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May 12, 2021, 11:14:30 pm
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About Imam Hassan

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Author Topic: About Imam Hassan  (Read 600 times)
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« on: September 15, 2018, 09:12:43 pm »

Walaiykum Salam sister Ruhi.

Answering the last part of your question first, yes Hassan was older than his brother Hussein.  Just a couple of years older. 

Imam Hassan bin Ali born Ramadan 3 AH.  In Christian era December 624 AD.
Imam Hussein bin Ali  born Shaban 4 AH.  In Christian calendar October 626 AD.
Yes again, Imam Hassan was poisoned by his wife whose name was Jadah in 50 AH or 669 AD at age 46 only.

I totally agree, it's not easy to find reliable information in this sphere.  I will keep it as authentic as I can from the best of my impartial researched knowledge.   Imam Hassan has been greatly maligned not just by the Ommayads but also the Abbasids.  All of the Prophet's (pbuh) direct descendants were viewed as political rivals by the succeeding dynasties. Hassan bin Ali has been the target of some of the most malicious false propaganda and slander.  The second Abbasid Khalifa, Mansur, went on major negative campaign accusing Imam Hasan of marrying and divorcing many times and claiming he was pleasure loving.  Opposite of the truth; these were precisely the hallmarks of several Ommayad and Abbasid Caliphs which they spun around to vilify and denigrate the righteous.  Not to mention the influx of smear from  medieval clerics like Ibn Taimiyah to the Salafists of today.  Some traditional sources have lied to the extent claiming the cause of the Imam's death was "harem jealousy."   Good grief!  There was no such thing as "harem" in a truly Islamic household and no question of it in the homes of members of the Prophet's family.  This libel is so weak and ridiculous that even the Imam's enemies were not able to play with it much.  These same sources have constructed his biography mentioning him as having anything between 10 to 15 wives whom he supposedly married and divorced.  Couldn't be farther from the truth.  He actually had two wives and then a third, Jadah, the one who carried out his murder.   According to more authentic and consistent reports, Imam Hasan had 3 wives altogether.  Jadah was his third wife from whom there were no children.  He had a number of children from the other two wives, one of them was Qassem who accompanied his uncle to Karbala and was martyred along with many others.  Reports differ on how many children he had, but is assumed to be between 8 and 12.

Also, it's been consistently reported (including Sunni sources) that Muawiyah bin Abu Sufian, the first Ommayad ruler, planned the Imam's murder.  During his reign there was a treaty according to which Imam Hassan would succeed him after his death.  That got Muawiyah anxious as he wanted his son, Yazid, to succeed him.  But the situation wasn't conducive for him to officially discard the treaty.  So it became necessary to eliminate Imam Hassan.  Muawiyah had this work done through Imam Hassan's wife, Jada bint Al-Ashath.  Her father was already known to Muawiyah as both of them fought together against Imam Ali in the battle of Siffin.   Muawiyah secretly contacted Jadah through an agent, persuading her to put poison in the Imam's food (reportedly she put poison in honey which he consumed) in return for an attractive sum of money.  She agreed and carried out the crime. It's surmised that Hassan passed away within a couple of days after taking the poison as his condition deteriorated rapidly. From the severity of his sudden illness, he knew death was imminent and he also knew he was poisoned.  He quickly designated his brother Hussein as the third Imam and revealed only to his brother that he was poisoned.  It's not known if Imam Hassan knew who had poisoned him.  But it's highly likely he had guessed who.   During this period he also told his younger brother, Hussein, to bury him next to his grandfather, the Prophet (pbuh).  This was Imam Hassan's heartfelt desire.  Hussein made the arrangements to fulfill his elder brother's last wish.  But the governor of Medinah who was appointed by Muawiyah did not allow this to happen.  It's reported that the governor  used military force to prevent Imam Hassan's burial next to the grave of the Prophet (pbuh).

History says that Imam Hassan was dearly missed in Medinah.  Initially the people of Medinah didn't know Muawiyah and Jadah were behind this murder.  They learned it gradually after Hussein became the third Imam.  Soon after, they also learned of Muwaiyah's scheme of appointing his son as his successor.

Sunni sources admit that Imam Hasan was poisoned by his wife Jadah, but some have opined that she did it on her own, and that Muawiyah didn't instigate her. But there are also various other Sunni sources that acknowledge this isn't correct.  Muawiyah had an obvious motive.  He did play foul, collaborating with the Imam's wife and bribing her to murder her husband.

There's one very specific report (Al-Majlisi MB. Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 44, Chapter 22. 1st ed. Beirut: Al-Wafaa' Foundation [in Arabic], 1983) which says that from Damascus, Muawiyah contacted the Byzantine emperor in present-day Turkey requesting him to send "poison" which could be mixed with a drink.  In exchange for some political favors, the Byzantine emperor agreed.  Arab-Byzantine relations were reportedly very hostile in the year 669 AD, the year of Imam Hassan's death.  That region of the Byzantine empire produced plenty of mercury.  They say there were at least 50 mines in the region that contained minerals with deposits of mercury that was used for "extracting metals by amalgamation" and was highly toxic.  Mercury was widely used as poison for eliminating rivals and enemies in many places around the world during the middle-ages.  Most likely it was mercury which Muawiyah acquired from the Byzantine emperor that was used for murdering the Imam.  According to various independent reports, after consuming the poisoned food, the Imam vomited blood and his skin turned greenish within hours. 

Below is an illustration of this incident by a Middle-Eastern (Iranian) artist taken from Pinterest:

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