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Title: Heart and Mind Connection
Post by: Zeynab on October 04, 2006, 03:55:32 am

Not just words but reality .. authenticity of conventional phrases.

In verbal and written expressions, the heart is often expressed as the center of emotions, feelings and sentiments.  But according to research and studies by professionals of the modern era, this concept is considered incorrect because it's the mind that's assumed to be the 'citadel' of feelings and sensations from where all emotions emerge.  However, individual experiences have often explained more, throwing light on the possibility that an anxious condition can be a combination of both these concepts. 
Emotionally difficult situations like bereavement, broken marriages/trusted relationships, huge financial loss, loneliness, insecurity etc. can have a shattering affect on the minds of people.  Or perhaps, while relaxing in our leisure time, we go down the memory lane and recall the past.  We may find ourselves uncontrollably recalling a very sad event that probably had a profound impact on our lives. Such intense moments could last for a few minutes, hours or days.  Regardless of the duration, this is a time when the mind is mesmerized in grief as all the vivid and painful memories keep flashing back.  Surely everyone has gone through such moments at some point of their lives and I'm no exception.  Each time I've been emotionally distraught, I've invariably felt an inexplicable and 'abstract' physical strain on my chest.  Probably what comes to your mind at this point is a coronary condition.  No, it's not that.  By the Grace of God, I have no coronary conditions yet.  What I'm describing is apparently a physical 'signal' of grief and distress aroused in the heart along with the usual restlessness of the mind as if one is carrying a weighty object within the body.  While in the midst of such an experience, the link becomes obvious.  It gives a distinct feeling of the combination of one's grief-stricken mind and the physical discomfort triggered as a consequence.  It makes one reflect on the authenticity and ultimate correctness of phrases such as "heart breaking," "heart wrenching," "heartache," etc. and its equivalents in various other languages.  It seems to explain a great deal, going much beyond the mind.  It's a process that literally makes one experience the anxiety of the mind getting 'condensed' into something tangible and spreading to grasp the body.  Thus, also confirming the belief of medical experts that long-term emotional pain and mental agony can be destructive for the heart.

Last but not least, modern research while trying to refute the link between the heart and mind has inadvertently proven just that .. in more physical terms.  The brain stays active and alert only as long as the heart keeps pumping for that's how the brain gets its vital supply of oxygen.  If the heart stops even for a few seconds, the brain can suffer irreparable damage as the supply of oxygen gets suspended. 
So much about the heart and connection .. a clear and interesting link despite being ignored by pros and analysts!  What would you say ??


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