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June 15, 2021, 05:39:58 am
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Distortion of Quranic Verses by the kufar modernists who claim to be Quranists

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Author Topic: Distortion of Quranic Verses by the kufar modernists who claim to be Quranists  (Read 2068 times)
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« on: April 26, 2011, 03:39:39 am »

This evening I was browsing through the search engines to find how many genuine Quran alone websites are available in the cyber world.  The result was ZERO!  Not a single one which I could call a 'Quran only site' in the true sense of that expression.  It was a crashing disappointment.  The only two quacks around were the Free Minders and the Rashid Khalifa croonies (both to be called 'modernists' for they certainly have nothing to do with the Quran) who were carrying out brazen kufari spreading their personal ideas through gross misinterpretations of the contents of the Glorious Quran. 
Knowing the ideology of the Hadith followers and then looking at these phoney so-called Quranists, they are shockingly at two different extremes.  I checked a couple of Hadithist sites and guys out there were flatly claiming that the "Quran cannot be understood without the Hadith" in clear violation of the repeated assertions of Allah Almighty that His Final Message is complete and is a standalone Book.   When I checked upon the modernists, the string of falsehoods against the Quran and the rudely dismissal attitude toward the Prophet (S) left my head spinning.   There was particularly one lie and slander hurled against the Noble Quran by one of these modernists that left my blood boiling with anger!  It was either by the RK group or FM - I cannot clearly recall which one but surely one of these two -which crossed all limits of decency, honesty and ethics by these unconscientious people.  They were claiming that the "Quran allows homosexual relationships."  And to justify this nasty lie they were using the following Verses by misinterpreting their meaning. 

"There wait on them immortal youths
With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring"  (56:17 & 18)
"There serve them youths of everlasting youth, whom, when thou seest, thou wouldst take for scattered pearls."  (76:19)

"And there go round, waiting on them menservants of their own, as they were hidden pearls." (52:24)

Unless a person is unusually wicked or abnormally ignorant, I fail to understand how anyone can ever misconstrue the above Verses with such false and lowly connotations as these kufar modernists have done?  The wonderful Verses quoted above simply speak of the charming hosts of Paradise (which consists of both men and women) who will be present to entertain the righteous in a righteous manner.  Unlike this world of flesh and blood, companionship in Paradise is lust-free with NO acts of vulgarity.

It made me sick to read the casual talks of these degraded modernists claiming that Muslims must not make a "fuss about homosexual relations because it's permitted in the Quran."   It's about people like these that Allah says in the Quran "See, how they invent lies about Allah! That of itself is flagrant sin." (4:50). 

These disbelievers combine two types of guile to misinterpret the Quran and promote false ideas.  First of all, they read the Quran selectively.  Secondly, just as the goal of the Hadithists is to misinterpret the Quran with incorrect tafsirs to keep it compatible with Hadith narrations, the motive of the modernist kufar is to twist the meanings of Ayats to keep them compatible with the values and practices of modern secular societies.  To achieve this they will stop at nothing. They will fall as low as falsely claiming that the "Quran permits homosexual relations."  Allah will deal with them on the Day of Judgment!  Allah has Himself refuted the immoral falsehoods of such people when He revealed the Quran to the beloved Prophet (S): "And when they do some lewdness they say: We found our fathers doing it and Allah hath enjoined it on us. Say: Allah, verily, enjoineth not lewdness. Tell ye concerning Allah that which ye know not ?"  (7:28).  

Haven't these disbelievng modernists read the Quranic Verses about the people of Prophet Lot, how Allah plainly condemned them because the men of that community indulged in same gender relationships?

"And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you ?  Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk."  (7:80-81)

And again with reference to the township of Prophet Lot, Allah says:
"What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males,  And leave the wives your Lord created for you ? Nay, but ye are froward folk."  (26:165-166)

For their disobedience, the folk of the township of Prophet Lot were completely destroyed by the wrath of Allah that came upon them through a natural hazard. 
Thus, there is not a shred of doubt about the fact that the practice of homosexuality is abhored in the sight of Allah, strongly condemned and disallowed.  Those indulging in it are violators who will receive their share of retribution in the next world.  From the perspective of the same principle, same gender relationship between females is also completely prohibited.  Allah has plainly confirmed that He does NOT enjoin lewdness on anyone, be it man or woman, and the Divine Laws of ethics are the same for both men and women.  Therefore, wrangling to condone same sex relations between men or women is a waste of time.  This act is totally PROHIBITED in the Glorious Quran.  No further arguments needed.

To all our brothers and sisters .. beware!  Just by hearing people call themselves "Quran alone followers" or "Quanists," no not give them the benefit of the doubt.  Do not believe them nor fall into their trap until have you have checked them out by studying their ideology of Faith.  The ideology of Faith must tally with the Quran completely, 100%, otherwise they are NOT Quran alone followers and thus reject them. 

Just as the Hadith writers use the name of the Prophet to give leverage to their lies, similarly these modernists use the term "Quran alone" or "Quranist" to deceive people. Beware again, of these wolves in sheep's clothing!  They are simply handing out invitations for Hellfire.

For more information on this topic, also check our posts:

Same Sex Relationship NOT Allowed in the Noble Quran

Reward of women in Paradise

Also check the info on the apostate and liar Rashid Khalifa so that you can be careful of these professional crooks!
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Heba E. Husseyn
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« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2011, 06:47:14 am »

These people who misinterpret & defame the Noble Quran without any hesitations are only ruining their own souls.  They will keep themselves busy with their selfish and sickening practices by meddling with the Quran and lying about it.  But as soon as their souls depart for the next world, Retribution will come down on them like a ton of bricks!

Free Minds has now gone totally insane.  They have also started claiming that performing Hajj is "disbelief."  These bastard kufar are saying that facing the Ka'ba during prayers and performing tawaf (circling around the Ka'ba) during Hajj is "idolatery."  And then they have the audacity to call themselves "Quran aloners."  The senseless, ignorant and crumpled LIES of these buggers are most ugly and infuriating.  I have a feeling they are associated with that anti-Islam site named "answering-Islam" run by the notorious fat piece of shit, Sam Shamoun.  Many of the stuff supported by FM sounds like the echoes of shamoun's horse-shit.
Yes sister Zeynab, you are absolutely right that the atmosphere in Jannat will be lust free with no cheap or lewd behaviour from anyone.  Regarding the attitude of these fuc*** crude and unintelligent modernists, there's one more thing that comes to my mind. They often make big claims of being supporters of feminism.  And, Western feminists who have misunderstood the Quran just as much as these modernists, often complain that "Islam is a man's religion" because according to them the Quran only talks of female consorts for men in Paradise but no companionship for women.  So, if these verses the Quran mentions of the males as hosts of Paradise, why must these modernists automtically jump to the conclusion of "same gender relations?"  Don't the pious women who enter Paradise have the right to respectfully appreciate the company of the male hosts the same way as pious men might can enjoy the company of female hosts?  It blatantly shows how misogynistic modernists are at heart with a solid one track mind.
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