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April 11, 2021, 07:50:01 pm
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The fascist killer/dictator of Bangladesh - Hasena Wajed

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Author Topic: The fascist killer/dictator of Bangladesh - Hasena Wajed  (Read 709 times)
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« on: December 21, 2013, 10:44:33 am »

I thought of sharing some information of another country that usually doesn't make much headlines in the media.  That country is Bangladesh.  The Bangladeshi government of Hasena Wajed is secretly a kafir Hindu government and is at present mercilessly killing the Muslim majority of that country.  She recently ordered the hanging of a 65-year-old Muslim opposition leader, Abdel Qadir Mollah, by bringing false murder charges against him. 

Thus, next door to Burma, another ruthless slaughter is rife in Bangladesh where the fascist 'Hindu' prime minister, Hasena Wajed, is butchering the Muslims of the country for demanding their rights.  The common people of Bangladesh are desperate.  They are putting up frantic messages on Facebook and Twitter calling for world attention.

The late founder of Bangladesh (this woman's father) was a brazenly indecent man and a diehard Hindu at heart.  His terrorist supporters known as "mukti bahini" (the first terrorist organization of South Asia in the 1970s) were blood thirsty demons.  In 1971 they killed and raped hundreds only because their victims did not speak the local Bangladeshi language.  They usurped the properties worth millions of Pakitani citizens without giving them a penny as compensation.  He broke away from Pakistan with the intention of making Bangladesh a part of India. Today his daughter is trying to do exactly the same, and as a first step, she's targeting all practicing Muslims of Bangladesh.  Can such acts be called the mentality of   civilized human beings?  No, it is not.  It is the mentality of Shaitaan.

The Bangladesh Alert Network sent a circular a few days prior to the execution of Abdul Qadir Mollah, quote:

"Opposition leaders are being killed and sentenced to be hanged through kangaroo courts.  Opposition has boycotted the elections because of the ruthlessness of this regime, which is killing all voices, hanging opposition leaders, and suppressing labor and media.  The government is showing absolutely no regard towards human life, the protection of human rights, or the rule of law.  It is actively participating in state sponsored terrorism."

This is Abdel Qadir Mollah and this is how he was tortured before being hanged recently.  Not to forget, this poor man is 65.  Translation of the Urdu text:  Abdel Qadir Mollah said, "My 'crime' for which I'm being hanged is helping to prevent the breakup of Pakistan (in 1971).  Abdel Qadir Mollah was a loyal Pakistani and NOT a traitor.  He fought hard to save the breakup of Pakistan by Hasena Wajed's father.  That's why she hanged him now after almost 40 years.

Translation of Urdu text:  "Helpers of Pakistan have no place in Bangladesh," said by fascist killer, Hasena Wajed, present PM of that country.

And here is a great read.  Dr. Qadir's Khan's response at Facebook to a bunch of propagandists of the present BD government who barged into his timeline and began trashing it after he posted a condolence message at the murder of Abdul Qadir Mollah.  None of them responded to Dr. Qadir Khan.

Quote Dr. Qadir:

You guys are so pathetic. You have been bought out by the Indian propaganda that you are unable to see light. Canít you see how India used you against Pakistan? and now the same thing she is doing to you: disintegration of Bangladesh.

You idiots thought Mujib was your saviour and thought promulgation of Urdu really would marginalize you even though during Sirajudaullahís time official language of Bengal had been Persian and Urdu. Mujib (died a rightful death) deceived you inside out. You guys chose the Kuffar over your Muslim brothers violating the Holy Quranic injunctions against making friends with Kuffar.

You still believe in that myth of Pakistan Army raping Bengali women. Even though, there are numerous reports out there now which negates the well established beliefs. The declassified US reports, Indian military officers account, Pakistan military officers account, General Niaziís memoirs, Sharmila Bose, Hamoodurahman commission report.

I first ask you what is the punishment for a defector/rebel throughout the international community? You will agree that it is pain of death. Mujiburahman started the racial divide by creating the language issue: to make Bengali the national language of Pakistan. Bengali, being only spoken in Bengal, could not have been understood in West Pakistan. Urdu, on the other hand, was understood everywhere. He then created more problems for Pakistan. He was not the one who fought for Pakistan movement. He was an opportunist working for Russia and then India. Mujib and his cohorts should have been hanged to death as soon as the revolt had started.

Pakistan Army was justified in her actions against Bengali rebels. Any self-respecting country will do that. So did India too when she murdered all members of Khalistan movement. Unfortunately, Pakistan did not have loyal leaders. Their wrong decisions made everything worse.

Pakistan Military action ONLY begun when Mukti-Bahini hoards started murdering lacs of innocent West Pakistanis (specially Punjabis) and loyal Bengali and Bihari Pakistanis (who you morons hate). These Hoards of India were responsible for the rape.

Pakistan Military officers fought hard. Many foreign correspondents speak well of their bravery. It is the bravery of a Muslim soldier that Indian Military got tough fight. They fought so hard that they had almost regained the control of East Pakistan from the dirty hands of Mukt-Bahini. When India saw this, it then started the military action which resulted in the fall of Dhaka.

Then your traitor Mujib showed his true colors after the formation of Bangladesh with his BAKSAL party. How he became authoritative and usurped democracy is not a secret anymore. He was going to make Bangladesh part of India that he was killed timely by the Pakistani military officers (yes those Bengalis who never gave up allegiance to Pakistan. I stand in honor for them).

And still you called this traitor Baga-bundu?? How stupid can you guys be?

Instead of taking the opportunity to understand the other side of the story (in order that some misunderstanding can be fought and truth is revealed), you malign them as Pakistani agents.

Why? Why can your small mind not see things beyond the tunnel created for you by RAW? Canít you guys see that Kuffars will not be happy until they subjugate Muslims? How dare you forget the mistreatment of Bengali Muslims by the Hindu majority before Partition.

For the sake of Allah (swt), donít regurgitate what Indians want you to regurgitate. Take a step back, think outside of the box and see things from Pakistani perspective. If you were in the same shoes, you will do the same. Donít forget the recent mutiny.  Just think of how you wanted to protect Bangladesh integrity when the recent mutiny happened, similarly Pakistan was doing the same. Listen to what these experts are saying. Donít put blindfolds on your eyes. There are evidences everywhere. Secrets have been declassified. Eye witness accounts are available. It is time to do a serious reprisal of our faults, shortcomings and vow not to repeat them again.

Do the following ASAP:

1) Watch 2) Read ďRAW in Bangladesh by ZainulAbedin (an ex-Mukti Bahini member) on 1971 war.

3) Read Blood and tears by a Pakistani writer about 1971 war.

4) Check the website of Federation of American Scientist on 1971 war

5) Read ďEast Pakistan TragedyĒ by L.F. Rushbrook Williams.

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