Culture of child marriage in medieval Europe

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Thanks for the information br. Truthseeker.  Yeah, I read about Tito's widow's death today.  But I didn't know there were more who preceded this lady as Tito's wives.  Indeed, your calculation is right.  According to the current European rules, that's the category he would be put into. 

Came across this info just now as I was doing some reading online and thought I'll put it up here.  Mary, Queen of Scots, who was the queen of Scotland and well-known in British history was married in France to the king of France named Francis II in 1557 when she was 15 and he was 14.  It's very likely that the youth of the French king is phoney, reduced to 14 from an older age only to make it stand well with the age of Mary so that he wouldn't be called a "pedophile" according to today's laws.  In those days European men (including Britain) seldom or never married females of same age or older.  Very rare, almost non-existent.

Eye opening disclosure.  Thanks sis.  I too think the husband wasn't 14 ... now come on propagandists!  That's been manipulated because she was actually 15.


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