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April 19, 2023, 04:55:46 am N. Truth Seeker: Ameen, ameen ya Allah.  Very comforting dua, Subhan'Allah.
April 17, 2023, 11:59:42 pm Heba E. Husseyn: Ameen ya Allah, You are the Greatest, the One and Only.  We are lost without You.  Please stay close to us my dearest Allah.  Ameen.

JazekAllah khair my sister Ruhi.  This du's is exhilerating.  SubhanAllah.
April 17, 2023, 11:56:51 pm Zainab_M: Ameen, ameen, my dearest Allah Jan, ameen.

Thank you for the excellent du'a sister Ruhi.  May Allah reward you.
April 17, 2023, 11:55:15 pm Ruhi_Rose: Night of Leilatul Qadr of Ramadan 1444 officially held on Monday night (Apr.17).

While making your supplications (du'a) on this beautiful Night of the Noble Quran, please remember our oppressed sisters and brothers in occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir,  please pray to heal the wounds of our sisters and brothers in Yemen and our Rohingya Muslim sisters and brothers.  May Allah The Greatest, The One and Only,  accept our efforts, grant us purity and ease our way as we all gradually approach the end of our earthly road. Ameen.  May Allah The Almighty grant us maghfirah at our journey's end.  Ameen ya Rabb.
August 01, 2022, 08:48:12 pm Ruhi_Rose: As-Salam Alaykum MV guests. Just a reminder how time flies. We're already in the Islamic new year of 1444 month of Muharram, a very tragic time of our history. May The Almighty grant Hussein bin Ali and his comrades the best spot in Paradise for their unflinching courage to uphold the values of the Final Message, The Noble Quran.  Please read our post Ashura - who was Hussein? Also explore its related links.
August 01, 2022, 08:43:33 pm N. Truth Seeker: Walaykom Salam.  Ameen.
July 07, 2022, 04:02:47 pm Zainab_M: Eid-al-Adha expected on 10th Dhul Hijja 1443 (July 9th 2022, Saturday) Insh'Allah,.
June 30, 2022, 05:37:22 pm Heba E. Husseyn: Salaam all.  Today is 1st Dhul Hijja 1443 (corresponding to June 30, 2022).  Day of Arafah will be on 9th Dhul Hijja (July 8th) and Eid-al-Adha on 10th Dhul Hijja (July 9th). Fasting on the Day of Arafah is not obligatory, however it's a good day to observe a nafl fast for those healthy enough to do so.  Insh'Allah.
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Author Topic: QURAN QUIZZ (BATCH 3)  (Read 838 times)
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(201)   Which Surah is also known as "Sabaan al-Mathani" and what does it mean?
Surah Fathiha is also known with this title and it means "Seven of the Oft repeated (verses)"
(Refer Verse 15:87).

(202)   Which cow does Surah Al-Baqrah (Chapter 1) refer to?
It refers to the yellow heifer which the Israelites were commanded by Allah to sacrifce.

(203)   How did Allah provide water to Prophet Moses for his people while traveling during the Exodus?
Allah Almighty commanded Prophet Moses to smite the rock with his staff which caused 12 springs to gush therefrom.  (Verse 2:60).

(204)   For how long was Prophet Moses away from his people when he went to receive the Divine Scripture? 
For 40 nights.  (Verse 2:51/53).

(205)   When Moses went to receive the Divine Scripture, how did the Israelites go astray?
They went astray by worshiping a calf made out of gold ornaments.

(206)   Who was the person responsible for misleading the Israelites in the temporary absense of Prophet Moses?
That person was As-Samiri.

(207)   What was the food Allah sent for the Israelites from the heavens?
The manna and the quails.

(208)   Why dis Satan refuse to prostrate before Adam as commanded by Allah Almighty?
Satan refused because he was proud and arrogant.  (Verse 2:34).

