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December 11, 2023, 06:09:50 pm
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November 01, 2023, 03:44:32 pm Zainab_M: Allahhuma ameen .. ameen.
November 01, 2023, 03:43:43 pm Ruhi_Rose: Yes .. making lots of dua everyday ..... watching those real life video clips, my face feels wet with tears all the time.  May ALLAH grant the best to these wonderful, brave & steadfast martyrs,  Ameen ya Allah.
November 01, 2023, 03:38:26 pm Zainab_M: Keep praying, praying a lot for Gaza. It's worse than a prison .. it's a concentration camp.  Children as young as 10 or 11 are having to care for their younger siblings ages 2, 3 and 4 becoz many have lost both parents.  It's a very, very, very tearful situation there.
October 26, 2023, 03:40:19 pm N. Truth Seeker: Don't forget to look up MV Blog Zainab's Lounge for our Gaza updates.
October 20, 2023, 04:24:44 pm Zainab_M: Right sister Heba.  Gaza hospital bombing has the fingerprints of Israel all over it.  For Israel this is no big crime.  They have done this and much worse many times in the past and intend to do the same and worse many more times in near future.
October 20, 2023, 04:20:20 pm Heba E. Husseyn: Catching Zionist lies isn't hard. Soon after Gaza hospital bombing killing and maiming hundreds, Israel was quick to accuse Islamic Jihad of a misfired rocket.  That didn't sound plausible because IJ does not have such sophisticated bombing devices.  Zionist lie was fully exposed when anglican archbishop of Jerusalem,Hosam Naoum,  said today that 3 or 4 days prior to boming Israel had warned Gaza hospital to evacuate. Yet CIA claims in its flawed analysis that the rocket did not come from Israel.  But conveniently does not explain how Israel could have known 4 days earlier that a "misfired" rocket from IJ was coming.  Yet on the basis of this flawed & bias analysis of CIA, Biden is comforting Israel he believes Israel didn't do that war crimes bombing.
July 29, 2023, 03:02:07 am Zainab_M: Yesterday was Ashura, Muharram 10, 1444 (July 27, 2023).  Read about this very tragic day and details of the world's greatest 7th century revolutionary: WHO WAS HUSSEIN.
June 28, 2023, 09:48:39 am Zainab_M: Walaikum As Salaam.  This was the first Hajj open to all after the pandemic. It was attended by 2.6 million Muslims.
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Topic Summary
Posted on: May 23, 2023, 02:22:54 pm
Posted by: armchair traveller
JAzekAllah khairan for the info. 

Posted on: May 23, 2023, 02:21:10 pm
Posted by: Ruhi_Rose

Presently the title “Christ” is used by Christians randomly as both a title as well as a given name for ‘Jesus’  (Prophet Essa, son of Virgin Maryam).   Much earlier when the Christians used the word ‘messiah’ the concept came from the Jewish bibles in which, the Christians claim, that Jesus is mentioned as the future messiah (or savior) and then the Christians also mixed the idea of trinity with it.  The Noble Quran confirms (V.4:171 An-Nissa) that by the 7th century the Christians had deviated enough to invent the falsehood of trinity.  The term “Christ” (with the definition ‘anointed’)  likely came later from the Greeks.  It was supposedly attested in English as late as the 14th century. 
Posted on: May 23, 2023, 02:17:14 pm
Posted by: armchair traveller
So when did Christians start with the use of the word Christ?
Posted on: May 23, 2023, 02:07:38 pm
Posted by: Ruhi_Rose

.. We know all bibles, whatever testaments they are called, are all human-written. 

Yes correct, these have all been changed by human hands.

But is that about ‘Joshua’ changing to ‘Jesus’ true?

Well, the original Arabic as well as Aramaic is “Essa.”  It was Arabic and Aramaic which the people largely spoke in the region of Prophet Essa, son of Virgin Maryam.  Therefore ‘Jesus’ can be viewed as the universally Latinized variant of the original Arabic name ‘Essa.’   Many proper nouns that begin with ‘y’ and ‘e’ in Arabic are given the ‘j’ sound in English.   

