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February 29, 2024, 11:48:31 pm
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November 01, 2023, 03:44:32 pm Zainab_M: Allahhuma ameen .. ameen.
November 01, 2023, 03:43:43 pm Ruhi_Rose: Yes .. making lots of dua everyday ..... watching those real life video clips, my face feels wet with tears all the time.  May ALLAH grant the best to these wonderful, brave & steadfast martyrs,  Ameen ya Allah.
November 01, 2023, 03:38:26 pm Zainab_M: Keep praying, praying a lot for Gaza. It's worse than a prison .. it's a concentration camp.  Children as young as 10 or 11 are having to care for their younger siblings ages 2, 3 and 4 becoz many have lost both parents.  It's a very, very, very tearful situation there.
October 26, 2023, 03:40:19 pm N. Truth Seeker: Don't forget to look up MV Blog Zainab's Lounge for our Gaza updates.
October 20, 2023, 04:24:44 pm Zainab_M: Right sister Heba.  Gaza hospital bombing has the fingerprints of Israel all over it.  For Israel this is no big crime.  They have done this and much worse many times in the past and intend to do the same and worse many more times in near future.
October 20, 2023, 04:20:20 pm Heba E. Husseyn: Catching Zionist lies isn't hard. Soon after Gaza hospital bombing killing and maiming hundreds, Israel was quick to accuse Islamic Jihad of a misfired rocket.  That didn't sound plausible because IJ does not have such sophisticated bombing devices.  Zionist lie was fully exposed when anglican archbishop of Jerusalem,Hosam Naoum,  said today that 3 or 4 days prior to boming Israel had warned Gaza hospital to evacuate. Yet CIA claims in its flawed analysis that the rocket did not come from Israel.  But conveniently does not explain how Israel could have known 4 days earlier that a "misfired" rocket from IJ was coming.  Yet on the basis of this flawed & bias analysis of CIA, Biden is comforting Israel he believes Israel didn't do that war crimes bombing.
July 29, 2023, 03:02:07 am Zainab_M: Yesterday was Ashura, Muharram 10, 1444 (July 27, 2023).  Read about this very tragic day and details of the world's greatest 7th century revolutionary: WHO WAS HUSSEIN.
June 28, 2023, 09:48:39 am Zainab_M: Walaikum As Salaam.  This was the first Hajj open to all after the pandemic. It was attended by 2.6 million Muslims.
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Posted on: October 26, 2023, 10:16:49 pm
Posted by: Hasnain
Thank you again.
Posted on: October 26, 2023, 10:14:58 pm
Posted by: Ruhi_Rose

It is certainly possible because nothing is impossible for Allah Almighty.  It depends on the will of Allah and what He chooses to decide. No one can come up with any confirmations on such matters.  The Noble Quran does not mention anything for us to presume on issues like these.  It is all up to Allah.   
Posted on: October 26, 2023, 10:09:16 pm
Posted by: Hasnain
Yes thanks your response is very helpful and sensible. 

Someone else in our household is asking, can God inform a soul of a deceased person of what is being done on his behalf and by whom?
Posted on: October 26, 2023, 09:56:31 pm
Posted by: Ruhi_Rose

Walaykum As-Salam.   Inna Lilahe wa Inna Elahe Rajoun.   To Allah we belong and to Him we return.

Very sorry to learn about your loss.  May Allah Almighty grant maghfirah to your uncle and sabr to all of you going through this very difficult time.   Allahhuma ameen.

Answering your question:

First of all, the Shaikh’s opinion is self-contradictory.   If he thinks that blessings for reciting the Noble Quran cannot be transferred to the deceased, then based on the same argument, blessings for performing Hajj or Umrah would also not be transferrable nor would the blessings of charity.   That Shaikh is surely a Haditist and the evidence he mentions from “sunnah tradition” apparently refers to hadith narrations.   He is affirming whatever he knows from the hadith.   Whatever is not in the hadith, he conveniently says there is no evidence of its blessings.  Seems like he is not considering the Quranic principles at all which is the only aspect that needs to be considered.

Secondly, what is truly significant that we have understood from the principles & concepts of the Noble Quran is that after a soul has passed, all we can do is to make dua requesting The Almighty to grant forgiveness (maghfirah) to the departed soul.  If the deceased was a believer in Allah alone, then it’s certainly possible  – InshAllah – Allah may accept our dua for the benefit of the deceased.   If the deceased was not a believer, then there is absolutely nothing we can do as Allah does not permit us to seek forgiveness for disbelievers who have passed.

“It is not for the Prophet and those who have believed to ask forgiveness for the mushrikeen, even if they were relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hellfire.”  9:113 At-Taubah.

Assuming your loved one who passed was a believer, I would advise you to make lots of dua to Allah Almighty to grant him forgiveness, to grant him peace & comfort in Jannah, to unite him with other believing members of family & friends who have already passed and to eventually unite him with all of you in the next world. This is our best approach for the benefit of the deceased soul.  Additionally, reciting the Noble Quran, offering nafl prayers, giving charity and observing nafl fasts would certainly provide comfort of the heart and mind to the loved ones.

I would also add that the Shaikh is right in saying that blessings of reciting the Noble Quran goes to the reciter and listener or listeners (if they are sincere).  Similarly blessings of Hajj, Umrah, charity and fasting are for the person who performs these acts (if they are sincere), no one else.   Whether any of these blessings are transferrable or not is known to Allah alone.   In the Noble Quran, Allah Almighty does not mention any concepts of any Ibadah performed by the living benefiting those who have passed.  Once a soul passes, that is the end of their earthly story.  Every bit of detail of their earthly deeds are recorded by the recording angels as evidence for every soul.  Allah The All-Knower has complete information of everything.  The Final Decision for each soul will come from HIM alone on the Day of Judgement. 

I hope my response helps, Insh'Allah. 
Posted on: October 26, 2023, 08:43:56 pm
Posted by: Hasnain
Selam Aleykum to you.  Recently my dad’s brother passed away and it has been a very sad time for all of us as he was very close to us.  Apart from asking Allah Subhani wa'Taala to grant maghfirah to the deceased soul and offering nafl after the fard prayers, what else can we do for the benefit of the deceased person’s soul?

My sister suggested to recite the Quran for 1 hour or at least 30 mins everyday.  But the shaikh of our community masjid said reciting the Quran for the deceased is not useful because there is no evidence of it in the Sunnah tradition.  He added that blessings or reward for reciting or listening to the Quran can’t be transferred from the reciter or listener to the deceased soul.  Reciting the Quran is beneficial for the one who recites it and the one who listens to it, so recite Quran and let people hear while they are still alive.  That Shaikh suggested that acts that can benefit the deceased would be performing Hajj or Umrah for them or giving charity (sadaqah).

Would MV please input its view?
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