(209)   What were Adam and Eve forbidden to do in Paradise which they did by falling into Satan's temptation?
They were forbidden by Allah to come close to a particular tree, probably implying not to eat its fruit.  (Verse 2:35).

(210)   Which one did Allah create first, the earth or the seven heavens?
The earth was created first (Verse 2:29).  This also implies that our solar system must have been created before the seven heavens.  But only Allah knows best.

(211)   What is the name given to Satan the outcast, in the Noble Quran?
The given to him is Iblis.

(212)   Whys is Surah Al-Baqrah often described as the 'Quran in little?'
Because it contains mention of all essential points of the Revelation which are elaborated in other Surahs. 

(213)   What was the name of the Prophet's own tribe at Makkah?

(214)   Many Quranic Surahs begin with Arabic alphabets.  What does this signify?
Opinion differs of their significance.  Some think that they indicate some mystic words.  Some have opined that they are merely the initials of the scribe.  Only Allah knows best.

(215)   What were the lukewarm "Muslims" of Medinah called?
Munafiquns or hypocrites.

(216)   Who built the Kaaba at Makkah?
Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael.  Refer V. 2:127.

(217)   Who were the Prophets that came between Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus?
The Quran mentions that "a train of messengers" followed after Prophet Moses.  This means several messengers came but the Quran mentions the names of only two messengers in between Moses and Jesus, which are, Prophets David and Solomon.

(218)   What does the "mid-most prayer" in Verse 2:238 refer to?
Most likely it refers to the Asr prayer which comes in the middle of all 5 prayers.  But only Allah knows best. 

(219)   What kind of people are worthy of receiving alms?
Those who are genuinely poor, who have sacrificed for the sake of Allah, who don't have the  means to travel nor the resources to find opportunities and who restrain themselves from begging.  (Refer V.2:273).

(220)   What ought to be the standard of things we give away on charity?
Whatever we give o charity must be of good or at least acceptable quality, not the sort of inferior things we would not like if someone gave them to us.  (Refer V. 2:267).

(221)   Was the guiding of the people one of the responsibilities of the Prophet?
No, it wasn't.  The Prophet's responsibility was only o deliver the Message of Allah.  Guidance comes only from Allah in accordance with the worth of every person.  (Refer verses 28:56 and 2:272).

(222)   If a debtor is poor and unable to pay back his debt, what must a believer do?
The believer should either postpone the payback time until the debtor is finanically better off.  Or, best of all, he should remit the debt as almsgiving.  (Refer V.2;280)

(223)   What were the super-natural powers which Allah Almighty bestowed upon Prophet Jesus, son of Virgin Mary?
Jesus, son of Virgin Mary, could cure the blind and the leper and he could raise the dead.  He could also make a bird of clay and then breathe life into it.  All these abilities were granted to him from Allah.  Without Allah's will, Jesus son of Virgin Mary would not be able to perform any of these miracles.   (Refer V.3:49).

(224)   In Surah Al-Imran (Chapter 2), whom does the title refer to?
Al-Imran or the Family of Imran might refer to the father of Prophet Moses and thereby as a genetic name for all Hebrew prophets from Moses to Jesus, son of Virgin Mary.  

(225)   According to the authority of the Quran, who is directly given the name of "Imran?"
The authority of the Noble Quran states "Imran" to be the name of the father of Virgin Mary.
Refer Verses 66:12 and 3:35.

(226)   Why is Virgin Mary referred to as "sister of Aaron" in verse 19:28 of Surah Maryam?
Quote: "O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot."
Most likely the expression "sister of Aaron" for Virgin Mary is taken in the ancestral sense.  It's also possible that Virgin Mary might have had a brother name Aaron.  

(227)   What's the difference between the Family of Abraham and Family of Imran?
Family of Abraham is the lineage of Prophet Abraham, his sons Isaac and Ishmael, Isaac's son Jacob and Jacob's son Joseph.   The Family of Imran includes the entire lineage from Moses to Jesus son of Virgin Mary along with all those prophets who came in between them.   It might be right to say that Family of Abraham consists of prophets of the Arab descent while Family of Imran consists of prophets of Hebrew descent.   The Quran surely mentions Families of Abraham and Imran as two separate ones. (Refer to Verse 3:33).

