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Title: Two videos of Sheikh Imran Hossein worth watching
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on September 04, 2011, 02:59:37 am
On his political perception.

It's pleasantly surprising for a change to watch a Sunni Muslim scholar was as honest as this.  9/11 being an inside job is now no longer just a "conspiracy theory."  It's gone much beyond that.  Scores of analysts have come up with countless evidences, numerous books have been written and polls show 1 out of every 7 Americans firmly believe it was facilated by US / Zion authorities for specific reasons beneficial to them.

Video: Israel and Saudi Arabia are sisters.


And this is pretty amazing.  Back in 2003 he smoothly hints on  a future scenario as a deceptive plan which coincides perfectly with the wave of middle-east uprisings that began as recently as the start of 2011 .... also revealing al-jazeera's hypocrisy & deception of being a "free press" which we only discovered in 2011 had made a goof out of all of us.

Video: The truth behind Arab revolutions and protests in Muslim countries

Sheikh Imran Hossein seems to be doing better than many of those professional analysts who labor away trying to study the future plans of the imperialists and Zions.

He now needs to emphasize on Sunni / Shiia unity which is also one of the dirty strategies of the imperialists to enable them to implement the "divide & rule" policy.

Sorry folks, damn Youtube has removed both videos  🥶   makes me furious!

Title: Re: Two videos of Sheikh Imran Hossein worth watching
Post by: Zainab_M on September 06, 2011, 05:26:55 am
Hummm, these are very sensible videos by him.  In fact, he's speaking better than several of those 'seasoned' analysts.  He's generally far better than the other Sunni imams, most of whom would never dare to critisize the Saudis.  Only sometimes he bungles it when he tries to gloss up his lectures with the hadiths.