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April 15, 2021, 10:55:31 am
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Did Prophet (pbuh) return key of Kaa'ba to a kaffir after conquest?

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Author Topic: Did Prophet (pbuh) return key of Kaa'ba to a kaffir after conquest?  (Read 194 times)
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« on: June 16, 2017, 12:01:53 pm »

As-Salam Alaykum everyone.

First let me quote Verse 4:58 Surah An-Nissa:
"Lo! Allah commands you that you restore deposits to their owners, and, if you judge between mankind, that you judge justly."

The above Verse carries a general reference, conveying the importance of appointing honest, sincere and wise people to responsible posts helping to lead a nation.  It refers to entrusting positions of responsibility only to those who are capable of shouldering the burdens of important positions.  Late Abu Alaa Maududi has also expressed the same view in his Quranic commentary. 

But the Hadith misitnerprets this Verse as follows:
Ibn Jarir recorded that Ibn Jurayj said about this Ayah, “It was revealed concerning `Uthman bin Talhah from whom the Messenger of Allah took the key of the Kaaba and entered it on the Day of the victory of Makkah. When the Prophet went out, he was reciting this Ayah, “Verily! Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due”. He then called `Uthman and gave the key back to him.”  (Source is most likely Bukhari or Muslim or both).

Hadith has again displayed a very serious and offensive blooper by grossly misinterpreting Verse 4:58 and conveying a very false story to readers.   Traditionalists have also spread the gossip that this Verse was revealed soon after the conquest of Mecca, inside the Kaa'ba  (pure guesswork.  No evidence of that in the Quran).  According to this false Hadith, Verse 4:58  alludes to returning the keys of the Kaa'ba to the former custodians who were the kuffar of Mecca.  According to Hadith, a man named Usman bin Talha was the keeper of the Kaa'ba who kept its key during the days of Jahilya.   The myth is further embellished by the so-called ulemas that soon after the conquest of Mecca when the Prophet (pbuh) went to the Kaa'ba, Usman bin Talha rudely stopped him.  Thereafter, Prophet (pbuh) told Imam Ali to bring the key from Talha, and because of Talha's refusal to give the keys, Ali had to snatch it from him.  Consequently the Prophet pbuh said to return the key of the Kaaba to Usman bin Talah because he received the revelation of Verse 4:58 inside the Kaa'ba that trust should be delivered to its rightful owner.  And then suddenly Usman bin Talha, who had until then been rude and impertinent, uttered the shahadah and embraced Islam.   Proves yet again that these narrators as well as the ulemas were/are not averse to the idolaters of Mecca.

One of the main purposes of the Prophet's (pbuh) mission was to clear the Kaa'ba of idols and retake it for Monotheistic (Tawheed) worship only.   This hadith claims that the Prophet pbuh ordered to return the key to Talha while he was yet in a state of disbelief (a pagan or an idolater). Would the Prophet (pbuh) ever decide to give him the keys after the great Muslim achievement of conquering Mecca with the help of The Almighty?  This false hadith slanders the Prophet (pbuh)  by subtly accusing the him (pbuh) of betraying The Almighty.  Yes, this is exactly what this unauthentic hadith is trying to insinuate.  Completely FALSE.  By the Will of Allah, on the Day of Judgement the Prophet (pbuh) will be a witness against these liars.

As I already stated, Hadith followers are touting Verse 4:58 as "the only verse revealed inside the Kaaba."   According to recent traditionalists, the key of the Kaa'ba is still in the possession of the "descendants of Usman bin Talha and even the Saud King needs their permission to enter the Kaa'ba," alluding that the Wahab partners of the Saudi monarch are the descendants of Talha.  This presents a glaring evidence that it's a recently scribbled hadith to justify the occupation of the Kaa'ba by the corrupt Wahabi regime.  This hadith fib is mentioned nowhere in the commentary of Maududi who died in the late 1970s, even though he took many of his points from the Hadith.  But quite obviously, this hadith and its background stories was not constructed during his lifetime.

Let us read Verse 8:35 (Surah Al-Anfal) and 9:28 (Surah At-Taubah).   

"And their worship at the (holy) House is naught but whistling and hand-clapping. Therefore (it is said unto them): Taste of the doom because ye disbelieve."  (8:35). 

"O ye who believe! The idolaters only are unclean. So let them not come near the Inviolable Place of Worship after this their year."  (9:28).

In both above Verses, Allah Almighty has plainly asserted that idolaters are to stay far away from the Kaa'ba.  That's because they are polytheists;  and the Kaa'ba is for Monotheists (followers of Tawheed) ONLY.   After the clear commandments of Allah, would the Prophet (pbuh) ever consider even for a moment to overlook the Divine Orders and allow a kaffir to retain the key of the Kaa'ba after the victory of the believers?   Only the enemies of Allah Almighty and the enemies of the Prophet (pbuh) would forge such a lie.  It's a pity that our jurists are retaining these lies and committing perjury.

This entire story is a very sick LIE.  Truth is, there was no communication between anyone named Talha and the Prophet (pbuh).  Key of the Kaa'ba after conquest of Mecca was never given to the kuffaar, many of whom converted to Islam purely for material or political reasons.  There's no authentic information available on who Usman bin Talha was.  As if the Hadith lies aren't already enough to distort Islam, these folks who call themselves ulemas and shiekhs etc. are  also annexing their own fabricated tales with the ahadith.   This false story has more details, all of which are ridiculous.  Mufti Menk is one of the persons who has greatly dramatized this myth.