(228)   Who was the guardian of Virgin Mary?
Zachariah (V.3:37).

(229)   What was the name of Zachariah's son?
John or Yahya who was also a Prophet.  (V.3:39).

(230)   How did Allah Almighty command Virgin Mary to pray?
Allah Almighty commanded Virgin Mary to offer prayers by bowing (rukku) and prostrating (sajood).  (V.3:43).

(231)   Which was the first place for Monotheistic worship (Tawheed) appointed for mankind?
It was the Kaaba at Makkah.  (Refer Verse 3:96).

(232)   How would we describe the creation of Jesus, son of Virgin Mary?
The creation of Jesus, son of Virgin Mary, was in the same manner as the creation of Adam.  First Allah created Jesus of dust and then said to him:  Be! and he is.  (Refer V.3:59).

(233)   During the division of heritage of a deceased person's assets, can outsiders or those apparently not mentioned in the will be given a portion of it?
Well yes, if poor relatives or orphans are present during the division of the heritage, then something should be given to them, even if it's a very small portion, so that they don't feel neglected or hurt.  (Refer V. 4:8).

(234)   Is the guardian of an orphan allowed to use the orphan's money (if any) for the sole purpose of the orphan's guardianship?
The guardian is allowed to do that but only if he or she is poor and genuinely cannot afford to look after the orphan otherwise.  But if they have sufficient means then they should not use the orphan's money.

(235)   Will there be different grades of reward and punishment in the Hereafter?
Yes, there will be degrees of grace and reprobation with Allah, depending on the exact  deeds of each person.  (Refer verse 3:163).

(236)   While fighting for the cause of Allah, who gets greater reward from Allah - the martyr or the one who stays alive?
Both get equal reward from Allah.  (Refer V.4:74).

(237)   What's the punishment for slave women if they are guilty of committing adultery?
It's half the punishment of a free woman involved in a similar violation - that is, 50 lashes.

(238)   Among believers, who is higher in rank in the sight of Allah, a believer who strives for the cause of Allah or a believer who is sedentary?
Allah loves all believers who have good intentions but Allah has conferred a higher rank t those believers who work hard for His cause.  (Refer Verse4:95).

(239)   What's the ultimate difference between the suffering of a believer and the suffering of a disbeliever?
The ultimate difference is that in the next world a disbeliever cannot hope for what a believer can hope for - that is, the mercy of Allah and His forgiveness.  (Refer Verse 4:104).

(240)   Who was teh Prophet with whom Allah spoke directly?
Prophet Moses (Refer Verse 4:164).

(241)   Is hunting allowed while on pilgrimage?
No  (Refer Verse 5:1).

(242)   What are the conditions that make the meat of an animal Haram to eat?
The following are Haram:
- Swine-flesh
- That which has been dedicated to any other than Allah
- Animal killed by strangulation
- Animal killed by beating
- Animal killed by falling from a height
- Animal killed by goring of horns
- Animal devoured by wild beasts
- That which has been immolated to idols
- That which has been sworn by divining arrows

(243)   Are the methods of ablution and taiamum mentioned in the Noble Quran?
Yes they are mentioned (Refer V.5:6).

(244)   What were those supernatural powers bestowed upon Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, by Allah The Almighty?
The supernatural powers which Allah Almighty bestowed upon him were:
-  he could speak from the cradle
-  could shape from clay the likeness of a bird and could blow upon it so it would become a bird
-  heal the blind
-  heal the leper
-  raise the dead
All of this he could perform only with the permission of Allah, not otherwise.  (Refer V.5:110).

(245)   Does the Noble Quran mention about the feast from Heaven requested by the disciples of Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam?
Yes, the Noble Quran does mention about the feast requested by them.  Refer V.5:113-115.

