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June 20, 2021, 05:14:17 pm
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On Fate and Destiny

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Author Topic: On Fate and Destiny  (Read 1010 times)
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« on: June 14, 2008, 11:29:27 pm »

Walaikum Salaam brother Ace Smiley

Actually we're going off topic.  This post is about the temptations of Satan to humans.  The reason I briefly talked on fate & destiny in my first response was to elucidate that people who allow themselves to get tempted by Satan have only themselves to blame.

Anyhow, I'll finish it with some more details.  Hopefully that'll help.

"Another Verse of the Qur'an states how Allah has delibrated created (destined) many of the Jinn and man for Hell."

This is because Allah knows their future just as He knows everyone's future and Allah is fully aware that they are people of Hellfire because He is aware that they will not succeed in making themselves worthy of anything better.  Such people among humans and Jinns could include anyone of us.  Allah knows this beforehand about everyone becaue He knows the future.  This verse you quoted is one of the many that explains this fact: "No misfortune can befall you in the earth or within yourselves without it being in a clear record before we bring into occurance".... Allah knows our eventual destination.  That's because He knows everyone's characteristics, limitations, intentions and the extent to which their efforts can take them.  However, those intentions and efforts are our choice.  So, why are they our choice?  Because Allah has chosen to ordain it this way. And this is what I meant when I said that whatever ordainment or intervention comes from Allah is His choice.  And yes, once he chooses or decides a certain destiny for us, nothing can change it.  But our course of action upon which Allah makes His decision is a choice He has given to us on the basis of a mind & conscience that He has created for us superior to other earthly creatures. 

"Say, nothing can befall us except form what Allah has ordained for us".

I already explained this aspect with reference to Verse 4:78 which I repeat:  Whatever good or bad befalls us, is with the Will of Allah as a result of what we truly deserve.  The words underlined come automatically as clarified by Verse 13:11.   Why?  because Allah's justice in infallible and secondly, Allah has said in numerous verses throughout the Quraan that whatever good comes to us it is from Allah and whatever misfortune befalls us is from ourselves.  An ignorant person would take this as a contradiction with the Verse  ".. nothing can befall us except form what Allah has ordained for us".  But NO, it's not a contradiction.  When Allah first says that every misfortune that befalls us is from ourselves, and then  states that all which befalls us is from Him ---- this concept is exactly the same as the one reflected in Verse 13:11.  It means, since Allah has given us the freedom to chose our path of conduct, thus while using our discretion, we falter many times and bring misfortune upon ourselves.  This misfortune comes with the will and permission of Allah as an outcome of our fault.  Thus, none can prevent nor avert this misfortune because it is His will.  The only aspect we humans can control about ourselves (by the permission of Allah) is to endeavour to enhance our wisdom so that we can present a good report of ourselves before Allah and thus lessen our misfortune / punishment.

"have bolded the statements that appear to not fit with how I would explain the concept, as I have explained above. Because I believe we cannot possibly say Allah chooses not to intervene, because could it not be that Allah has full control of all events including the actions we take? And that Allah is determining every moment of ones life"

Brother, when I state that "Allah chooses .." .. this very term determines His supreme control.  Just as I've stated above, Allah has chosen to ordain our lives in a way in which He judges us according to our efforts (Verse 13:11). 

Of course I would say that everytime Allah intervenes into our fate to make changes, or whenever He abandons us to remain the way we are, or whenever He puts us through the trials & tribulations of life, or whenever He makes us happy or sad ---- all of these happen with His will and consent.  And His will is His choice.  Therefore Allah chooses to do what He wills.  NO ONE COMPELS ALLAH TO DO ANYTHING.  HE CHOOSES TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS.  He also chooses to ordain our fate the way He wants, and one of the characteristics He has put into us is the freedom to select our path of conduct which He judges for reward or retribution in both the worlds, particularly in the Hereafter.  There are some wrong-doers who do not suffer the consequences of their evil deeds in this world.  However, this certainly doesn't mean they are through.  They will be dealt with in the Hereafter to the fullest.  So, why is it that some such people don't suffer here?  It's because that's the way Allah has chosen (or decided) to act, the reason for which is known to Him alone and we have no right to question that.  Allah chose His decisions or methods of dealings in the past and He will always in future be totally independent to make His choice.  No one compels Him.  If anyone says that Allah does not chose to intervene or assert His will, it will imply that He is unable to do it because of some reason or pressure.  That's completely wrong, if not blasphemous.  Absolutely NO ONE can compel, pressure or force Him.  Allah is totally independent of everything, He is doer of what He will and His decisions / inverventions (whatever you call it) are entirely His choice.   

This is what I meant. I also repeat, I find no confusion in it.  We just have to be  focused on the entire Quraan, so that while understanding the words of Allah we are able to piece together all the ayaats of the Quraan, not just a few of them.  That would make the vision complete.  Alhamdulilah.

Take care and peace, dear brother.
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