allah mention that the final explanation of all Quranic verses is up to Him only?
Yes, Allah mentions that.  (V.74:16-19).

(531)   Was the wife of Pharaoh a believer?
Yes she was a believer.  (V.66:11).

(532)   Prophet's Noah's son was a disbeliever and was thus drowned in the deluge.  Was any other member of his family also a disbeliever?
Yes, Prophet Noah's wife was also a disbeliever (refer V.66:10).   The wives of 2 Prophets mentioned in the Noble Quran were disbelievers - wife of Prophet Noah and wife of Prophet Lot.

(533)   When Allah intends a thing to happen,how does He make it happen?
He only says "Be! and it is."  (V.36:82).

(534)   What has Allah adorned the lowest heaven with?
Allah has adorned the lowest heavens with the planets.  (V.37:5).

(535)   Choose the correct answer:
The Day of Judgment is also referred in the Noble Quran as:-

- The Day of Meeting
- The Day of Separation
- The Day of Watching
- The Day of Assembling

The Day of Judgment is also referred as the Day of Separation.  (V.37:21).

(536)   What will the dwellers of Hellfire get as food?
They will have to eat the distasteful fruit of the tree of Zaqqum and drink of boiling water.

(537)   What was the purpose of Prophet Abraham's dream in which he was told to sacrifice his son (Ishmael)?
The purpose was only to test the faith and obedience of Prophet Abraham.  Allah never meant that dream to be really carried out.  Abraham passed this test and thus Allah told him to stop.  (V.37:106 and preceding verses).

(538)   When Abraham was getting ready to sacrifice his son and then Allah stopped him, what came in place of his son?
The Noble Quran mentions a "tremendous victim."  (V.37:107).   It's interpreted by the readers as a lamb or sheep.  But only Allah knows best.

(539)   Who was the older of the two sons of Abraham - Ishmael or Isaac?
Ishmael was older.  (Re. V.37:101-112).

(540)   What is the punishment for adultery in the Noble Quran?
Punishment for adultery is 100 lashes.

(541)   What is the punishment for slandering a decent woman?
The punishment for it is 80 lashes.

(542)   What is the story of the yellow heifer in Surah Al-Baqra?
Allah ordered the Israelites to sacrifice a cow of yellow color.  Details available in Surah Al-Baqra, Chapter 2 of the Noble Quran.

(543)   What did the disciples of Essa son of Virgin Maryam request him for?
They requested him to ask Allah to send a table spread with food from heaven.  (Details in Surah Al-Maidah).

(544)   Was this request granted by Allah?
Yes.  (Details in Surah Al-Maidah).

(545)   What is the total number of prophets mentioned in the Noble Quran by name?
About 25.  

(546)   Who was swallowed by the fish?
Prophet Yunus (or Jonah).  (V.37:142).

(547)   What is the other expression for the place, Midian?
"dwelles in the wood"  (V.38:13).

(548)   What was the test from Allah for Prophet David when the two litigants came to his room asking him to judge between them concerning the 99 and 1 ewes?
The test was to remind David of a mistake he had made.  David remembered and repented and Allah forgave him.  (38:21-25).

(549)   What kind of extreme torments will there be in Hellfire?  Give an example.
For example, a boiling and an ice cold draught.   (V.38:57).

(550)   Does the Noble Quran demand blind faith from believers?
No, the Noble Quran constantly tells  us to think and reflect before belief, that is, to believe on the basis of logic and rationale.  (V.38:29 and many more).

(551)   Who was the believing man from Pharaoh's family who believed in the Message of Allah sent through Prophets Moses and Aaron as mentioned in Surah Momin (40:28)?
We don't know who he was except that he was of Pharaoh's folks but believed in Allah.  The details of his identity are not mentioned in the Quran.

(552)   Does the Noble Quran symbolize both extremes of weather (heat & cold) as distressful?
Yes it does.  (V.76:13, 78:24-25).

(553)   How many layers of atmosphere has Allah created above the earth (or the solar system)?
7 layers (V.78:12).

(554)   Which was created first, the heavens or the earth?
The heavens as Allah explains.  V.79:28-30.

(555)   How many Surahs (Chapters) are there in the Noble Quran?
114 Surahs or Chapters in total.

(556)   How many verses are there in total in the Noble Quran?
The total number of verses in the Quran are 6,346. This includes 112 unnumbered "BismAllah" which occur at the beginning of the Surahs.   Note that the first Surah Fatiha has a numbered BismAllah.  Also note that Surah Taubah (Chapter 9) does not have "BismAllah." Therefore if we exclude the unnumbered "BismAllah" then the number of verses in the Quran are 6,234.

(557)   Are the Quranic verses compiled in the order of revelation?
No, the compilation is not in the order of revelation.  The Quran starts with the lengthy Surahs and the final pages of the Quran consists of the shorter Surahs.  Except Surah Fatiha which is a short Surah of 7 Verses but it's the first Chapter of the Quran.

(558)   For the convenience of readers, how many parts (or juzz) has the Noble Quran been divided into?
The entire Quran is divided into 30 parts also known as 'juzz' or 'paras.'  But this is only for the convenience of readers.  It has no other significance.
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