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Title: Halal activities for Muslims during winter holidays
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on December 15, 2018, 05:53:16 am


Salams and hey kids!  With winter holidays just around the corner, you guys are gonna have quite a lengthy stretch of free time .. nearly couple a weeks, ha?  How about organizing some useful and enjoyable activities that will inspire us all to get closer to our great Faith - Islam?  The following are a few selected interesting suggestions I'm paraphrasing and elaborating from Samana Siddiqui's  Islamically inspired things to do during winter break. ( 

Parents need to read it too with their kids, please, and help them carry out some of these constructive activities during the upcoming freezing holidays.    

It's titled "Masjid hopping."   It refers to visiting the Masjid or Masjids within our neighborhood to learn some Masjid decorum as young Muslims.  At least one adult family member must accompany you.  Be discerning.  This is on the understanding that the Imam of the Masjid you visit is an educated person who teaches sensible etiquette in conformity with the Noble Quran.  Additionally, it might be interesting to find out the history of the Masjid you visit and the services they offer to enhance Faith orientation in children.  If you can afford to slip in a dollar or two into the charity box, that could earn you some extra blessings from Allah.

Nafl fasts:   If you are over 10 years and enthusiastic about fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan, but have missed quite a few because of the lengthy summer days, the much shorter days in winter might be an ideal opportunity for observing some nafl fasts.  Even a few nafl fasts with a sincere heart could earn you great rewards and blessings from The Almighty.  A winter Iftar menu of hot meals would be different from the cool summer Iftars and enjoyable in its
own different way, bringing some added interest.  But fast for the love of Allah, not for the food.

Qiyam al-Leil get-together:   Tell mom and dad to organize a Night Prayer (Qiyam) get-together of family and friends with their kids in your home.  Spend this night of family-friends reunion similar to Leilatul Qadr.  Offer some rakats of night salat after Isha followed by reading passages of the Noble Quran with explanation.  Lastly, enjoy a cozy winter meal.  This may also be a good opportunity to collect non-perishable Halal canned and packaged foods to be given as charity to the needy.  Tell your guests to bring whatever they can spare.

Quran memorizing competition:  The Noble Quran says "so vie with one another in good works. "  (2:148) Surah Al-Baqrah.   Two weeks of holidays is quite a long time.  Utilize it to memorize some Ayats of the Noble Quran you feel you need most in your life as zikr and dua.  Have a Quran memorizing competition with your little cousins and friends.  At the end of the holidays, find out who memorized the most number of Ayats.  Every lil kido must get a bag of candies as gift from their parents for participating in this wonderful contest!

Noble Quran night stories over hot milk and dessert:   This is so cute.  We already suggested the Qiyam get-together.  Organize another Quran night within your own family, a night on Quran discussions and stories.  While enjoying your after-supper hot chocolate milk and dessert in your living room, request your parents and older siblings to narrate Quranic views on the essential values of life such as tawwakul (to be hopeful), taqwa (importance of righteousness), gratitude toward Allah and stories of the Prophets etc.   Then brush your teeth and retire to bed.  The impressions of Quranic discussions and stories will help you to sleep peacefully like never before!

Get to know your own family:    Last but not least, keep aside at least a couple of nights after dinner to learn about your own family.  Ask your parents about the lives of your grandparents and great grandparents.   If you are a first generation immigrant living in the West, ask your mom and dad of their early experiences as new immigrants.   What did they do on Eid?  Which Masjids did they visit?   Did they have to travel far to attend a Masjid?  Did they get enough opportunity to socialize within our Muslim community? ..... and so on.  Listen carefully to their stories and share them with your cousins and friends.  


Title: Re: Halal activities for Muslims during winter holidays
Post by: Zeynab on December 17, 2018, 08:36:14 am

Subhan'Allah, wonderful suggestions!   So the kids can keep one evening for each of the 5 activities and the Quran memorizing competition can will keep them busy for approximately an hour each day of those 2 weeks.  Great!


Title: Re: Halal activities for Muslims during winter holidays
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on December 17, 2018, 08:37:51 am

Yeah Sis, that's exactly how I thought of it too for my kiddos at home :)

Title: Re: Halal activities for Muslims during winter holidays
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on December 17, 2018, 08:46:32 am

Just the other day our youngest one was asking my husband and me how to pass the holidays in a manner involving our own Faith orientation.  We really liked his query and my two older ones, daughter and son, said they would work  to prepare a 'project' for the winter holidays in a day or two with advise from my husband and me.  They will love your post Sis Ruhi.  You put this up at a spot on time.  It's precisely what we were planning to look for.  These suggestions are fantastic, MashAllah. 

Allah bless all of you dear Sis.

Title: Re: Halal activities for Muslims during winter holidays
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on December 17, 2018, 08:48:17 am

You're welcome Sis ..... I'm so glad to know that :)