Moreover, the name ‘Jesus’ is not exactly Greek.  It is basically derived from Hebrew, “Yeshua” (which is likely the contortion of "Essa") changed to Joshua in English and then to Jesus because one of the many versions of the altered new testaments was written by the Greeks who were not acquainted with the “sh” sound of English alphabets; so, they removed the “sh” from ‘Yeshua’ replacing it with ‘s’ only and to make it sound masculine, they also substituted the ‘a’ at the end with another ‘s.’  Thus they changed it into ‘Yesus.’   And with that ‘y’ being substituted with ‘j’ rule in English, it became ‘Jesus.’   However, just as the man-written scriptures of all other religions keep changing with time, so do the stories of human invented names of their spiritualists.  Needless to say, the person the Christians follow today is not the same and authentic Essa (son of Virgin Maryam) sent by Allah Almighty.  The “Jesus” which the Christians follow presently is just a concocted image they created themselves which also keeps changing.
Posted on: May 23, 2023, 02:08:47 am
Posted by: Safiye Assad
Christians say “Jesus” is the Greek transliteration of the name “Joshua” because the new testament which the people changed and wrote with their hands was in Greek.  We know all bibles, whatever testaments they are called, are all human-written.  But is that about ‘Joshua’ changing to ‘Jesus’ true?
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 11:10:42 pm
Posted by: Ruhi_Rose

No, Prophet Musa is not called Messiah. He is referred to as “mukh’lasan” in V.19:51 of Surah Maryam which means the “chosen” person.  But the reference of both these terms are the same in the Noble Quran.

"And mention in the Book, Musa.  Indeed, he was chosen, and he was a messenger and a prophet." 19:51 Maryam.
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 11:02:19 pm
Posted by: Safiye Assad
Is Musa also called Messiah in the Quran as someone told me?
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 02:45:34 am
Posted by: Mufeedah
no problem
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 02:44:40 am
Posted by: Heba E. Husseyn

You're welcome sister.  Apology for the late response.  As you may know our MV is run by just the four of us and often we run short of time because of the crunch in our own daily schedules.  But Insh'Allah, will try to be as prompt with our responses.
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 02:41:31 am
Posted by: Mufeedah Mubarak
Thank u sister,, very well spoken.  your perception and summing up matters is very good. 

I was waiting for a reply since this morning.
Posted on: May 20, 2023, 01:47:54 am
Posted by: Heba E. Husseyn

Walaikum Salam and peace to you too. 

The term Messiah is mentioned in the Noble Quran for Prophet Essa, son of Virgin Maryam, but it does NOT have the same reference nor the same definition as in Christianity. 

First let me quote the Quran Verses containing the word “Messiah.”

“And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Maryam, Allah's messenger - they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them;”  4:157 An-Nissa.

"(And remember) when the angels said: O Maryam! Indeed, Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from him, whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Maryam, illustrious in the world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near (unto Allah)."  3:45  Al-Imran.

"O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Maryam, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Maryam, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not "Three" - Cease! (it is) better for you! - Allah is only One Allah. Far is it removed from His Transcendent Majesty that He should have a son. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender."  4:171 An-Nissa.

According to altered Christianity, the connotation within the word ‘Messiah’ is to be “anointed” (smear or rub with aromatic oil, typically in a religious ritual).  In olden times, priests and kings were anointed as part of the consecration ceremony (the action of making or declaring an individual or entity as sacred).  This is NOT the concept in the Noble Quran at all. To be anointed or to be an anointer in Islamic concept does not refer to the worldly ceremony of rubbing oil on the body of a saint.  That is nonsense.  Messiah in the Quran has a very simple and straight reference.  It means a special person chosen by The Almighty for a special mission (Monotheism or Tawheed).  Though Essa, son of Virgin Maryam, is specifically called the Messiah by the people, generally and by definition all Prophets were “anointed” by The Almighty in the sense that they were all specially chosen by The Almighty for a specific and special purpose, that is, to deliver the message of Tawheed (Monotheism).   

Thus, as a Quran reader you will also observe that as symbolic of Essa's (son of Virgin Maryam) prophethood chosen by The Almighty as His messenger, Allah Almighty mentions the word "Messiah" but never the word "Christ" which is typically used by the Christians because of their very different approach alluding to the practice of anointing according to non-Islamic traditions.

But the biggest violation of Christianity in regard to the use of the word “messiah” is their association of this word with the concept of trinity which is shirk and a very serious violation in the Sight of Allah Almighty to be completely rejected by all true believers.  This is a transgression that will NOT be forgiven on the Day of Judgement, if a person dies with the burden of this sin without rejecting it and repenting.

Hadith scholars are of the view that the Quran has referred to Essa, son of Virgin Maryam, by the name Messiah because this was the name commonly used for Essa in pre-Islamic Arabia.  This view is wholly wrong.  Regaradless of whether or not the people of pre-Islamic Arabia used the term ‘messiah,’  the Noble Quran stands independently for the Truth regardless of what the people say.  The Quran does NOT mention any word as a jargon, which is being misconstrued by the people, without correcting it. 

To conclude, the Noble Quran addresses Essa, son of Virgin Maryam, as Messiah because of the privileges bestowed on him by The Almighty.

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Posted on: May 19, 2023, 02:57:24 am
Posted by: Mufeedah Mubarak
If so, does it have the same reference as the Christians accept?

Salam and peace to all of you. 
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