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Title: Shaban
Post by: Jamilla Nur Saadia on February 25, 2023, 01:14:02 am
Salam to all of u.  As our Islamic month of Shaban has commenced, i am hearing lot about the importance of fasting in this month.  The ulemas whose lectures I heard lately are of the view that Shaban fasting is sunnah.  Fasting in Shaban gets your physical body ready so you get used to fasting, and when Ramadan arrives (next month after Shaban), it will be easier observe the Ramadan fasts.  But my experience was different.  I have observed complete (or most) fasts on Shaban before.  It makes Ramadan fasts more difficult for me causing me exhaustion.  If I don't fast in Shaban or observe only 2 or 3 fasts, then my Ramadan fasting feels much easier and I don't feel too tired.  What is your opinion?

Title: Re: Shaban
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on February 25, 2023, 01:39:46 am

Walaykum As-salam Jamilla Nur Saadia.  I understand your experience.  My experience and that of several others I know has been similar.  Allah Almighty knows and understands the human body and it's extent of endurance best because He is the One Who created it.  For that reason The Almighty has commanded obligatory fasting only for one month in a year, that is Ramadan. If you observe all Shaban fasts and then again all of Ramadan, you will be fasting 60 days consecutively.  Obviously it would be exhausting for anyone.  Even if you fast during half of Shaban, yet it might interfere with your obligatory fasts in Ramadan, in that, you may not be able to perform your obligatory duty as efficiently as you would like to.  Whenever humans interfere with the Laws of Allah Almighty, such problems occur.  Please know, Shaban fasting has nothing to do with the Noble Quran.  It is totally an extra-Quranic (namely Hadith) concept.  If you want to prepare for Ramadan during Rajab or Shaban, you can start that preparation by offering some extra nafl salah (in additional to the daily fard salah), some additional reading of the Noble Quran and some additional zikr .. as much as you can manage.  And when Ramadan arrives, you start observing the obligatory fasts as well.  If you feel well enough to observe 2 or 3 or 4 fasts during Shaban or Rajab, that's fine.  But that is optional and not a Quranic injunction. 

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Title: Re: Shaban
Post by: Jamilla Nur Saadia on February 25, 2023, 02:38:52 am
Thanks very much.  sensible.