(246)   Did Jesus, son of Virgin Maryam, ever tell his people (as claimed by Christians) to take him and his mother as gods?
NO, NEVER.  This is a complete lie that is loudly refuted by the Noble Quran.  (Refer to V.5:116-118).  In these verses we read the humble reply of Jesus when Allah will ask him on the Day of Judgment if he ever said to take him and his mother as gods.  Jesus will flatly deny all such false claims of Christians.

(247)   Out of the 114 Chapters of the Noble Quran, there's only one Surah which does not begin with the words "BismAllah Ar Rehman Ar Raheem."  Which Surah is that?
It is Surah At-Taubah, Chapter 9.  It does not contain "BismAllah ....."   The reason for it is only known to Allah.

(248)   What was the name of Prophet Abraham's father?  Was he a believer?
His name was Azar and no, he was not a believer.  (Refer V.6:75).

(249)   What was the reason for Satan's banishment?
Satan was banished because of his pride in refusing to obey the command of Allah Almighty to prostrate before Adam, when Allah created Adam.  Satan's misguidance made him feel he was better than Adam.

(250)   What kind of animals did Allah forbid the Jews prior to Islam?
All animals with claws and certain parts of the sheep and oxen.  (Refer V.6:147).

(251)   What were the names of the tribes of Prophets Hud and Saleh?
Tribes Aad and Samud (or Thamud), respectively.

(252)   What was the big sin the folk of Lot were guilty of?
They were guilty of homosexual relationships.  (Refer Verse 7:81).

(253)   Which Prophet's wife was a sinner and thus not rescued by Allah?
Wife of Prophet Lot (Refer Verse 7:83).

(254)   Which Prophet's son was a sinner and thus not rescued by Allah?
The son of Prophet Noah.

(255)   Which Prophet belonged to the place called Midian?
Prophet Shu'eyb.

(256)   What violation did the folks of Midian indulge in?
Corruption and cheating in business dealings and attacking wayfarers.  (Refer Verses 7:85-86).

(257)   When Prophet Moses threw his staff which defeated the false show of Pharaoh's wizards, what was the reaction of the wizards?
The wizards conceded defeat and they believed in Allah.  (Verse 7:115-121).

(258)   When Pharaoh's wizard declared their belief in One Allah, what was Pharaoh's reaction?
Pharaoh was very angry with the wizards and said that he would punish them by cutting off their hands and feet on alternate sides and crucify them.  (Verse 7:123-124).

(259)   When Pharaoh announced the death punishment to the wizards, how did the wizards respond to Pharaoh?
The wizards remained steadfast believers in One Allah and did not change their minds.  (Verse 7:125-126).

(260)   After the wizards confessed their belief in One Allah, what did Pharaoh decide to do to oppress the hebrews?
Pharaoh decided to slay their sons and spare their women.  (Verse 7:127).

(261)   For how long did Moses stay away from his people when he went to receive the Divine Commandments?
Moses stayed away for a total of 40 nights.  (Verse 7:142).

(262)   When did Moses see the Light of Allah?
Moses saw the Light of Allah when he went into solitude of 40 nights to receive the Divine Commandments.  (Verse 7:143).

(263)   What happened when Allah revealed His glory in the presence of Moses?
When Allah revealed His glory in the presence of Moses to the mountain, that mountain came crashing down and Moses fell down unconscious.  That's the power of Allah's glory.  Alhumdulilah.

(264)   What did the folks of Moses do when Moses went to the presence of Allah to bring the Divine Tablets?
During this period Moses' folks deviated and chose to worship a calf made of their ornaments.  (Verse 7:148).

(265)   What was Moses' reaction when he returned and discovered that his people had deviated to idolatry?
Moses was very upset and angry.  (Verse 7:150 onward).

(263)   What food did Allah send for the folk of Moses from the sky?
The manna and the quails (Verse 7:160).