By the way:  Ibn Jarir is the same shameless man, Abu Jafar Tabari, who lied about the Prophet (pbuh) concerning Surah An-Najam that satan intervened during the Divine Revelation; and then the lowly Salman Rushdi cashed in on this lie to write "satan verses."  AstaghfarAllah!     

As for Ibn Jurayj (full name Abdal Malik Jurayj), his bio itself states that his grandfather was Roman Catholic .. asserting how recent a convert he was.  He gets his family name "Jurayj" from his Christian granddad, which is the Arabic of Georgius. 

Ibn Jurayj was born 80 AH (70 years after the passing of the Prophet pbuh) and Tabari born 224 AH (more than 200 years after passing of Prophet pbuh).  No wonder the roly-poly lies
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TEAM MV Founder
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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 08:12:32 am »

Walaikum As-Salaam Sister Ruhi.

Wowie!  I didn't know of this one.  Apart from the outrageously incorrect contents of this story, the very scant knowledge of history within Hadithist circles is enough to nab them. Not to mention, who else but Tabari would devise such a forgery whose imagination ran even wilder than Bukhari & co. .. and that's really saying a lot!

Surah 4 was revealed approximately on the 4th year of Hijrah.  That’s a very long way prior to the conquest of Mecca which happened on the 8th year of the Hijrah.  No way could Verse 4:48 have been revealed on the occasion of the conquest of Mecca, let alone “inside the Kaa’ba.”

According to the historian, Noldeke, whom Pickthall calls a “careful critic,” the date of Revelation through his research is most likely “between the end of the 3rd year and end of the 5th year of the Prophet’s (pbuh) reign in Medinah.  As the Surah contains no reference to the siege of Medina by the Meccans (Battle of Trench or Khandaq)  which took place in the 5th year of Hijrah, Pickthall opines that it’s highly likely that the date of revelation of Surah 4 is “between the end of the 3rd year nd beginning of the 5th year.

This was a time when soon after the Battle of Uhad many Muslim men were martyred leaving behind orphans and widows.  Surah 4 highlights the declaration of several rights for women and orphans that did not exist in pre-Islamic Arabia. 

This was also the period when hostility by the Munafiqs (Hypocrites) and the Jewish tribes of Medina was at its height which eventually led to a war against them by the Prophet (pbuh) and his followers.
All of these situations created circumstances that required assertion from The Almighty to inform the people about the indispensable need of scruples and honesty in handling / distributing assets, properties, war booty and inheritances in a fair and just manner.  That’s what Surah 4:58 sums up in general .. NOT “giving the key of the Kaa’ba to Talha.”
Late Abu Ala Maududi’s opinion on appointing honest and responsible leaders also comes within the context I have stated here.

Many thanks Sister Ruhi. 
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N. Truth Seeker
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« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2017, 07:16:05 am »

Yes, I’m acquainted with this story though not the details.  Thank you for that sisters.  The forgery is indeed appalling.  I concur it's apparently quite a recent manipulation to support the gritty modern politics involving the traitors of the Ummah who are no different from pre-Islamic Meccans.

False narrations and tales like these are meant to convey the impression that the Prophet (pbuh) wasn’t averse to making deals with the kuffar nor was it too important for him to clean the Kaa’ba of the idols.  May those responsible for preparing the blueprint of such a lie perish in Hellfire.  Ameen.

Moreover as rightly mentioned in Sister’s original post, many Meccans converted to Islam after the conquest for material or political gain, is clearly reflected in this myth itself when the hostile Usman Talha, the pagan custodian of the Kaa’ba, embraced Islam as soon as the key was returned to him.  Apparently, if the key wasn’t given to him (and in truth it wasn’t), then he would not convert  and continue his hostility until some other incentive for power and authority tempted him to become a Muslim.
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Heba E. Husseyn
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« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2017, 07:31:03 am »

Walaikum Salam.  Thanks in plenty Sister Ruhi for exposing this mind boggling forgery.  Sister Zeynab, your rejoinder to this hadith tale further frilled by the clerics is superb .. thoroughly logical analysis in conformity with history.

The first thing which the Prophet (pbuh) and his followers did after taking over charge of Mecca was the cleansing the Kaa’ba by absolutely removing those hundreds of idols stashed inside it.  There can be no two opinions about that.  This was one of the core purposes of the Prophet’s (pbuh) mission which ensued from the mission of re-establishing the Truth of Monothesim (Tawheed). 

This reminds me of Verse 17:81, quote “.. Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away .. Indeed falsehood is ever bound to vanish.”  SubhanAllah.  This is another one of the marvelous prophecies of the Quran that could bring tears in the eyes of a genuine believer.  The Noble Quran contains many prophecies where Allah refers to future events as already accomplished.  Surah 17 was revealed in Mecca,  most likely a little while before the Hijrah, and this means it’s one of the late Meccan Surahs revealed close to the event of Isra and Mairaj.  This was a very difficult period for the small group of Muslims in Mecca including the Prophet (pbuh) of course who was surrounded by threats and dangers.  If any common observer or analyst was monitoring the situation, they would almost certainly say  that the Prophet’s (pbuh) mission at that time had near zero chances of success.  But in the Noble Quran it is Allah The Greatest Who is Talking.  HE knows every bit of the future, whether it’s one year ahead or thousands of years ahead.  Thus HE confirmed more than a decade prior to the conquest of Mecca that success was guaranteed to the Prophet (pbuh) as eloquently articulated in Verse 17:81.

There is an opinion that Verse 17:81 was recited by the Prophet (pbuh) when he was cleansing the Kaa’ba of idols, removing them permanently.  This opinion sounds very logical and could be correct.  Mark the words, the opinion is that Verse 17:81 was recited on this occasion, not revealed.  It was revealed in Mecca years earlier.
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