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April 15, 2021, 02:08:12 pm
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Who was Ibraheem at-Taymee?

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Author Topic: Who was Ibraheem at-Taymee?  (Read 511 times)
Heba E. Husseyn
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« on: October 31, 2013, 11:05:00 pm »

The Sunni (particularly the Sunni Salafs) adore him just exactly the same way as the Shiias adore their icons.  His full name was Ibraheem bin Yazeed At-Taymee.  While showering endless praises upon him, his fans refer to him as "an iman, an example, a jurist and a worshiper."

I didn't find any information mentioning when exactly or approximately Ibraheem at-Taymee was born.  His biography only mentions that he died in prison or was killed by a man named Al-Hajaaj in either 92 AH or 94 AH when he was about 40-years-old.

Taymee is supposed to have narrated several ahadith, but it seems even in the circle of enthusiastic hadithers, Taymee's hadiths are not too well known.  According to the so-called scholars, many "wise" quotes of Taymee have been compiled.  However, my search gave me none save one which was anything but "wise."  That quote is mentioned in the image below.  This is basically the only one of Taymee that is going around with endless thumbs-up from hardline traditionalists who, as usual, don't bother to reflect and detect its discrepancy.

As you can see, the image reads "The sincere person is the one who hides his good deeds just like he hides his evil deeds."

Hiding one's good deeds can be taken as modesty which is no doubt a good act.  Up to there it's fine.  But hiding one's evil deeds is NO sincerity, it's hypocrisy. Evil deeds ensuing from evil habits must be gotten rid of.  There can be NO two ways about it.  If you're habituated to something negative or evil, you should have the courage and will-power to acknowledge it and then correct it instead of misleading others by remaining silent which amounts to denial and misrepresentation of facts.  It's sad that this quote of Ibraheem at-Taymee is circulating like hot cakes, only teaching an already hypocritical Ummah to be still more hypocritical.  This quote is synonymous with at-Taymee.  The moment you type "Ibraheem at-Taymee quotes" on Google, this one immediately pops up.  And yes, it's a fallacious one. 

Discussions on Ibraheem at-Taymee which mention the isnad or chain which are supposed to be the sources of Taymee's narrations & quotes are truly astounding.  These clustered chains present a maze more complicated than the labyrinth of ancient alleys!  Ibraheem at-Taymee took his narrations from his father, Yazeed ibn Shareek, and his father took his narrations from Umar Abu Dharr and Dharr's elders.  After his father's death,  Ibraheem at-Taymee took narrations from Haarith bin Suwayd, Anas bin Malik, Yunus bin Obaid and Amir bin Maymoon.  All these folks belong to the circles of those obnoxious hadith narrators who have appalled us beyond limits.  He is also reported to have taken his narrations "indirectly" from Aisha.  The term "indirectly" is a polite manner of confessing that his narrations attributed to Aisha are forged. His biography mentions that apart from these sources, at-Taymee also narrated by listening to "a group."  The name of that group or who were the persons this group comprised of are not mentioned.   

Just like all traditional iconic imams and so-called spiritualists of all communities, this man also had his sycophants who narrated his quotes, majority of which were fabricated or false altogether.  Someone by the name of al-Muharibi al-Amash who purportedly knew Ibraheem at-Taymee said: "Ibraheem at-Taymee said to me: 'For forty nights I have not eaten except a single grape.'  "   An illogical one, of course.   Another weird quote of Ibraheem at-Taymee narrated by another of his friend or disciple named Abu Hayyan was:  "I have never compared my sayings and my deeds except that I feared that I was a fraud."  I'm not sure if there is a translation problem with this quote, or did Ibraheem at-Taymee decide to be honest for a change and admit that he was a "fraud?"   

This is about the only blog-biography of Ibraheem of At-Taymee available online.
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N. Truth Seeker
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« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2013, 05:15:01 am »

LOL, hiding evil deeds is "sincerity" ??   And then, he narrates the importance of hiding good deeds, but mark his own next quote: "For forty nights I have not eaten except a single grape."  Isn't he trying to disclose his own virtues by saying this? .... not to mention, as you said, it is awfully illogical. 

Never heard of this man before.  Thank you for warning us about another manipulator.  I'll remember this name too as a part of that big list of con guys.

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