(264)   When teh folk of Moses asked fr water, how did Allah inspire Prophet Moses to bring water?
Allah commanded Moses to smite the rock with his staff and there gushed forth 12 springs of fresh water.   (V.7:160).

(265)   According to Quranic rules, what percentage of the war booty belongs to the state to be given to the needy?
One-fifth belongs to Allah and His messenger, that is, for the State to be used by the common weal.

(266)   What must a believer do while confronting the enemy on the battlefield?
They should be firm, steadfast, keep thinking of Allah, should not dispute among themselves and must never flee from the enemy.  (Refer V.8:45-46 and V.8:15-16).

(267)   How do the angels receive the souls of disbelievers at death?
The response is very well elucidated in Verse 8:50-51 as quoted:
"If thou couldst see how the angels receive those who disbelieve, smiting faces and their backs and (saying): Taste the punishment of burning!   This is for that which your own hands have sent before (to the Judgment), and (know) that Allah is not a tyrant to His slaves."

(268)   Out of the 12 months in Allah's ordinance, how many months are sacred in which war was not allowed?
Four months are sacred in which Allah did not allow war.

(269)   What did the idolaters do when they wanted to wage war on the Muslims on a sacred month?
They would postpone a sacred month in which war was forbidden, when they wanted to make war, and make up for it by hallowing another month.  In this way they would allow that which Allah had forbidden. 

(270)   Does the Noble Quran confirm that Abu Bakr was with the Prophet (s) hiding in the cave when the Prophet fled Makkah for Medinah?
The Noble Quran does not mention Abu Bakr by name.  But the Quran does confirm that a comrade of the Prophet (s) was with him in the cave.  This comrade was obviously Abu Bakr.  (V.9:40).

(271)   Can believers pray for the forgiveness of disbelievers?
No.  (Ref. V.9:113).

(272)   Does family relationship between believers establish a closer bond than mere friendship in the Ordinance of Allah?
Yes it does.  (Ref.V.8:75).

(273)   Which is the only Surah in the Noble Quran that begins without "BismAllah ....."
Surah At-Taubah (Chapter 9).

(274)   How many months are there in the ordinance of Allah on the Day He created the heavens and the earth?
Twelve months (V.9:36).

(275)   What kind of calendar should be used as per the Quran for calculating the months?
Lunar calendar by observing the different stages of the moon. (V.10:6).

(276)   Are the words "Muhajarin" and "Ansar" mentioned in the Noble Quran?
Yes.  (Ref. V.9:100).

(277)   Who were the Muhajarin and the Ansar?
Muhajarin were the Muslim fugitives who immigrated from Makkah to Medinah.  Ansar were the residents of Medinah who helped the fugitives from Makkah.

(278)   Does the Noble Quran mention of teh Prophet's (s) dua or supplication being an assuagement for others whom the Prophet remembers in his dua?
Yes, allah mentions that the Prophet's dua or prayer is an assuagement for those people.  (V.9:103).

(279)   Who were the people commanded by Allah to  embark on Noah's Arc?
Prophet Noah, all believers and a pair of every other kind or species apparently meaning a male and a female of all animals.  (Verse 11:40).

(280)   Where did Noah's Arc come to rest after the flood subsided?
It came to rest upon Mount Al-Judi.  (Verse 11:44).

(281)   What was the plight of Prophet Noah's son during this flood?
He was drowned because Noah's son was a disbeliever.  (Verses 11:43 and 11:46-47).

(282)   What did Allah command Prophet Noah to do after the flood subsided and after the Arc came to rest at Mt. Al-Judi?
Noah was commanded to go down from the mountain along with all those in the Arc to live in this region as a righteous nation.  Allah Almighty also stated to Noah that some nations which will descend from those in the Arc will not be righteous.  (Verse 11:48).

