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Title: How stupid !!
Post by: Zeynab on June 17, 2007, 05:24:50 pm
The comments of John Thompson of the Mckenzie Institute on CTV Newsnet on June 17 were astonishingly ridiculous.  He expressed his views distinguishing Hamas from Fatah.  I didn't know a professional analyst could be so poor in discerning the fact of a matter

He talked of Hamas as an Islamic extremist organization being supported by the salafi / wahabi communities of the world.  Indeed nothing could be farther from the truth.  Rather, I should say, it is the opposite of the truth. 

All sunni Arab rulers as well as the bulk of the hardline salafi or wahabi communities of the so-called Muslim world who are into sectarian politics dislike Hamas.  They are a lot more supportive of Fatah and its leader Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen.  Though the reason is silly and somewhat intricate, yet simple enough to follow.

Hamas has friendly ties with Iran, Hezbollah and Syria.  The rest of the Sunni Muslims, particularly the Sunni Arabs are completely averse to any friendly ties with the Shiia community.  This attitude is reflected in the Sunni Arab leaders as well.  As for the salafi and wahabi masses, they make no bones about their feelings that they consider the Shiias much greater "heretics" than those of other faiths.  Hamas' friendly links with these two Shiia communities has made it an 'outcast' in the eyes of all hardline Sunnis.  More so after the Israel Lebanon war, and after Mr. Ismail Haniya's visit to Iran. 

Some dumb (or more likely manipulative) Western analysts are trying to make it look as though Hamas is the same as taliban.  They would want the world to believe that Hamas will spread the same disaster in Gaza as the talibans did in Afghanistan.  What a shameful tactic to muster support!  Just because Hamas refuses to bow down to Israeli oppression and doesn't recognize the Jewish state, so they become at par with the extremist talibans.   

The truth is, Hamas and talibans are like the north and the south poles.  While the talibans are a set of savages, Hamas is a very efficient, honest and progressive organization that comprises of educated and insightful people.  It's not simply a resistant group as looked upon by the West.  It's a complete welfare organization that has been taking care of the needs of widows, orphans, and elderly, providing stipends, free healthcare and primary education to the needy since years, until they won the elections and the US and EU murdered their welfare program with cruel sanctions. 

Hamas is simply asking for its rights.  It won the 2006 elections fairly and justly.  Thus, it wants to utilize that right, expecting Abu Mazen to take the opposition bench in the parliament.  Or is democracy supposed to have a different ideology outside the West? 

Hats off to John Thompson for being such a vile and classic idiot!

Title: Re: How stupid !!
Post by: Heba E. Husseyn on June 18, 2007, 11:07:43 pm
hmmmm, if thompson really believed in what he said then he is a classic idiot.  but a lot of it is intentional propaganda.  today on tv the media showed a christian school hit by a mortar or something to that effect in Gaza.  of course hamas condemned it and said they had no idea who did it.  perhaps they didn't.  in such chaotic situations even the sober ones turn into hooligans.  but my point is that i am sure many other buildings, homes and structures must have been damaged in Gaza because of the recent fighting.  but the media only picks those incidents that might help to portray hamas as "Islamic extremists."  a few days ago they showed the smashed lobby of a building saying it was a hotel with a bar so they broke it though no bar was visible.  God knows how far it was true.   

well, the crux of the matter is that as long as the culture of bypassing hamas continues by US and EU, i dont' see how anything will be resovled.  hamas will now stay put in gaza which will remain a thickly populated place despite some who might be tryin' to leave.  so is the West just going to ignore it like thin air?  they're simply not being practical.  trying to "bypass" hamas as the media keeps repeating is as absurd as trying to bypass george bush by only talking to dick chaney.

Title: Re: How stupid !!
Post by: Ruhi_Rose on June 19, 2007, 02:11:26 am
Well, it was sudden, wasn't it?  Not even the best think tanks predicted this.  Everyone kept talking of approaching or raging "civil war."  But no one predicted partition of Palestine.  That's exactly where they are now and it happened just in a couple of days.  But I don't think this partition will remain permanent, InshAllah not, because this is the desire of the politicians, both Fatah and Hamas.  As far as people are concerned, they all want unity.  People of WB and Gaza are sentimentally and ethically quite united.  And now we'll see the WB prospering because of lifting of sanctions but Gaza will keep getting choked of all outside help.  So the people of WB will not enjoy their better life while watching their brethrens in Gaza suffer.  They will quite surely react.