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Title: insha'Allah I become a member (:
Post by: Aram Kennard on March 29, 2011, 02:48:51 pm
Asalaamu alaykum Admins, anyone reading this! So I just registered, THEN went through the forum and found out it was best to supply information here through the guest board for evaluation on becoming a member on this board.

So a general (Islamic) background check on me- To start off, I am a convert, Alhamdulillah. I am from a small city called hayward, in California USA. I converted in this year of 2011, on January 25th. I have actually started studying Islam back in mid-October of 2010, so as of now that this topic has been written, I have been studying so far for 5 1/2 months, with plenty more to come insha'Allah as long as I continue to wake up seeing new days, insha'Allah again. It all started with me wanting to turn my life around, after 20 years of lies and deceit (more on that maybe another time, insha'Allah. I don't mind giving my testimony, with the trials and tribulations). Being Christian previously, I did have a firm belief and faith in Allah, but always questioned Jesus as the son of Allah, so I never knew how to truly fear Allah, so I went along in life with a corrupt mindset. So, as stated, I am 20, graduated from highschool 2 years ago in '09. It was a small highschool I graduated from, with a graduating class of 15. The surprise catch- 11 students were Muslim! So the school was predominantly Muslim, as it was started and ran by this Muslim woman, jazak'Allah khair. So that is where I got the needed fundamental exposure and make some great Muslim friends, but it wasn't until I wanted to take the step myself in diving into Islam. It happened when I just kneeled down everynight for a week praying to Allah to show me the truth, was it in Christianity or Islam? And needless to say, prayers got answered, and since I am on this forum, you know it was islam that was shown to me. So I dived into the way of life known as Islam with great integrity and sincerity. Just one problem- Hadiths. Hadiths alone had me continually question Allah after he answered my prays! Astaghfirullah, but Allah knew my situation and how devious hadiths are. I got my first Qur'an in December from a newly met brother around that time, and read it all in just a month! So I was serious. I just put all the negtive hadith to the side and just focused on the Qur'an. Then, I took up searching hadith again, now that I was dead sure I was Muslim (or going to be as I still hadn't taken shahada), what kind of Muslim was the correct one? Sunni or Shi'a? As the differences lie in hadith... With Qur'an all you can be known is as Muslim, although I have seen on other sites some call Qur'an followers kaffir. With hadith, you are either sunni or shi'a Muslim, not just strictly Muslim... So I did my extensive (atleast I think it was extensive) research all online, and I have come to the conclusion Qur'an is all we need. To be honest, it was finding Rashad Khalifa and the supported website of him, that had me find what I believe is the truth. Now, I know this forum is against him and his teachings, and I don't follow any of it! Wa'Allah. Just saying that atleast something good came out of it- had me see all that is needed is the Qur'an. So insha'Allah I get accepted to be a member!

Title: Re: insha'Allah I become a member (:
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on April 18, 2011, 04:17:22 am
Walaikum Salaam dear Aram.  So sorry for the late response.  There was apparently some problem with the notifications for guests.

JazekAllah Khair and thanks a lot for the introduction and letting us know about yourself.  It was indeed interesting going through it.

As you might have read in our forum intro, we are careful selecting members as many of them in the past have come only to trash this place.  Thus, unlike other forums, Muslim Villa is basically a read only forum for guests so that we can spread the truth and help others to benefit .. who have the desire for it.  However, it would be our pleasure to take in members who are genuinely interested to learn through discussions. 

I am not sure if you have already registered.  If you are still interested in joining us, I would request you to please register again, preferably with the same ID as provided here so that we know it's you.  If you want to change your ID, then kindly let us know by posting it on this guest book.  I promise your message will be taken care of promptly this time. 

Our deep apology again for the late response.