(283)   What news did the messengers or angels sent by Allah Almighty bring to Prophet Abraham and his wife?
The news they brought to Abraham was that the messengers were sent unto the folk of Lot and to give the message that Abraham's wife was to give birth to a son, Isaac and also the news of the birth of Isaac's son, Jacob.  (11:70-71).
The angels delivered these messages at the command of Allah, The Almighty.

(284)   Will the disobedient jinn also go to Hellfire like the disobedient humans?
Yes.  (Refer Verse 11:119).

(285)   What makes Surah Yusuf (Chapter 12) different from the other lengthy Surahs?
It differs by having only one subject, that is, the story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) and his family.

(286)   What do you think is one of the significance of Surah Yusuf?
One of the significance of this beautiful narrative is its psychic burden emphasized throughout that makes the narration amazingly lovely and vivid.  There are lessons to be learned from the grief of Prophet Yusuf's father, Prophet Jacob, and how he perseveres the loss of his son until he is informed that Yusuf is alive and well.

(287)   What did Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) see in his dream which he described to his father, Prophet Jacob?

Prophet Yusuf told his father that he dreamed eleven planets and the sun and the moon prostrating to him.  (Verse 12:4).

(288)   What did this dream of Prophet Yusuf indicate?
It indicated that Allah Almighty would grant him the ability to interpret events.  (Verse 12:6).

(289)   How did the jealous brothers of Prophet Yusuf plan to hurt him?
They planned to throw him in the depth of a pit.  (Verse 12:10).

(290)   What was the reaction of their father, Prophet Jacob, when Yusuf's brothers told him that the wolves had devoured  Yusuf?
Prophet Jacob knew that Yusuf's brothers had done something nasty to him. (Verse 12:18).

(291)   Who found Prophet Yusuf after he was thrown into a pit by his brothers?
The water-drawer of a caravan passing by found him when he put his pail down into the pit.  (Verse 12:19).

(292)   What did the people of that caravan do with Yusuf after they found him in the pit?
They sold him for some silver coins in Egypt and attached no importance to him.  (Verse 12:20-21).

(293)   Who was the person in Egypt who purchased Yusuf?
It was the family of the ruler of Egypt who purchased him.  (A reference to it in Verse 12:30).

(294)   Who was the woman in Egypt smitten by love for him and desired him?
It was the ruler's wife.  (Verse 12:23 onward).

(295)   Why was Prophet Yusuf imprisoned in Egypt?
He was imprisoned because he refused to indulge in the evil act to which he was called by the woman, the ruler's wife.

(296)   What dreams did Prophet Yusuf interpret to is two fellow prisoners?
One of the fellow prisoners dreamed he was pressing wine.  The other dreamed that he was carrying bread on his head and the birds were eating from it.  Prophet Yusuf interpreted that the one who dreamed he was pressing wine will pour wine for his master, and the other will be crucified and the birds will eat from his head.  (12:36 and 41).

(297)   For how long did Prophet Yusuf stay in prison in Egypt?
He stayed in prison for some years (V.12:42) because his fellow prisoner who was released forgot to mention about Yusuf to his master probably out of some guile or jealousy and maybe for that reason Allah states that "satan caused him to forget" to mention about Yusuf.

(298)   Would it be right to say that Prophet Yusuf was given the knowledge of the future?
No, that would not be right at all.  Prophet Yusuf could only interpret dreams regarding certain future events, an ability granted to him by Allah, The Almighty.  No Prophet, including Yusuf, was given the knowledge of the future.  The future is only known to Allah.

(299)   How was Prophet Yusuf finally released from prison?
The kind of the land had a strange dream and Prophet Yusuf was the only one who interpreted that dream correctly.  The king was very impressed and made Yusuf in charge of the storehouses. 

(300)   How did Prophet Yusuf contrive to keep his brother with him and thus revealed his identity to his older brothers who had earlier deceived him?
Prophet Yusuf contrived to keep his brother with him by putting a drinking cup inside his brother's saddlebag.
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